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Latest News
26th February 2017 - The New Banner Initiative
Posted By: The Doctor @ Feb 26 2017, 09:30 PM

All right! Hi! Yeah! So first, an update about the surveys: a big thank you to everyone who filled it out and continues to do so. We're taking all the feedback we're getting into consideration when planning our roadmap for 2017 and how to really best serve this blossoming and wonderful community. We've reached out to few of you with a few details, but in general once we reach some consensuses we plan on making a big post detailing a lot of observations a ... [more]
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24th February 2017 - The Great AES Survey of 2017
Posted By: DanBDanielson @ Feb 23 2017, 09:04 PM

You asked for it - it's here.

Good luck, be honest and let's move forward together. ... [more]
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21st February 2017 - New Domain Name?
Posted By: DanBDanielson @ Feb 21 2017, 11:34 AM
Hey everyone. How are you doing?

We hope you all enjoyed the AES Awards! Going into 2017, we're going to be, as always, trying to make improvements as far as the AES experience goes for you guys. As a part of that, something that we've always wanted to do is change the URL of the site. Unfortunately, is already taken... So we'd like to be able to move to something a bit more concise and perhaps easier to rattle off.

The proposal at the moment ... [more]
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17th February 2017 - 2016 AES Awards Results! Second Annual t's too!
Posted By: Punker @ Feb 17 2017, 12:24 PM
user posted image

Hello, and welcome to the official results announcements for the 2016 AES Awards! It's hard to imagine this is the fifth time we're commemorating such unique and remarkable people and moments from over the last year, but hey, here we are.

First off, I'd like to begin by thank you for being patient in waiting for the following series of posts. I know there ... [more]
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3rd February 2017 - It's February and you know what that means
Posted By: Jacob Cass @ Feb 3 2017, 05:26 PM
NEWD is just about a week away!

That said, apologies for the delay once again, but finally we are ready to go live with the 2016 edition of the AES Awards and the Second Annual t's! Here are the links:

1) AES Awards 2016

2) more]
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