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May 5 2017, 10:50 AM

As has been stated in the FAQ thread, Konnection Pro will be starting off with a round robin tournament to determine its first champion. There will be 32 spots which will be whittled down to 16 following the 1-on-1 qualifying matches for both blocks, after which the tournament can begin proper. Again, there won't be a sign-up thread for the fed, but you can reserve a spot by contacting me privately, and I will put you here on the list. If you don't have anyone in mind right now but still want to reserve, that's fine. Just message me stating so and I'll reserve you a spot while you and I discuss who you want to nominate for the tournament, although I may end up giving your spot to someone else if you aren't able to figure one out in time.

Should also add that leading up to the tournament, competitors will be kept a secret until they make their official entrance for their qualifying match.

Reserved spots:

Locked in spots:
May 5 2017, 10:33 AM

What is Konnection Pro?
Konnection Pro is my attempt to bring focus back to in-ring storytelling. Aesthetically, it'll take heavily from New Japan Pro Wrestling or early Ring of Honor, and storylines will mainly be advanced through the matches, and everything that happens in-ring. Backstage and promo segments will happen every now and again, but will be a lot more rare compared to all of the other feds. The fed will also have occasional comedy here and there, but primarily will be taking on a mostly serious tone. It'll be taking place on 2k14 and will also be intergender.

What will be the format of Konnection Pro shows?
Starting off, Konnection Pro will be hosting two events featuring qualifying matches for respective blocks for a round robin tournament not unlike NJPW's G1 Climax, to crown its first champion. After this, the fed will mostly be following a Japan-style format with regards to its shows. There won't be any use of a traditional "4 regular shows leading up to a PPV" structure here; think something more along the lines of SAPW or TCW*, or even AOU's ASYLUM, where shows will mostly be numbered, but there'll be occasional bigger events peppered in between i.e. tournaments.

How do I sign up?
I'd first like to preface this by stating that there will not be a sign-up thread. Instead, anyone who wishes to sign-up must contact me directly and discuss it with me, ideally through DMing me on Discord at Hideyoshi Kinoshita#5840, or PMing me if that isn't possible. There are several reasons for this, but to sum it up in a few sentences, I want to be able to cultivate a certain balance of characters so that the roster doesn't get too top-heavy with people of similar type, whilst also trying to make sure that characters get the most out of being in KonPro and all have something to do instead of just wallowing around in midcard limbo doing nothing. Hence it's also recommended that if you have any ideas regarding plans for your characters that you approach me as well. I won't be able to make any promises that I'll be able to follow through on them especially if they don't particularly fit the style of the fed, but I will keep them in mind.

If you want a general idea on what I'm looking for with regards to sign-ups, as the logo implies, I'm not necessarily restricting it to just Japanese or puro wrestlers. "World-Wide Strong-Style" means all sorts of different styles are welcome, be it lucha, catch grappling etc. There will be a few exceptions of course:-

-Given the NJPW-influenced format of the fed, I'm not really looking for characters that require me to put in a lot of on-screen backstage/promo segments to put over their gimmicks.
-I want to be able to create new stars and put focus on underutilized talent, so I'd prefer characters who aren't already signed up to a lot of feds.
-Comedic characters are fine but I do want to keep them on the down low for the time being. Think NJPW's roster: there's only really a handful of Toru Yanos to contrast with everyone else.
-No hardcore/deathmatch wrestlers at this moment in time. If they can actually wrestle, that's fine, but anyone who's extremely reliant on gimmick/stipulation matches is a no-go.

This is all just a general rule of thumb of course, and not necessarily a hard restriction or anything. Over the course of the fed I may start including in other types of characters depending on the situation.

Anything I should do to prepare beforehand?
Watch the KonPro NEWD5 match first. For obvious reasons, fully edited matches like that will only really be able to feasibly happen once in a while, but regardless it'll give you an idea of the kind of in-ring style I want to showcase. Every other match onward will mostly be following a style not unlike TCW*, where matches will mostly be AI, but there will be a number of edited spots here and there to enhance the story of the match. After that, take a look at the post-match promo for it, and then read up on the KonPro Prologue "Off the Board" to get fully caught up on the story and possibly answer several questions you may have with regards to the fed's kayfabe.

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or DM me on Discord.
Mar 26 2017, 10:15 AM
February 13th, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio

"Here you are, ma'am." the Yellow Cab driver said back to her passenger as the car pulled up to the hotel.

Tris Bradford stepped out of the back passenger side door onto the Cleveland pavement, casual clothes blowing in the cold wind. She tossed her jacket on as fast as she could once the message came in, and didn't take the time to change out of sweatpants and sweater, but it was just barely enough to protect from the chill. Tris dismissed the cab driver after giving her the best tip she could with the cash she had and made her way into the hotel itself.

Tris knew the Hilton branded hotel fairly well, having stayed at it herself multiple times in the past. She loved the view of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and lake. She wondered if that's why he chose here of all places.

Room 409 of the Double Tree in CLE. I'll tell you everything you need to know. -TK

Inside she got a wave or two from staff familiar with her, but no one got in her way to ask her about staying with them, possibly assuming she had already checked in. The elevator took it's time to lower to the lobby, time seeming to crawl as she pressed the down button several times out of habit. Eventually, though, the car was cleared of anyone that had been inside and she stepped in, riding alone to the fourth floor.

