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Jun 6 2017, 10:32 PM


JUNE 2017




- Kenshin vs. Silver Jaguar vs. Satoshi Hakubi vs. Nathan Roderick vs. Roscoe Carter vs. Billy Yank -
Whenever the federation meets the mid-point of its season, Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk hosts the Fists of Iron Tournament, a series featuring eight of the best and brightest we have to offer. The winner of which would receive an opportunity at the TCW* World Championship. However, a prelude match has been added to this road to give a lucky warrior one more chance to enter this seasonal tradition. Heading into this third edition of the Wildcard Battle Royal, its previous two winners have went on to become king, BB Disco and Rurouni Mutoh respectively. This time around, we see the continuation of gang warfare as two of Kenshin-Gun’s founders will find themselves across the toughest beast of El Orgullo. The two members of the Northern Lights Mafia each seek their first prolific victory since losing the Tag Team Titles at Ichiban Valiance. And The Big Ax Refugee is looking to double up on the odds of the One Dumb-Ax Nation to house the King of the Iron Fist. Which one of these spectacular six will make their first step to the throne?

- Dani Gibbons vs. K-On Kinshira vs. Camille St. John vs. Rebecca Diago vs. Azucar Jaguar -
At Lolla Pagoda, Mayara Graciela pulled off a victory against strong odds when she found herself across from K-On Kinshira and the newly dubbed Azucar Jaguar in a Three-Way Dance. Following this defense, a new challenger needs to be found for Fists of Iron Victoria. And so, for the second time ever in TCW* history, we will have a fifteen minute Scramble Match. Two women will do battle, as a new combatant will enter the fray every three minutes. The last fall in those 15 minutes secure another go with the Capoeirista of Sao Paolo for the Women’s Crown.

- Ethan Sander © vs. Zane Ulmeyda -
Following opposing dark moments of their careers, two combatants shall cross each other for the first time one on one. At National E-Wrestling Day Five, The Rock N’ Rollas collided when Ethan Sander successfully retained the Intercontinental prize against Prince Devitt. Soon afterward, the Golden Eagle struck down his former ally with a belt shot, and crushed his leg between the seat of a steel chair with Devitt’s own finisher, the Coup de Grace. Opposing him will be Zane Ulmeyda, the warrior who went through the fire and barbed wire of a Landmine Deathmatch to emerge a changed man. Following a long hiatus, Ulmeyda returned to the ring at Lolla Pagoda darker, more aggressive, but most importantly, triumphant in a Number One Contender’s match against The Old Guard’s Darren Tate. As the German Tactical Technican crosses hands with the lion-like striker, who will come out on top?

- The Old Guard (Dwayne Matthews and Darren Tate) vs. BB Disco and Hijo Del Reyes -
The Dancefloor Danger and The Son of Kings have had one of the most competitive rivalries in recent memory of the Terrordome. A series with ties going back to the third season culminated within Soldier Field in Chicago for Ichiban Valiance, a match even dubbed “The Final Encounter”. In what has been considered a TCW* Classic, BB Disco was able to have the final laugh when he defeated Hijo Del Reyes for the World Championship. As an added stipulation, Hijo was banned from challenging for the Title so long as Disco was its holder. And so it stayed going into the Cow Palace in San Francisco for Lolla Pagoda, as BB looked to defend the gold against the head of The Old Guard, Rocky Blade. At the climactic conclusion, It appeared that the Mayor of Funkytown was on his way to another win, even making Blade submit to La Discoteca. However, as the ref was unconscious, Dwayne Matthews saved his Old Guard Comrade with a chair shot to Disco followed by a Tiger Driver. Following Blade’s victory, a Triple Threat match was announced for the Exclamation to determine a new Number One Contender featuring the two former World Champions as well as Barbie Jay Tucker. Near the ending, Hijo put down the Southern Siren with the Royally Screwed, only to be knocked out himself by BB Disco’s Vinyl Cutter. But before Jebus Jones could strike that mat for a third time, the former Spartan once more prevented BB from gaining victory, as he and Darren Tate took apart all three combatants, last putting Disco to rest with the Status Quo. While our main event is set, Commissioner Kenneth Sabin was not pleased with how we made it to this point. In turn, Sabin set up a special Tag Team match between the former Tag Team Champions against the former World Champions. If the Old Guard are victorious, then whoever’s World Champion at the end of the night, be it Blade or Barbie Jay, will not have to defend their title at Fists of Iron Victoria. However, if either Hijo or Disco win, then the World Championship will be up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match, with whoever scores the fall in this match will have his choice of the match stipulation at Fists of Iron.

