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> RISE Part 2 Results
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 06:52 PM
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Jamie Haskins def. La Deaf via pinfall with A SICK FLIP

Connie Quinn was accosted by an angry Fortuna Dale for once again not being featured in the advertisements for the event. She grabs Connie when Maria Gibson makes her RISE debut to stop anything worse happening to Connie. Maria lays Fortuna out.

Big Girl Gladwin def. Kiya Salama via submission to a dragon sleeper.

Zahra wins the 6-Woman Battle Royal by eliminating Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer.

Akachi, who had been tossed out in the first seconds of the match by Erica Lee Parker, rushed the stage and attacked Parker after she herself had been eliminated.

Dianna Ayanokouji
def. Miss Teree via pinfall after catching Teree in mid air and piledriving her to the mat.

The Sin Gun Chasers def. Marko and Valentine via pinfall and will now compete for the RISE Together Championships.

Oseiko def. Tammi Wray via rollup.

Casey McCloud def. Anne Cortes via pinfall to become the #1 Contender to the RISE World Championship

Jan Netty def. Claire Chambers, Li Akira, and Alexis Riot in the 4-Corners Ladder Match to become the inagural RISE Valkyrie Champion

during her celebration, The ROSE Valkyrie Champion Traci Touchdown delivered her spear to Jan twice, holding the ROSE version of the title in the ring as the show closed.
Def Jarrett
 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 08:16 PM
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Hooting and hollering can be heard in a hallway. The figures of Judy Moon and Virginia Nothing come into frame at the far end of the hall. As they approach and get closer, the grins plastered on their faces become obvious. Judy walks with a slight limp, though it does not stop her from jumping in excitement every so often. After one jump, Virginia grabs her.

"Hey, watch it, your leg."

"Oh, who cares about my leg right now, Vee? We won! We did it! I told you we could!"

Judy hugs Virginia, stomping her feet. Virginia takes the embrace and smiles warmly. This wasn't the expected outcome for her, but she'll absolutely take it. Judy breaks the hug.

"I told you that move was the one! The Ice Age Heat Wave, it's gonna take the world by storm and take us to the top!"

Virginia sighs. "You did pick a winner there, this time."

"Every time, Vee! Just watch."

Judy turns around, then does a double take when she notices the cameraman.

"Heyheyheyheyhey, good, glad you're here," she pants, grabbing him and repositioning him. Now the frame has both of the Sin Gun Chasers side by side right in the middle. Judy, grinning wide and wild, stands to the left, while Virginia, arms crossed and eyes fixed on her friend, stands to the right.

"Hey, RISE! Did'ya like that for a first impression? Huh? Because yeah, maybe we're not the most classically-trained wrestlers, and yeah, maybe our outfits are weird -" she motions to herself and Virginia, "- because we don't have ring gear, and yeah, maybe Marko and Valentine damn near beat us. But not a single one of those things matter now! Because after tonight, even with a new champion, a new number one contender, and several bigger names winning, the ONLY names that everyone's gonna be talking about are Judy Moon and Virginia Nothing, the Sin Gun Chasers!"

Virginia shrugs and sighs. "Not sure about all that..."

Judy turns and looks at her, incredulous. "What?! We're the least known people in this whole locker room, no wrestling or, hell, fighting experience - especially you - and we won. We won and you got the pinfall, Vee!"


Judy turns back to the camera. "Marko, Valentine - especially you Valentine, you tall piece of shit - I dunno if you thought we were a couple of Vegas tourists you could con, but it damn sure wasn't happening tonight! You did try to do a number on my leg..." she says, proceeding to hit her knee several times (Virginia reacts in mild horror and nearly reaches out to stop her), "but if you thought a couple of knee stomps and leg kicks were gonna do us in, you and the rest of RISE have another thing coming!"

Judy bends over, huffing and puffing. Virginia watches on, concern growing on her face. She goes to speak when Judy finally rights herself again.

"What the two of us lack in in-ring experience, we more than make up for with real-world experience. We have stared adversity in the face damn near every day since we were kids. A lifetime of struggles just to get here. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we'd be doing pro wrestling as a gig. We were supposed to be rocking it out across the globe, not getting rocked with elbows and stomps while wearing suspenders and overalls."

Virginia places a well-meaning hand on Judy's shoulder. Judy looks up at her, eventually smiling, before turning back to the camera.

"But we're on a new path now. A path that will take us to RISE gold, because Vee, with that win, we're in title contention!"

"...wait, what?"

"Yeah, I didn't wanna tell you in case the pressure was too much for you, but now we're on the road to the RISE Together championships!"

Dumbstruck, Virginia grows wide-eyed, seemingly running everything through her head and coming to terms with it. Judy continues on.

"And that's just what the two of us have done! We have risen together over every obstacle, every abuse, every shitty band manager, every awful hand life has dealt us! And we will continue to do that in RISE. These belts might as well have been made for us! I don't give a damn how many teams we have to face, how good they are, what the stipulations end up being, none of it matters! The Sin Gun Chasers have this in the bag. Whoever wants to step up to us, just know:"

Judy reaches forward and grabs the camera, pulling it close to her face.

"No one's first, and you're next."

With a laugh, she pushes the camera away and walks off, beginning to holler again in excitement. Virginia stands there, still shocked by the news. After several seconds, she looks at the camera and flinches before looking around. Noticing that Judy's already down the hall, she simply points after her.

"Wh-what she said."

With that, Virginia heads off after her partner. The last thing heard is Virginia shouting, "Are we really already contenders?"