The motion of the elevator made her notice the pit in her stomach for the first time. Why were her nerves getting to her? What was making her worry? She should be furious, fuming, ready to kick in the door and ask for answers, but she wasn't. It was something else, something she either couldn't place or was afraid to identify. The ring of the elevator's signal bell told her there wasn't time for that anyway.

Room 409 was within eyeshot of where she was let out, and she made a beeline to it, walking as fast as she could without fully jogging. She made it to the hotel door, and in liue of knocking she just listened. There was soft piano music playing on the other side at a moderate volume, which seemed to be a departure from what she was usually accustomed to, knowing him. Maybe this was the wrong room. Maybe I'm being played here, she thought. She lifted a hand, knuckles curled stiffly, and knocked on the door as if she would punch a hole through it were she not careful. The music stopped altogether, and she felt compelled to stare directly into the eyehole of the door to meet his eyes on the other side. She couldn't see them, but she felt it.

The chunky latch of the door clicked open with the turn of the handle from the inside, and the door itself casually swung outward. On the other side of the door, sure enough, was the former ROSE General Manager, Tsukasa Kondo. There was no mistaking it, very few people in the world shared his boyish looks, though he had seemingly ditched the schoolboy's uniform he had been so fond of for attire more fitting of someone his actual age: black sports jacket, a white button-up shirt, dark blue jeans and white sneakers. No longer did his hair show any hint of green, as he had allowed it to return to its natural jet black color.

"Ah. Come in."

The two didn't move for a moment despite his request, Kondo not moving to make room and Tris not moving across the threshold.

"...I have room service."

Tris quickly moved in and wrapped her arms around Kondo's upper torso, bringing him into a hug before he could raise his own arms.

"Where the hell were you?" Tris asked with concern lacing her voice.

"Could you let go of me first?" Tsukasa tried to muffle out from her shoulder. On any other day Kondo would have happily embraced the gesture with open arms, so to speak, though in this instance it was met instead with a nonplussed reaction from his end. Tris backed off from the hug, leaving her hands resting on his shoulder blades, as Tsukasa looked off downward to the side.

"You...just disappeared, I thought something had happened."

"Something did happen. You're perfectly aware of what." said Kondo, as he tried to brush the wrinkles off his clothes with his hands.

"I meant to you." Tris sighed and gathered her thoughts. "When the buyout happened you just vanished. I wanted to talk to you, and I know you don't think she likes you but Millie wanted to talk to you just as badly." Tris let her hands down. "Just...we were worried."

"I understand. And of course, you're here because I know you want answers. That's what I called you over for, after all." Tsukasa stepped off to the side to allow Tris some space to enter. "It's a long story, and chances are you'll be here all night. So make yourself comfortable while you can."

Tris took the invitation this time, walking into the decently sized room. Kondo's luggage was near the bed, obviously packing light and not planning to stick around very long past the next morning. Only a few lights were on in the room, one by the door, one by the table, and one keeping the rest of the room lit by itself.

The ROSE buyout hit everyone like a truck. The Board was a group that Tris thought she had the support of once Archer had been removed as General Manager, but it only took a wave of Artemis Gerard's wallet to sway them to the idea of selling the entirety of the company away.

But money wasn't the sole reason the buyout was considered, and the two of them knew that fact.
Nov 3 2016, 08:18 AM

Name: Maria Villanueva

Nickname(s): The Tri-Star

Alignment: Neutral Good

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height/Weight: 5'4", 115 lbs

Birthdate: 23/04/94 (22)

Hailing From: Mandaluyong, Philippines

Occupation(s): Professional Wrestler

Appeared in: (list from first to most recent)

Shucky Duck Wrestling
Konnection Pro

Theme History:

ideal white - Mashiro Ayano

Signature Moves:

Brave Shine (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick)
Diving double foot stomp
Multiple dropkick variations
Solar Blade (Sling Blade)
Tri Attack/Holy Trinity (German suplex followed by a dragon suplex followed by a bridging X-Plex)


Solar Flare (Kneeling double underhook powerbomb)
Summer Triangle (Leglock inverted cloverleaf)

Claims to Fame:

Trained by Shaymin


Akane Umehara
Jane Roberts
Tsukasa Kondo



Coming up from a poor background in the Philippines, Maria Villanueva had a reputation in her barangay* as a boisterous, tomboyish young girl, and the resident professional wrestling fan. When not practicing on makeshift training dummies, she could often be spotted getting into a lot of fights, mostly as a result of her trying to protect her younger siblings using the moves she learned on TV. After graduating from high school, Maria travelled to Japan to seek out her role model, Shaymin, to personally train under her in the art of joshi puroresu. As with many an aspiring rookie in Japan, the first parts of her career were rough, but she continued to power through and eventually won her first match about one year in, as well as the support of the Japanese fans. Her determination in the face of overwhelming odds, indomitable fighting spirit and uncanny ability to shine in trios matches, often saving the match in the nick of time for her teammates, had earned her the nickname "The Tri-Star", which was also a reference to one of the national symbols of her home country.

Now taking her talents to the United States as a 6-year pro and and one of, if not the first, Filipino-born competitors in the Armbar Error Society, Maria looks to continue following in the footsteps of her hero Shaymin, not only to provide for her family but to become an ally of justice for her home country and the AES as a whole, standing up for the oppressed and less fortunate, and fighting against injustice wherever it may arise.

*(TL note: pronounced bara-ng-GUY, Filipino term for village, district or ward and is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines.)
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