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 13 October 2014 - (UPDATE) Radio survey results
Posted by Teezy - 10-13-14 17:59 - 0 comments
Radio survey results are in. So let's talk about them.

First off, the majority of you either use Radio Armbar or were not aware of it, so we're gonna keep it going. Radio is not kill!

Shortly we'll be adding a button on the main forum to go right to it quicker, more
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 3 October 2014 - Radio Armbar & New Skin Polls
Posted by Teezy - 10-3-14 21:20 - 1 comments
Hey friends!

So let's talk about Radio Armbar.

For those who don't know, Radio Armbar is a 24/7 live internet radio station we have that broadcasts AES-related music, with some AES-related ads and bumpers added in. It can be accessed on the stream page by clicking more
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 29 August 2014 - New Fed Waiting List Changes
Posted by Teezy - 08-30-14 02:48 - 0 comments
Hi guys. Been awhile since we had an announcement. How are you doing today? You look fabulous. Yes.

After some talk, the staff team decided to make some changes to the fed waiting list rule. Previously, we had a required one month wait before a new user could have a fed spot. We had done more
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 10th July 2014 - Why Cole was suspended.
Posted by Ross Hitchman - 07-10-14 16:48 - 0 comments
Good afternoon, friends of AES. After the little spat on Twitter earlier, we agreed that it was best to tell you all exactly why we suspended Cole for one month, to prevent any further misleading information.

No, Cole wasn't suspended for the fedora jokes. His unsavoury reaction to M more
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 22 June 2014 - Small change, huge leap forward
Posted by Laura Brennan - 06-22-14 22:37 - 0 comments
So some of you may have already noticed, but the landing page for AES has recently received a significant face lift. Overall it's definitely cleaner and takes you to the forums quicker, so it's a lot easier to upkeep more
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 19th May 2014 - Radio Armbar Updates!
Posted by Teezy - 05-19-14 05:20 - 1 comments

Have you been enjoying Radio Armbar? Remember that app I mentioned in the previous announcement? It's now available on the Apple iStore! Completely free, and I've been using it, seems to work very well. Just search for "ARMBAR" and you'll find it. more
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 3 May 2014 - Radio Armbar 2.0!
Posted by Teezy - 05-4-14 03:16 - 8 comments
This announcement is something I'm pretty excited about.

user posted image

It's not the official name, but I'm going to call it Radio Armbar 2.0. We've got ourselves a 24 more
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 16 April 2014 - AdSense
Posted by Teezy - 04-17-14 00:40 - 2 comments
Hey guys! Me again. Just a quick announcement this time.

But first, just because we've been making so many announcements, a quick summary of the last one, in case you missed it:

-Goldeneye, Ross, and NotTensai are now on the staff teams
-Tiffy has stepped down fro more
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 13 April 2014 - Staff! Textbox! Suggestions?
Posted by ElBeardy - 04-14-14 02:22 - 21 comments
BEARDY'S ANNOUNCEMENT: Before I say anything, please review the previous update located here.

Anywhoozle, this is just a quick update to say that if you are creating a new thread more
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 new admin
Posted by NotTensai - 04-13-14 04:29 - 10 comments
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