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Oct 2 2017, 06:47 AM

Head Trainers
Dougal Baird
Joseph James

The Class

Male Division
A.B. Aeterno
Baby Dick
Cara Mascara
Donovan Beasley
Hugh Atme
Iris Flavio [The Blossom Boyz]
Lawrence Amadeus Dmitri V
Shane Lux [The Blossom Boyz]
THOT PATROL OFFICER Oswald "Ozzie" Smith

Female Division
Bridget Spinner
Della Kravitz
Hana Hanahan
January Brizen
Meridith Shayle
Siobhan Rose
Sep 25 2017, 06:36 PM
You may have up to two in games spots each (for now, 3rd spots coming later), which can be used however you want. That includes removing a character at any time and replacing them with somebody else. These can be used for male or female, a tag team, a manager, whatever the hell you want honestly. Just remember what I was hoping to be going for with the fed. Which you can have a nice quick reminder read here if you want. And remember, this is gonna be in 2k18!! On Ps4!!!!

[b]Nickname:[/b] (if any)
[b]Billed From:[/b]
[b]Theme Music:[/b]
[b]Signature Moves:[/b] (Identify the moves and name them)
[b]Finishing Maneuvers:[/b] (Identify and name)
[b]Origin:[/b] (Are they a rookie from an AES school? Which school? Are they an indy star who got signed? An international talent? An established star trying to re-invent themselves? Gimme the brief here and elaborate in Backstory if you want.)
[b]Gimmick:[/b] (Briefest of the brief description, one line max)
[b]Backstory:[/b] (Elaborate on their origin and their gimmick more in here, plus whatever else you feel need to mention)

[b]CC Tags:[/b] (If applicable)


[b]Appearance:[/b] (Reference pictures or a description will do)
[b]Moveset:[/b] (Anything from entire movesets, to vague styles, to a preset, etc.)
[b]Victory:[/b] (Animation that plays after you win a match)

[b]Personality traits[/b]:
Dominant trait: (Which one of these 12 traits would you say is their dominant/main one?)

[b]Misc. Information:[/b]

If they're in a tag team be sure to include whatever tag information you need too, such as tag themes, tag name, etc.. You can also like, ignore the second half if you're gonna get somebody else to make you for it obviously. But I've got it all nicely laid out rn so am I hell editing the sheet.
Sep 21 2017, 01:03 PM

The Joseph James Battle Academy (JJBA for short) is a federation hosted by Joseph James, and Joseph James alone. There's no involvement from my other characters, such as Vincenzo Oswaldo Maciarello, nor is there any involvement from the likes of Daoloth. The idea of the academy is that it's sort of a developmental fed for people in AES, the step between being a brand new graduate or wrestler signed into the AES universe and them becoming a full time roster member of one of the several federations that exist. The roster, however, is always on the move rotating. This is not an NXT situations where it'll all be established stars competing for 2 years on a third brand with one or two original guys sprinkled in who'll likely never get a push. All in on the new.

The schedule isn't going to be a full time thing, or maybe it will be?? I don't know. Basically I want it to exist as a fed where if I feel the itch to tape a show, then I'll have the full ability to do so, but not feel pressured by having to do it. We could get four shows in a month, or one show in four months, and it'll still be active.

The things I want to see from this fed is two things really:
-New members always having a place to sign-up.
-Old members being able to try brand new things.

From there, I want the roster to be a mix of the following:
-Existing characters that you want to repackage getting a place to transition
-Brand new rookie/trainee characters being able to pop up and debut
-Canonically experienced independent wrestlers getting their shot in AES
-Specifically Revan doing the Thot Patrol Officer REZI gimmick on the website

And sprinkle in one or three veterans, too. It may be Joseph James' Battle Academy, but he certainly hasn't trained everybody in AES. I'd like to think he's on good enough terms with everybody that other head trainers would be more than willing to send their own trainees to wrestle with him though. There was a point where everybody and their mothers had a training school, so if we could not go back to that that'd be great, but for all of the ones that have already been long established in the canon that could be lit.

The roster that I'm imagining would be something like a bunch of HPW Bunny Slope (JJ's training academy) students, then a couple of students from maybe Laura Brennan, one or two from Derrick Brizen, a whole bunch of other students of other wrestlers that have training academies I'm not gonna name them all, sprinkle in some international and independent signings, you've got a potentially lit roster. Then maybe a guest appearance from names to flesh out cards so it isn't all just rookies all the time. Jimmy Jedwards vs Eddie Edcobbs isn't gonna sell cards, but maybe Jimmy Jedwards getting a lit opportunity against Travis Cassidy in his graduation match could be real cool.