- Rocky Blade © vs. Barbie Jay Tucker -
Following a surprising and hard-fought performance in the War Games Tournament, Barbie Jay Tucker was given a choice on where to go with her Terrordome Career. Instead of returning to the Women's Division and regaining her throne, the Southern Siren has sought out to capture our company's grandest prize, the TCW* World Championship held by Rocky Blade. What followed was a Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match at Exclamation pitting Barbie Jay against the previous two Champions, BB Disco and Hijo Del Reyes. In a contest that could've gone any of three ways, Disco seemed to have the match won, Dwayne Matthews and Darren Tate of The Old Guard made themselves known and assaulted the three competitors. As Disco was recovering, a swift punt above the eye has led to victory for the Ravaging Redneck. When we enter The Q in Cleveland, can Barbie Jay Tucker take advantage of this opportunity of the highest rarity as well, or will the Ace of Terror once again stand victorious?
Mar 4 2017, 08:39 PM

Following a raucous night in San Francisco and going NEWD in the Garden, the Terrordome returns to Takuman Hall for the latest episode of Exclamation!

At Lolla Pagoda, under controversial circumstances, we have a new TCW* World Champion in The Old Guard’s Rocky Blade. Now, the Five-Time World Champion and Ace of Terror will go to Cleveland to defend his prize at *54: Electric Revival. Who he shall meet will be determined on this night in Kansas City in the form of a Fatal-4-Way Match.

In one corner, BB Disco, the wronged former World Champion. At Lolla Pagoda, the Dancefloor Danger appeared to have his defense secured on two occasions, had it not been for an incapacitated referee and interference from Dwayne Matthews and Darren Tate. Among those joining him will be one who is no stranger to Disco, one of the most successful of former World Champions in recent memory, El Orgullo’s Hijo Del Reyes. Also included will be a long time rival of the Ace of Terror, one who earned his way into this contendership bout by securing the victory for Kenshin-Gun against El Orgullo at Lolla Pagoda, Kenshin. Rounding out the lineup will be one of the most dominant women in the Terrordome today, who also put on a stellar performance in this season’s War Chamber, “The Southern Siren” Barbie Jay Tucker.

Before that match, we have one that was also meant to happen in San Francisco. At *51: Homecoming, Hijo Jaguar III was victorious in a battle royal to capture the then-vacant Fire Pro Championship for a second time. His first challenger did not take long to reveal himself in the form of the Second-Generation fighter, Satoshi Hakubi. With both men being participants in the War Games Tournament, the title match was slated for *53: Lolla Pagoda. However, prior to that event, the Cobblestone Combat Association held a show called POUND 4 POUND, its co-main event featuring “Steel Sato” facing “The Crystal King” Jewell Rowley for the inaugural Heavyweight Championship. Things..didn’t go as planned for the Kin of Kenshin as Rowley was able to win the gold in a dominant faction. The damage that was received by Hakubi caused the title bout to be postponed till this very night. Can Satoshi take advantage of the extra prep time, or will the Jaguar keep the white strap in the den of El Orgullo?

BB Disco vs. Hijo Del Reyes vs. Kenshin vs. Barbie Jay Tucker

Hijo Jaguar III (El Orgullo, ©) vs. Satoshi Hakubi (Kenshin-Gun)

Scheduled appearances by the new World Champion, Rocky Blade, as well as the Intercontinental Champion Ethan Sander to speak on the aftermath of the NEWD Showcase bout against Prince Devitt.

ETA: Late March/Early April.

Feb 9 2017, 08:40 PM

Is…Is it on? Can I speak about

HELLOOOO, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! This is CCA’s Emmett Anderson, and if you’re seeing this, then Sultans of Swing has wrapped up and I get to spill the beans for the Better Half of the Terrordome/Cobblestone Garden Variety Hour at National E-Wrestling Day Five!

We have a NEW Number One Contender to Jewell Rowley’s Heavyweight Crown. The Brawler of Broadway himself, Jose Maria de las Mercedes Acosta. in one of the best fights of the night he went toe to toe with “Mr. One Punch USA” Leslie Fairchild for a VIOLENT 15 minutes to score a unanimous victory! But before he can have his fun on or under the boardwalk, a familiar face made his way to the ring, JC Stone. The Militant warrior then made his intentions well known and challenged Jose for his newly won spot in the rankings, to which he agreed. Now NORMALLY, I would give these men proper time to prepare and promote such a high caliber contest! But this is NEWD weekend boys and girls, and we gotta hit it when it’s HOT!

Plus with a name like that and NOT booking a guy who dresses like Jose in a bout? That is ball-dropping if I do say so myself!

