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Nov 4 2017, 12:01 AM
Right off the bat I want to say I'm sorry. But when I started RISE I made a promise that I wouldn't overwork myself and focus on the real world off the site if anything got dicey.

The last month has had a lot of ups and downs, but the downs have been pretty profound, and working on a ROSE-level one-man production on a deadline is the worst possible thing that you could ask me to do right now. I would rush myself and the show would not be the best quality it could be, if I finished it at all.

So with that in mind, CLOSE is being delayed from the Jan. 13th scheduled date. Subsequently, the ROSE National E-Wrestling Day showcase is outright cancelled.

I truly wanted to get CLOSE done on the 5 year anniversary of Amy's title win as a nice little mark for the last full ROSE show. With the date change I'll likely split CLOSE into two days rather than an all day event depending on length.

RISE episodes and the RISE/FILR showcases will go on as normal, and the 2k18 switch is still not happening until after NEWDay.
Oct 29 2017, 08:30 PM
YE!! it's time again for National E-Wrestling Day!

I could gush a lot about how important NEWDay is for us but, I kind of already did that in the signup thread.


Remember, NEWDay is open to all comers, new and old, bestfed or deadfed, so if you have a friend that's into e-feds, know a cool community of CAW peeps, or just want to make a show yourself for the first time, this is the chance to get the word out and do the dang thing.

To any new members browsing the site, WELCOME! Check out whatever you like, but remember the golden rule:

(nah you're good if that's your thing you do you)

NEWDay is fifteen weeks away as of this post! You have plenty of time to plan out your contribution and make sure our NEW Day will be H
Oct 21 2017, 06:56 PM
Jan Netty def. Evelyn Gillespie via pinfall to retain the RISE Valkyrie Championship.

Barbie Jay Tucker def. Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer via knockout.

Akachi def. Erica Lee Parker via pinfall to become the #1 Contender for the RISE Valkyrie Championship
-Akachi attacked Erica with a chair before the match, leading to the victory

The Duckin' BFFz def. Puzzle Bobble via submission.

RIN Shinigami def. Kiya Salama via pinfall.

-Amy Roselyn held her ROSE World Championship Open Challenge
-Jan Netty came out to 'answer' the challenge, but quickly went off on a scathing tirade about Roselyn's performance as ROSE World Champion, stating that she wanted a title shot in the future.
-Anya Reyes came out to officially answer the open challenge

Amy Roselyn def. Anya Reyes to retain the ROSE World Championship
-Robin Reflex entered down the ramp and apparently also wanted a title oppotunity
-Big Girl Gladwin would jump Robin from behind

Darby Brizen made her debut and def. Fortuna Dale via pinfall.

Casey McCloud def. Zahra via pinfall
-The lights were shut off and the intro part of Dianna's theme played in the arena, Casey was visibly disturbed as the lights came back up.

The Sin Gun Chasers def. The Amazons of Anchorage to retain the RISE Together Championships.
Oct 18 2017, 01:40 PM
8-Man Tag Match
The Homies In Compatible Costumes (T.H.I.C.C.) vs. The New New New New New New Nexus

Dayfed Championship
Oseiko © vs. ???
Sep 7 2017, 03:31 PM


At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, NEWDay 5 was the single best thing that ever happened to AES. For nearly 10 hours over two days we saw returning guests, past memories, fed debuts, fed finales, ironmen, mirror matches, muscle spirit, deleting all feds, and Prince Devitt. The crop of new and returning users that came in as a result of the weekend event has injected a huge amount of freshness and energy into AES that the previous year just didn't have.

Even in a year where the world has started to erode away before our eyes, AES has been better than ever.

So it's no shock that National E-Wrestling Day 6 is going to try and recapture the muh-muh-magic.


In 2012 we created National E-Wrestling Day to give a platform to all the people that put their hard work and dedication toward the world of wrestling roleplaying and simulation. There's a reason that so many people pour themselves into this hobby, and NEWDay is here to show exactly why: because it's fun as fuck.