Oh, that's another thing I want done too. If they're a success, I want graduations. Reward them for coming that far. Maybe not as over the top as in Japan when they get a massive send off from everybody on the roster because of how much they mean to them (despite how fantastic that would be it would be impossible to pull off), but definitely labelling a show like ~The Eddie Edcobbs Graduation~ and having the main event be them vs somebody big could be really cool.

The idea is that you'll be able to have a constant rotation of things, so you can drop a character at any time and replace them with a new one. The drop could be because you want to sign them up elsewhere, or it could be because you've decided that the character isn't clicking and you want them removed. The perfect place to test out anything new that you're otherwise scared of taking up a roster spot somewhere for. You got a monster who you think could be the next Mil Meneos? Don't wanna take up your last roster spot in PWAS on the chance it won't work? Get a couple of shows in here, see what you think. If it does, then get that roster spot filled in champ. And if it doesn't then you've still got that PWAS spot completely available to you!

The idea right now is I'm gonna be giving everybody 2 spots each. You can use that however you want. 2 Male wrestlers, 2 female wrestlers, a tag team, 1 male wrestler and 1 female, a wrestler and a manager, but two actual in-game slots will be allocated to you to use however you want. Swap them out at anytime.

It's gonna all be done in 2K18, and I'll post the signup closer to then so I've got a better idea of what I'm going to be doing with things. I preemptively set this because I'm gonna need to practice with it anyway for QOLA and Big Boys 2 and the like, so I might as well get to work figuring out what's good with a fed-ish to do. If anybody's got any questions, I'll be taking them in this thread now or just in private. General discussion is also welcome. Tell me what you like, what you don't like and what you'd change. We've got plenty of time to do this, might as well make the most of it.

Oh! And if an admin can make the banner this:

and specify that the sign-ups will always be open, that'll be great.
Sep 19 2017, 04:16 AM
I'm taking a stand and starting a movement regardless of the consequences and should I die young please make me a Martyr and not as Icarus flying too close to the sun
Sep 18 2017, 11:43 AM
So just like last year, I want to be as completely open and honest about things to ensure that you all don't feel cheated out of anything, as I think that's the backbone of how this tournament can actually continue to work. If I'm not up front about basically everything then I dunno if people will be able to trust me to run it again, if that makes any sense. So it's kind of like a confess my sins sort of dealio. Except I don't think I've done anything wrong. But you get what I mean right.

Anyway, first up lemme just say that holy shit the sign ups this year were way over the top. Like in a good way. I was super honoured people wanted to take part from all over the place. But that meant I had to change up things this year to fit everybody in. The first byproduct of this was Best of the Big Boys, which was meant to be an 8 person mini tournament over the weekend similar to Rey de Voladores, but when I got even more sign ups that became an impossibility so it grew into it's own full mini tournament alongside KOLA, and then THAT became an impossibility so we expanded on it and made it its own shows. The way we brought that about was asking people to lose some qualifier matches on a special test show. We told all the people who wouldn't be taking part in advance that they wouldn't be taking part but there'd be the qualifier anyway to help make sense of it.

I think it was the right idea for this year, but the Qualifier definitely isn't coming back. It just doesn't make sense as to why some have to qualify while others don't, and I'd like the tournament to be as contained as possible. However, Best of the Big Boys spawning off of it was fantastic and exactly what I needed to make everything work and I'll explain why right now.

Since next year we're going to be doing the Queen of Los Angel-AES which I'm very excited about personally because it's a product that I promised a lot of people that I'd be doing since EBOLA and something I came very close to doing this year anyway (It was gonna be called The Skullgirl Open and it was going to RULE) but plans got cancelled upon the announcement of the Grand Prix including a separate women's tournament alongside the main, with many other tournaments popping up too. Because things worked out like this though, I get to do a full on OLA weekend for it, and now I have Best of the Big Boys in place of the Skullgirl Open too. It all worked out.

The idea of what I had is this:
32 in QOLA
16ish in BOTBB2 (24 is also being considered based on number of signups)

Sign ups for both will open at the same time, which will be sometime in April, perhaps even May and have Big Boys in June/July-ish, the advert said May-ish but I've honestly not got a personal preference as long as I've got plenty of time to do QOLA. You can sign up for both, but whether you get into both is another thing entirely.

It's the first 32 for QOLA, no exceptions, no refunds. Anybody after the 32nd entrant will be cut. Get your sign ups in early. No reservations either because those are super annoying, outside of very specific scenarios where you absolutely can't sign up yet and I know you can't (such as Ken visiting Japan or if your home is being wrecked by natural causes). Then it's fine.

Big Boys however will have its entrants chosen based on a whole bunch of different factors, mostly just whether or not they got into or WANT to be in QOLA, or who could be extremely fun in that setting (as while the tournament is going to get more serious to match the fact that it'll be one of the bigger events for men to compete in due to other things falling through or cancelling, at the end of the day it's still gonna be slightly shitposty and for every Amateur or Rick Trent we'll definitely need a Human Question Mark. Big Boys spots definitely CAN be reserved as of literally right now but only if you're certain that you're definitely not applying for QOLA. Otherwise you can send me a sign up after your QOLA stuff.