Ladies and gents, what we’ll have here in the Garden is a battle of stamina vs. (would-be) rust. On one hand, Acosta went through a hellacious fifteen minute battle with the aforementioned Fairchild, and now finds himself having to do the 48-72 hour turnaround to enter the battleground with a former soldier! In the other, this will be JC Stone’s first bout since…LAST YEAR’S National E-Wrestling Day! You could see it immortalized in this recent year’s event advertisement as he attempted to disintegrate Malik Brown’s jaw soon after he had his WEDF NXT Title bout. That being said, Stone has still been able to find combat in other grand federations outside the world of fisticuffs in the meantime.

Does it have the makings of a heavyweight classic? YESSIR!

Is it wise to have a prized fighter compete two times in the same week? NO, BUT A TRUE CHAMPION CAN BE READY TO FIGHT ANYTIME AND ANYPLACE!


E-except now of course! I have to take a business trip and I’ll be gone for the next week. In fact, I have to get going about- oh shit, five minutes ago!

Dec 21 2016, 07:23 PM

Last February, Terrordome Championship Wrestling Asterisk and The Cobblestone Combat Association held a joint house show event in the MGM Grand Garden Arena based around three contests: The first official match between female hosses Barbie Jay Tucker & Fusion Pro's Candice Romero, and a double header of heavyweight bareknuckle boxing bouts. In 2017, we do it again. This time, within the Mecca of all combat sports.

In the Terrordome's third entry into the nights of NEWD, We shall see two of our most exemplary athletes that we have to offer battle for one of our most important of prizes. It just so happens it will be amongst one of our best tag teams.

Prince Devitt, one of biggest names among Junior Heavyweight Wrestler's names in recent memory. The list runs long of accolades the Bray County Native has collected in the Rising Sun as well as parts of Florida. So it was quite a surprise when he was announced as the newest signee to TCW* one night in London.

Prior to this, Ethan Sander has been searching for a place to find as his own on the roster. To this point, his greatest accolade was walking into the Tokyo Dome for *XX: Ichiban Returns as Mpire Champion to a losing effort against Billy Yank, and a brief time in a Tag Team Turmoil as Champion with Nathan Roderick (then known as the Ger-Can Connection). That night in London, *XL: Ichiban Requiem, Roderick was entered into an Intercontinental Championship Scramble later on that night, leaving the German without an ally in his own Tag Team Turmoil match. That was, until a newcomer was determined to be his teammate by Commissioner Kenneth Sabin.

In Wembley Stadium, the newly-formed duo outlasted the gauntlet of established teams such as Ulmutoh and the pairing of Dwayne Matthews & Darren Tate to become Champions. The team soon became known as The Rock N' Rollas, and maintained their claim on the division for the majority of the following year. All this time, The Real Rock N' Rolla only had one singles match to his name in the company, a first round loss to the eventual Fists of Iron Tournament Winner, Rurouni Mutoh. Since then, Ethan Sander has been able to bring home the Intercontinental Championship from the One Dumb-Ax Nation's Trece Alvarez.

Despite coming up short in their inter-promotional match against BATTLE Pro's Divine Greatness at Deadman Wonderland and being unable to capture their Tag Titles at Lolla Pagoda, the powers that be in the Terrordome were still quite impressed in the showing of these two combatants, and believed that they deserved a prize in this spotlight.

This February, in Madison Square Garden, two rock and rollers and band mates will bang heads in what could be a duel for the ages! Can Sander maintain his place as Meister of the Midcard, or will the Prince acquire a new jewel for his crown?
Jul 16 2016, 09:44 PM


1. Rocky Blade (*1: Fight The Hedges), 114 Days, 2 Title Defenses
2. The Dark Star (*5: Fists of Iron), 21 Days, 1 Title Defense
3. Hijo Del Reyes (*6: Scorched Earth), 42 Days, 2 Title Defenses
4. Rocky Blade (2, won disguised as AKI-Man) (*8: Debacle in Deutschland), 77 Days, 1 Title Defense
5. Kenshin (*11: Mega Drive), 63 Days, 1 Title Defense
6. Rocky Blade (3) (*14: Violence For The Sake of Violence), 69 Days, 2 Title Defenses
7. Nappa (*17: Casino Royale), 112 Days, 3 Title Defenses
8. Rocky Blade (4) (*21: Natural Born Masters), 21 Days, 0 Defenses
9. Nappa (2) (*22: War Games Torneo Dragon), 133 Days, 6 Title Defenses
10. Kenshin (2) (*28: Trailer King's Road), 84 Days, 2 Title Defenses
11. Calavera (*31: The One Who Knocks), 112 Days, 0 Title Defenses
12. Kenshin (3) (*33: Operation Kansas), 78 Days, 2 Title Defenses
13. BB Disco (*36: Crimson Moon), 148 Days, 3 Title Defenses
14. Hijo Del Reyes (2) (*41: Absolute) 470 Days, 5 Title Defenses
15. BB Disco (2) (*50: Ichiban Valiance) 726 Days, 1 Title Defense
16. Rocky Blade (5) (*53: Lolla Pagoda) 190+ Days, 0 Title Defenses


