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Sep 11 2017, 01:39 PM
Good Evening!

Yes, it's another one of those posts. Let's get it out of the way first and foremost - yes, I'm leaving. Will I come back? Maybe. I'll still be around but I'm not going to be able to attend feds and most other things but I'll still pop into the Discord and forums etc. You can still use my characters if you want, but of course, let me know if you have any major angles in mind. OTT2 is obviously not going to happen - again, a shame but this is mostly a time thing. I was struggling to get it to work in 2k17, trust me, I tried, but it's purely a lack of time thing.

So let's get to the why - for those who don't know, I started a new job in May and recently passed my probation there. I also just got promoted to assistant manager! This is good and what I've been looking for considering I lost my last job just due to being a bit shit. I had a lot of issues with depression amongst other things, but I'm finally at the other end of it looking a bit better for it. The bad bit is, unfortunately, going forward I'm probably going to have less time on my hands than usual and given I'm trying to exercise more to reach my own fitness goals, as well as do all the real life stuff such as shopping, cooking, moving house etc I'm probably going to not have time for AES.

This really saddens me - AES has always been my baby since I got made admin, I know I wasn't one of the founding members and it's not truly owned by any one person, nor should it be, but I've always taken a lot of pride in the site, the community and the work that's gone into it and I want everyone going forward to embrace that. Career-wise, I wouldn't have got where I am without the work I put in on this site. For example, a large part of my day involves coaching people on their calls/sales technique, and I wouldn't be able to give people good feedback and criticism without the practice I had here, as well as all the other people management skills I learned from doing this.

What I'm trying to say is enjoy the time you have here - it might not last forever but, fucking hell, I've had some awesome fucking times here. Grow from the experiences you get, love each other and grow as a set of people. Learn to compromise for each other and if I had to leave with one piece of advice, it's to remember that this is a co-operative effort. Involve everyone and don't forget, coming from one of the most successful people title-wise in AES, that this isn't a competition, it's a creative and cooperative hobby. Give each other props when they've done something well, it costs nothing and means a lot. Give people good feedback when they ask for it.

Stay strong, people. If you wanna hit me up, feel free anytime.


DanBDanielson #3409 on Discord, DanBDanielson on Twitter
Mar 29 2017, 08:08 PM

So I know one of the problems people have is with audio levelling on their shows, so here are the settings I used for CNW Live 2:

This is what I use for entrance music - if you click here in Sony Vegas on the tab on the left you can apply the FX to the entire row, which means you can drop in un-arena edited songs and have the entire row get it.

Here's what I use for ring announcing:

And for commentary, if necessary - this one I play by ear, generally you want to take out the bass and add treble so it cuts through everything else.

That's about it. If you don't use Vegas, you can probably gather what I'm changing here to make your own presets. Any questions about anything editing wise, HMU. Generally these should all be around the same volume but I make the crowd noise/ring noise LOUD AS FUCK.
Mar 1 2017, 07:10 PM
So as we speak the final spot in the rumble is being filled...probably...

So in an attempt to book as many of you guys as possible I'm looking to do some other matches on the show! There will probably be 2-3, maybe 4 of these with one of them probably being a last chance battle royal.

Please post your suggestions and please point out if you haven't been booked and who you would like to be booked out of your characters.
Feb 28 2017, 01:58 PM

So here's the deal!

Over the Top 2 is much like the first. 30 40 men. Royal rumble style. The winner will receive a shot at any title of any fed at any time and a nice belt to go with it. This will, of course, have to be negotiated with the fed owner etc but go nuts. I'm not 100% on an air date at this point but signups will probably be closing around the end of March/Beginning of April.

This time, things are a little different. This will be in PS4 2k17 and all signups are secret. Yup, that's right. However, if you do want to promo then it's entirely up to you if you want to unveil your character.

Here's the signup info. Send this to me in a PM with the character name CLEARLY in the title of the message. It's completely up to you who you want to sign up but keep in mind I'm doing this to elevate a character - if you feel you have a character who could benefit from winning this then put them in. 1 slot per person, please. First come first served, no reserves.

[b]Nickname (prefix or middle)[/b]:
[b]Billed Hometown[/b]:
[b]Billed Height and Weight[/b]:
[b]Alignment[/b]: Face? Heel? Tweener?
[b]Moveset[/b]: Feel free to be as detailed or as loose as you like. I may fiddle with the move sets a little, but if there are ever any major changes I shall consult you beforehand.
[b]Signatures (and if you want them to be named, names)[/b]:
[b]Finishers (and if you want them to be named, names)[/b]:
[b]Abilities[/b]: Ok, simply put, no comeback.
[b]Attributes[/b]: If you don't have any specifics, feel free to tell me what should be highest and lowest.
[b]Code/Description[/b]: What do they look like? Or, if they're on Community Creations (PS4), what are the tags? Reference pictures would be great.
[b]Entrance[/b]: Motions, pyros, titantron, lighting, etc.
[b]Other details[/b]: Any other significant details to add?
[b]Character Bio:[/b]
Feb 24 2017, 08:27 AM
Because hey I used to do these too.

Sundays! 10pm GMT onwards, starting with next Sunday the 5th. (because this Sunday is Mallbrawl)

I have a shitton of games, so go ahead and suggest shit.

This weekend I think I'll play... something. Maybe FNAF. Who knows?!!!

Here are my PC games. I also have a PS4, PS3, PS2, lots of emulated shit, so yeah.

If you wanna guest or have any suggestions, HMU.
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