The titles. I just made the KOLA one because I wanted a trophy of some sort to hand to the winner and obviously you can't make trophies in the wrestling game so instead I made a (tacky as fuck because it's VOM) championship title for the winner. It's not an actual championship title so please don't have Roze O defend it or whatever, it would defeat the entire purpose of the tournament if he could just lose being King that easily. I CAN, however, upload the belt if fedheads want him to have it for their entrance. That part I don't mind.

Best of the Big Boys, however. That one's really up to Pyro. There's a bunch of really good ideas that he's tossed towards me that I think could lead to a really fun year in AES, and I'll let him dive into them. I'll say this in advance though: I approve of them all, so whatever he picks is the correct choice. I'm glad Pyro got to win that, dude's been working hard at this for a while now and he definitely deserved something, so when we had to make cuts to the KOLA tournament line up we figured it'd be probably way better to have him win that than have Ammy potentially go out in round one. Told him that we wanted somebody good in the tournament to make it serious and he'd probably have a decent shot at going far but he was always the pick to win it, hahaha.

Next up I wanna quickly cover something that nearly ruined the entire weekend: the 99% glitch. I lost a good amount of my video files that I downplayed to "one or two matches" in the booking to make them think everything would absolutely definitely be ok, but actually I lost a whole lot of really good match tapings, INCLUDING the final, and I only had about a week to retape everything that I'd lost. There was about 5 first round matches (thankfully none of my favourite first round matches got hit), 3 of the second round, and a good amount of Day 4 including the aforementioned final.

That's why some of the matches may have felt a little off. I'll not dive into specifics into what other matches I'd lost because some of them might not necessarily be obvious and keeping stuff on the downlow could probably keep the magic more, but some of them ended up being upgrades so it wasn't necessarily all a terrible thing. Chazz/Sallis went from a 6 minute match to what it ended up being, for the only other example I'll give. Just uh. I had a 20 minute Roze/Trav match that still probably wasn't as good as Franco/Doe last year due to the AI's "improvement" this year where they won't go for as many OMG moments (bring back announce table spots every match imo), but it was still definitely better than the one we had.

The glitch itself was whenever I tried to load a video into Sony Vegas, it'd read it in and then I'd be allowed to use it. However, some videos would hit 99% and then the program would crash. From then on, if I tried to use that video in Sony Vegas it would break the entire program. So I deleted all of those videos and quickly got back to work on fixing them. Sam and Francis came up with some really great ideas on how to get around and fix those ideas and I completely ignored all of them because I'm dumb.

Oh! And real quick. We kept every match result that we had when we retaped, so nobody would be cheated out of anything and also not to mess with any future round tapings we already had.

Now, let's talk dirty. The booking.

As mentioned, KOLA is always "first good match" booking. Just me, Francis and Sam go over our preferred brackets beforehand and then form what we think would be the ideal tournament bracket, and then get to work. Obviously if what we think would be the best result in advance ends up winning said match, we're more willing to lean to a match being good. To use an example, let's say we have Snakeman vs Big Boy Gladwin. We want Big Boy Gladwin to win, and get two tapings. Big Boy gets a 3 star match win, Snakeman gets a 3 and a bit star win. We'd still probably go Big Boy in that scenario. However, if Snakeman won in a 4 star match, then there'd be no denying it's the correct result and we'd roll with that.

Using this booking method, we formed about 70 different tournament brackets with at least every single member in the tournament making the top 8 at least once, with the only constant being that Zebadiah Thurston was in all of them which I'll get to in a second. We tossed out ideas for literally everybody, Sam brought up in Discord one of the first things I said in the booking chat was we should give Lee Smith a Mark Andrews styled run if Rezi signed him up and that one's completely true, but there was also a really great one involving Holt Haven going deep that I was a huge fan of that obviously didn't happen because Simon Clausen got bloodied up and rolled him up (I fucking love Simon btw he had a real fun weekend of blood). I don't wanna dive into everybody because that'd take forever and I'd absolutely get some details wrong and I don't wanna force Sam and Francis to get in on this but you've got my word on this all your characters rule and we loved them.

We had about five first round match results change from our final booking set based on this. I'll not specify those either to keep the magic and also just to not make it look like we're trying to bury the dudes who won in a "oh yeah no we were totally thinking the other dude was the best option but we went with him cause the ai gave us a good match", which it's not meant to be like at all, just things differed from our story we came up with due to the AI giving us great material to work with meaning we had to switch around some stories. The best showcase of this was last year we had Roze O winning the triple threat and beating Dazzling before dropping to Dominick, which we thought was a great story, but obviously he lost to Koala who then cheated his way into the top 4 and led to the entire creation of Jim Consistent which was probably an even better story. Sometimes you gotta go with the flow. Especially in a tournament like this.