1. Kenshin (*1: Fight The Hedges), 189 Days, 3 Title Defenses
-Kenshin Relinquishes the Championship to pursue the World Championship-
2. Trece Alvarez (*9: The Reign of Black Snow), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
3. Dwayne Matthews (*X: Ichiban), 35 Days, 0 Title Defenses
4. Zane Ulmeyda (*11: Mega Drive), 63 Days, 1 Title Defense
5. The Dark Star (*14: Violence For The Sake of Violence), 86 Days, 3 Title Defenses
6. Dwayne Matthews (2) (*18: A Clean Burning Hell), 91 Days, 2 Title Defenses
7. B.B. Disco (*21: Natural Born Masters), 63 Days, 1 Title Defense
8. Hijo Del Reyes (*24: Terms of Enrampagement), 49 Days, 0 Title Defenses
9. B.B. Disco (2) (*26: Human Hi-Fi), 209 Days, 3 Title Defenses
10. Rocky Blade (December 27 House Show), 184 Days, 4 Title Defenses
11. Trece Alvarez (2) (Exclamation), 183 Days, 3 Title Defenses
12. Clyde Silva (*XLV: Fists of Iron Uprise), 115 Days, 1 Title Defense
13. Trece Alvarez (*47: Ano Del Jaguar), 623 Days, 1 Title Defesne
14. Ethan Sander (*52: War Games Torneo Mono), 497+ Days, 1 Title defenses

1. Kenshin & Darren Tate (*2: Sports Talk Wrasslin’), 40 Days, 0 Title defenses
2. Chaotic EVIL (Nappa & TAKA Michinoku), 126 Days, 3 Title Defenses
3. Ulmutoh (Zane Ulmeyda & Rurouni Mutoh), 35 Days, 0 Title Defenses
4. Chaotic EVIL (2) (*11: Mega Drive) 34 Days, 0 Title Defenses
5. Rocky Blade & Nathan Roderick (July 25 House Show), 67 Days, 1 Title Defense
6. Kenshin & Darren Tate (2) (*16: Imminent Threat), 92 Days, 2 Title Defenses
7. Ulmutoh (2) (*XX: Ichiban Returns), 105 Days, 1 Title Defense
8. Kenshin & Darren Tate (3) (*24: Terms of Enrampagement), 22 Days, 0 title defenses)
-Title relinquished due to injuries received by Darren Tate-
9. The Following (Father Jacob Graves, Clyde Silva, and Calavera), 109 Days, 2 Title defenses
10. Ulmutoh (3) (*XXX: Ichiban Triumvirate), 35 Days, 0 Title Defenses
11. One Dumb-Ax Nation (Trece Alvarez, Roscoe Carter, & Racky Joe) (*31: The One Who Knocks), 91 Days, 0 title Defenses
12. Ulmutoh (4) (*32: War Games Torneo Serpiente), 126 Days, 2 Title Defenses
13. Dwayne Matthews & Darren Tate (*37: Cadaveriffic), 49 Days, 1 Title Defense
14. Ulmutoh (5) (*39: Bullet Control), 28 Days, 0 Title Defenses
15. The Rock ‘n Rollas (Prince Devitt & Ethan Sander) (*XL: Ichiban Requiem), 329 Days, 3 Title Defenses
16. Northern Lights Mafia (Nathan Roderick & Billy Yank) (*48: Relief or Regret), 183 Days, 0 Title Defenses
17. One Dumb-Ax Nation (2) (*50: Ichiban Valiance), 574+ Days, 2 Title Defenses