NEWDay was always intended to gather creators, handlers and producers from all corners of the internet to join in, but it was only as recent as 2016 when that vision was fully realized.

Once again the call is being sent out to any feds, their members, or even people that need an excuse to make a show of their own to sign up and showcase what makes their brand great.

National E-Wrestling Day 2018 is a two day event, Saturday February 10th and Sunday February 11th, just two days after Armbar Error Society's 7th birthday. (*Date Subject To Change)


[b]Fed Name[/b]:
[b]Contact Info (twitter, email, etc)[/b]:
[b]Game (if text roleplay, just list it as such)[/b]:
[b]Show style[/b]:
[b]Approx. Date of Fed's First Show (list as "Debuting" for first-time shows)[/b]:

Scheduled Showcases: -- 31 (Last Year: 27)
-RISE Wrestling
-Fuck It; Let's Rassle
-All Star Mystic Rasslin'
-Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk
-Cobblestone Combat Association
-Shucky Duck Wrestling - Heart and Soul Series
-Grappling of Glory
-GoG: BANG Division
-Boston Armbar Deathmatch Wrestling
-Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling
-New Origin Wrestling
-Mundial de Lucha Libre
-[Secret Showcase #1]
-ALEVATION × Konnection Pro
-High Point Wrestling
-[Secret Showcase #2]

-Zaiah's Club Of Wrestling
-Attack On Australia Wrestling
-Gran Templo de Lucha Libre
-Joesph James Battle Academy
-The Colour Coded Killers Match
-Revolution X
-Grapple Sports Battle
-Destiny Championship Alliance

Here are the rules and guidelines:

-Every showcase will be a maximum of 20 minutes. How much of that 20 minutes and what you use it for is completely your decision. One match, multiple matches, a "Best Of", or anything else you feel best represents your brand.

-You may request for more time by asking the admins of AES if you go over the time limit, but the staff has the final word and it will be taken case by case.

-Characters that appear in multiple companies may be booked a maximum of TWICE.
For example, if Big Boy Gladwin appears on both TANW and MallBrawl, he won't be able to appear for RevX, Grappling of Glory, or any other promotion for the rest of the event. This is only to ensure that as large a variety of characters as possible are showcased. Please speak with the character's owner to ensure that overbooking doesn't occur. You may not call "dibs" or reserve a character for your showcase.

When your Showcase is completed, upload the show to a file sharing service like Dropbox or Mediafire, or a Youtube link if that's all you have available. The link must be the final,
full version of the showcase. The file will be uploaded to our AES Network server where it'll stay for the streamer to download, and eventually be uploaded later on the Network iteself.

~ATTN All Visitors!~

If you've found your way here from our advertisements and invitations, welcome to Armbar Error Society! In February of 2011 AES launched as a full website dedicated to efed content. Two years to the day later, we created National E-Wrestling Day.

Joining National E-wrestling Day with your show will expose your show to a brand new audience, allow you to convey exactly what your show is all about and what makes it unique, and find inspiration from the work of others. NEW Day isn't about being the best of the night, it's about showing your work to the greater community and praising the work of others.

If you wish to bring your show, simply create an account with us and post in this topic! Simple as that. Your 20 minute Showcase is yours to do with what you want, as long as it's recieved by our staff before the event.

Please note, if you sign up for National E-Wrestling Day
-you are NOT required to be an active member of Armbar Error Society afterwards
-you are NOT obligated to attend AES based streams other than NEW Day itself
-you are NOT forced to cross promote our events.

We only ask that you get your Showcase in, that it's in on time, and that you and your usebase/fanbase attend the event. Please keep in touch so you know how to submit your showcase.

If you do feel like getting to know us a bit better, we have a Discord chat you can join us in here, and you can find out what shows we have on offer and who's looking for new blood with our Fed Availability notes here.

All streaming and archival will be handled by us, but your showcase is yours to upload and share however you want after NEWD.
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