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Anne Cortes
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 07:48 AM
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Anne Cortes cringed as she felt the chill of the ice pack. While the rest of the locker room were either too busy celebrating with Casey or Jan, one name stayed true and by Anne's side at this time: her tag team partner, and 'Duckin BFF' Birdy L, who hadn't left the outside of the goth girl's dressing room where Anne had been angrily grumbling after stumbling backstage following her loss to Casey McCloud.

"You did a great job, Anne. I wouldn't worry too much about this loss."

Anne gave a snorted laugh.

"Uh...duh, Birdy. At least they know who belongs in the main event in the first place. Only took us, like, six years to be treated properly though, amirite?"

Before her friend could respond properly, the sounds of footsteps headed down the hallway. The two turned to see a camera crew, being lead by a reporter, not a typical interviewer and camera crew like they had around RISE, but a legitimate news crew. The two stopped in front of the tag team, and the pretty boy face set for late night news interviews stopped to adjust his tie, as he put a mic up to his face.

"Anne Cortes, might we get a moment from you about your grand return?"

The self-described wickedly extraordinary smiled. Finally, she was getting the attention she had deserved in her eyes. And not a single mention was made of her latest NOW appearance​ that everyone was on her case about.

"Yeah, I mean, I guess." she said, with a sigh.

The interviewer, brought in his men closer her interview guaranteed

"So, Anne, tonight is your first appearance in 2017. For the past six months you've been taking a break from AES. Where have you been as of late?"

Anne immediately shoved Birdy right out of the way like a policeman trying to shift through a crowd, without another word said. With that, Birdy walked back to her dressing room to get out of Anne's hair.

"Where have I been? Better question, like, where have you been? Eff-Why-Eye, I've only been the host of Cinema Concoction Midnight Movies, like, every Sunday since late October. There's more of me than there ever was on TV every week. So I haven't been on AES in a while, so what? That's not MY problem, it's AES'. For now, though, it can be happy it's got it's Duckin' Best Wrestler that ever stepped foot in the ring, 'cause wow, it needs it, lawl. I don't wanna say this is worse than ROSE ever was, but I mean, I'm seein' a loooot more 'Skyler Loves' this time around." Anne said, with a groan.

Putting back on her glasses, Anne looked way, way, way down the hallway at the celebration for Jan and Casey, before looking back into the camera.

"But, like, you also got me, and unlike the REST of these losers, I'm good enough to survive three separate eras. And the second The Mighty Katie, or whatever her name is, strikes out, I'm gonna be right up to grab that title. Ya got it?"

"Got it. cut it, print it!" The man in the suit shouted. "Thank you for your time. We're doing a documentary on the talent moving between ROSE and RISE. You've been a big help to us, Miss Cortes."

"Yeah, whatevsies." Anne cold shouldered the director as she put down her ice pack and looked at her painted black nails.

As the team began moving in the direction of the party down the hall, a name not associated with the crew followed behind with her bottle glasses, happy expression, and a tape recorder in her hands. It was that that weird stalker girl who she made tap back in her last match... Hiding behind a camera crew, how could Anne not have been suspicious? But she was going to figure it out.

That is after yoinking Connie's tape recorder from her as she passed by. Immediately, Connie turned to Anne, her expression souring.


The party down the hall didn't seem to notice or care. Their talking was just loud enough that it drowned out anything Connie could have yelled.


"I knew it. You're fucking spying on me, aren't you?" Anne said, not even bothering to put on her usual cutesy act on for Connie. "Whatcha got on this tape, Connie? Somethin' you're tryna expose from me? Still hung up about what happened back in December, like everyone else is?"

Connie tried grabbing at the tape recorder, but Anne matched her speed, just playing keep-away every time she jumped at it.

"I don't know what you're talking about and, uh, I'm sorry I hurt your reputation. But can you give it back? I'm going to be late for Waffle House."

Anne had to cover up her mouth from how hard she was laughing.

"I broke your leg, and you're apologizing for it? Wow, you're sad."

Connie felt like she wasn't going to win with Anne. Something she knew was going to happen.

"Look, I don't care what I have to do, just give me the tape recorder. I'll even let you keep the tape."

"Yeah, whatever I tuned you out immediately. Tell you what, if I play this tape, and there's nothing on here about me, I'll hand it back to you."

Hitting the play button, the two listened to Connie's tape. At about the eight minute mark, where Connie started going into aliens, Anne shut off the tape prematurely.

"Whatever. I don't have time for this. A deal's a deal."

Anne held out Connie's tape recorder to her. As Connie began to reach for it, however, Anne threw it down onto the ground, shattering it into pieces.

"Oh maaaaan, the look on your face right there. That really made coming here tonight worth it." Anne laughed even harder this time.

Connie was absolutely mortified. Her heart shattered more than her tape recorder did. As closest as it was, this would be her snapping point.

"Wh-Why?" Connie stammered her words. "...There's no way they'll let you get away with this. This is harassment."

Anne faked a gasp.

"Wow, you're right there's no way I'm gonna get away with this." Anne said, drifting back into her valley girl speak. "Except, I mean like, look down the hall, the documentary crew blocked everyone from hearing it, and nobody even batted an eyelash when you yelled earlier."

Connie looked behind her. Unfortunately, it looked like Anne was right. Anne looked up, faking another gasp.

"And Oh. Em. Gee. Like, are there really, like, no security cams anywhere near this side of the building that woulda caught it?"

Connie's looked at the ceiling as well.

"Ah, but don't worry about it. I mean, like, who wouldn't trust the crazy conspiracy theorist girl?"

With a wave goodbye, Anne walked right back into her dressing room. Connie got back on her knees, and began to sweep up the parts. She took deep breaths to calm herself down. Taking out her phone, she turned on her speech-to-text, to send a quick apology.

"I'm not going to make it to Waffle House. Sorry."
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