Anyway because of that, we had to on the fly change some second round match ups and yeah. It all worked out great in the end but it did lead to some people we wanted to go pretty deep in the tournament to not go far at all, but in exchange it allowed us to do a lot with some characters we didn't have plans for. There's an obvious one that may jump out to you that you may think is related to this, but lemme say that's definitely not the case and he was always gonna go deep too once we decided on it. The ones this apply to will actually be a surprise I think. So that's why I'm not telling.

Unlike last year we went through about 10 different winners. Last year we all decided almost INSTANTLY that the dude we wanted to win was definitely John Doe and then it was all about what was the best way to tell a tournament arc around that. I think we got there. This year things were a bit haywire though because we weren't sure who best to follow up on it was. For a while we'd actually decided on Zeb which was why he was in all of our top 8's. We all got on the Zeb train because of the same reasons of he'd been killing it for a long time now and he deserves the biggest win we could possibly give him, and we only got thrown off the Zeb train for two reasons. The first was that he was finally starting to GET these wins anyway and thank god, god bless. The second was being entirely not behind the idea of both tournaments ending up with the creepiest heel guy winning, I wasn't sure how people would have reacted but I could definitely have seen QOLA only comprise of everybody's spookiest female characters.

From there it was a shortlist of guys like Lee Smith, Gabriel White, YUKITA, Mr. Black, Chazz Connolly, Tyler Rykren, even some of the dudes who ended up going out in Round One like Reggie Sallis, Dominick Williamson and Mil Meneos. Literally everybody's name was seriously up for discussion for a long ass time and we eventually just had to whittle down at it. Some were easier than others, the Joseph James plan which I'll get into after this post was never going to win because if he did I'd have ran no more of these tournaments and also putting over your own character is lame unless it's SUPAH DRAGIN going over Xander Zayne clean, but that still didn't mean we didn't want him to have a deep run for the story.

The final two names we got were Roze O. Flavio and Travis Cassidy, and it wasn't a decision we'd decided on for a long while, we did the first round match draw (legitimately actually entirely at random this year which was super fun for us to try and work around and make a working bracket with) tried to come up with whatever angles and stuff we could based on that, and then make the decision based on what we have. This plus the idea of making up for last year and sliiightly ruining his debut led to us picking Roze after coming up with everything. It could have just as easily went the other way because once they hit the finals I'm sure if Travis won the taping we'd have went like "well yep guess we gotta do that one!", or honestly to legitimately anybody else in the tournament. There was no clear cut this guy deserves it the most after all this time but there was definitely a I love this character I love this member and they deserve the entire world and more. I think we made the right choice at the end of the day. I know for a fact Rozo is going to make it work. I know for a fact that Reborn is going to kill it with Travis. I can say that about every person in the tournament. People are already writing fantastic promos from it and I'm glad a whole bunch of people are getting super hyped for it. You all rule.

The Joseph James story was basically a test to see how people would react to me using my characters like that in the tournament, because it could open up a whole bunch of angles in the future that we could then try and do. Joseph is going back to being face, I'll be posting a promo soon explaining everything, but for one weekend I got him to be this massive heel that maybe had people genuinely worried for a bit. The casualty of this was obviously I went over Cole and TyRy who deserved a way better shake of things I think, both could easy been top 8 guys (as Tyler even proved last year!). Sorry lads. Cole got the short end of the stick in the random draw and Tyler got the short end of the stick in the who’s the one left over for me to fight after we’ve decided what we want from our top 16. But you gotta keep me strong

I'd like to end this on a thanks to everybody who helped me to make this possible. From booking to streaming to announcing to creating wrestlers. Sam, Francis, Kuchi, Laura, Tan, Sallis and literally anybody else who helped me out, you all rule, I love you all, sorry if you're not named because I'm like half asleep rn but I wanted to get this up asap. To everybody else thank you so much for signing up for the tournament, watching the stream and I hope I did you right by your character, introduced you to a new favourite on AES, inspired you to have a million ideas on what to do with them or what you want to do going forward with somebody else and if I ticked none of the boxes then I'm sorry.

remember to sign up to DoJJo to test out those new ideas btw /shill

oh actually final note we're never doing a triple threat again we can't keep doing mil like this he's not finished with chris for now but i'm fairly certain i'm next

I’ll use this thread to answer any questions and queries that you might have and I know it’s 3000 words long and I’m sorry that you have to read all of it because I ain’t tl;dring this you absolute bastard boys shit fuck scumbags dick dastardly fucks.
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