1. Tifa (*1: Fight The Hedges), 30 Days, 0 Title defenses
2. Dollface (*2: Sports Talk Wrasslin’), 41 Days, 0 Title defenses
3. Rebecca Diago (*4: Viva La Banshee), 102 Days, 2 Title defenses
4. Tifa (2) (*9: The Reign of Black Snow), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
5. DanI Gibbons (*X: Ichiban), 66 Days, 1 Title Defense
6. Erica Matthews (*12: War Games Torneo Conejo), 21 Days, 0 Title defenses
7. Dollface (2) (*13: Outcry From Outworld), 42 Days, 1 title defense
8. Ruby (*XV: Fists of Iron: The New Challengers) 26 Days, 0 Title Defenses
9. Rebecca Diago (2) (*16: Imminent Threat), 93 Days, 2 Title Defenses
10. Dollface (3) (*XX: Ichiban Returns), 42 Days, 0 Title defenses
11 Rebecca Diago (3) (*21: Natural Born Masters), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
12. Dollface (4) (*22: War Games Torneo Dragon), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
13. Dani Gibbons (2) (*23: The Killing Joke), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
14. Tifa (3) (*24: Terms of Enrampagement), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
15. Dani Gibbons (3) (*XXV: Fists of Iron Reign of EVIL) 70 Days, 2 Title Defenses
16. Dollface (5) (*28: Trailer King’s Road), 196 Days, 2 Title Defenses
17. Barbie Jay Tucker (*33: Operation Kansas), 133 Days, 3 Title Defenses
18. DanI Gibbons (4) (*38: World Prime Ax), 127 Days, 1 Title Defense
19. Barbie Jay Tucker (2) (*42: War Games Torneo Caballo), 434 Days, 3 Title Defenses
20. Mayara Graciela (*50: Ichiban Valiance), 916+ Days, 3 Title Defenses

1. The Dark Star (*26: Human Hi-Fi), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
2. Dwayne Matthews (*27: Morning In America), 71 Days, 1 Title defense
3. TAKA Michinoku (*XXX: Ichiban Triumvirate), 145 Days, 1 Title Defense
4. Hijo Del Reyes (*33: Operation Kansas), 108 Days, 2 Title Defenses
5. Clyde Silva (*37: Cadaveriffic), 77 Days, 1 Title Defense
6. Calavera (*XL: Ichiban Requiem), 43 Days, 0 Title Defenses
7. Clyde Silva (*41: Absolute), 77 Days, 0 Title Defenses
8. Zane Ulmeyda (2) (*43: The Zoot Suit Riot), 133 Days, 0 Title Defenses
9. Roscoe Carter (*46: Virtual Insanity) 58 Days, 0 Title Defenses
10. Zane Ulmeyda (3) (*47: Ano Del Jaguar) 20 Days, 1 Title Defense
11. Hijo Jaguar III (*48: Relief or Regret), 184 Days, 0 Title Defenses
12. Zane Ulmeyda (3) (*50: Ichiban Valiance), 144 Days, 0 Title Defenses
-Title vacated due to injuries sustained from the Landmnine Deathmatch at Deadman Wonderland-
13. Hijo Jaguar III (2) (*51: Homecoming), 364+ Days, 1 Title Defenses

SEASON ONE: Hijo Del Reyes
SEASON FIVE: Rurouni Mutoh

SEASON TWO: One Dumb-Ax Nation (Racky Joe, Trece Alvarez, & Ghost Nappa) MVP: Trece Alvarez
SEASON THREE: Team Japan (Kenshin, TAKA Michinoku, & Minoru Suzuki) MVP: TAKA Michinoku)
SEASON FOUR: The Following (Father Jacob Graves, Nappa, & Clyde Silva), MVP: Nappa
SEASON FIVE: Heroes of War (Rocky Blade, Darren Tate, & Dwayne Matthews), MVP: Darren Tate
SEASON SIX: The Old Guard (Rocky Blade, Darren Tate, & Dwayne Matthews), MVP: Rocky Blade


1. Chief Truro (December 2010 House Show), 6 Days, 0 Title Defenses
2. Jay Hancock (*4: Viva La Banshee), 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
3. B.B. Disco (*5: Fists of Iron) 21 Days, 0 Title Defenses
4. Skullduggery III (*6: Scorched Earth), 29 Days, 0 Title Defenses
5. Chief Truro (2) (March 2011 House Show), 53 Days, 1 Title Defense
6. Darren Tate (*X: Ichiban), 180 Days, 4 Title Defenses
7. Ethan Sander (November 2011 House Show), 58 Days, 1 Title Defense
8. Billy Yank (*XX: Ichiban Returns), 62 Days, 0 Title defenses
9. Ethan Sander (2) (*22: War Games Torneo Dragon), 22 Days, 0 Title Defenses
10. Billy Yank (2) (*23: The Killing Joke), 42 Days, 0 title defenses
11. Darren Tate (2) (*XXV: Fists of Iron Reign of EVIL)
-Darren Tate retires the belt soon after the match.-
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