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Dr. Main Event

AES Character

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Jul 9 2017, 07:51 AM


I uh, I have been thinking a lot the past few months as I'm left alone in my lab on how to address the situation.

S-So, uh...

...This...This is it, huh?

I'll admit, I didn't care about Nicholas Night. Even though I broke his neck, it's only so I could get him out of the way, and to you. You know what else? I didn't care about Anal Dragon, either, and I ended his career. He was the one who stood up to me and died a hero's death.

I cared about you, though. You were always my end goal, Walter. You are my arch-rival. I HATE that you have more success than I did despite the fact I've been here since literally match one. I HATE that I did your shtick for years and couldn't get the respect of my peers and you-you IMMEDIATELY got it. I HATE...I HATE that your name is immortalized in AES, even now. Even...

...even after you took your ball and you just WALKED HOME."

"And I hate that I'm back to being the screaming loser, but I guess even Cobra T. 'Life Ruiner' Washington stole that from me now, too, just like he stole Sam Frost from me.

Don't think I forgot about that little detail.

I DON'T KNOW WHY I should be surprised at this point, though. It's's,the story of my life. It's been that way allll the back since WWA, when I had my ONE and ONLY shot to fight Thomas. The fact that chance slipped through my fingertips infuriates me to this day, because I've only grown to hate him more each and every day for what he's done. He's absolutely one of the many people who has contributed the most to me becoming...this.

In fact, you want name every single person who you should thank for things like Nicholas Night's injury? I actually have the names scratched down whenever I need a reminder of who I'm spiting by succeeding despite everything they've done to ruin my life.

Here it is, for posterity or whatever,

El Beardy.
Reggie Sallis.
Laura Brennan.
Lance Meszaros.
Thomas Frost.
Cobra T. Washington
Sam Frost.
Amber Ember.
Manfred Rickett.
Richie Stevens.
Austin Ashe.
Osakan Destroyer.
Tyler Rykren.
Del Rudo.
Francis Ugondus.

and last, but not least,

Walter Zenon, and his cronies.

Even to this day, I've never gotten an apology from ANY of these people when they hurt me, took me for granted, never once thought about me before acting on their own...and you people wonder why I'm evil?"

"So, where am I going with this?

Well, Walter, I'm not going to let you be like Supe--I mean, Thomas. I have had so, so, SO many times in life that I just come close to something, and never got it. I'm sick of being an 'almost', and I'm ready to be a 'doer'. So, guess what?

F-For once, I'LL be GETTING my way. Then, uh...then I can finally put this all behind me. If I can't get you at Golden Triad Tournament? So be it.

I'll still get my showdown with you. I WILL. For once, I GET to conclusion to MY story. I have the grand stage for a final battle...

at King of Los AngelAES.

Here's how my newest evil plan will go. It's a lot simpler, but just as effective. I, Doctor Main Event, will walk to the ring....I'll give you thirty seconds afterwards to show your face."

Don't worry, I'll, er, make sure it's thirty seconds exactly. But once those thirty seconds are up, if you aren't there, someone else will be there to be punished for your crime. I don't care if I gotta to the back and drag the first person I see to the ring, or maybe...maybe I'll drag a fan from out of their seats, and into the ring. I'm not picky. I can promise you one thing, though, Walter...

Whether you show up or not, I'm leaving KOLA as the most feared man in AES, so it's of no concern to me.

But I do hope you show up, because the world will be my oyster after that. After all, what bad guy ever got away with getting rid of their arch rival for good?

I'll be first of my kind.

Dr. Main Event, out.

Jun 6 2017, 11:50 AM

Name: Rudy Cameron

Nickname(s): Dr. Main Event

Legal/Birthname: Rudy Melissa Cameron

Social Media: @DrMainEvent

Alignment: Heel

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Birthdate: 04/30/92 (25)

Hailing From: His Laboratory in Joshua, New Hampshire
Joshua, Hampshire

Born In: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation(s): Professional Wrestling
Youtube Celebrity
Mad Scientist

Appeared in:
NOW: Elite

Theme History:

Old themes:
Genki Rockets- Breeze (Summer Afternoon mix)

Blue Lagoon- Break My Stride

John Cafferty-Hearts On Fire

I Fight Dragons- Power Of Love

Genki Rockets- Breeze (SYKZ remix)

Michael Guy Bowman- Ohgodwhat remix

Lordi- The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile

Signature Moves:

Lemming Driver (Tiger Driver)
Top Rope Butterfly Suplex

Finisher(s): Rudy Wakening (Cradle DDT, formerly a Fisherman's Suplex)
Morning Sun (Tombstone Piledriver, usually from the Top Rope)

Claims to Fame:

ACES! Cardboard Champion
~ Won at ACES! Turbo HD Remix #5 for losing every match in the ACES! Turbo HD Remix tournament.
~V1 at No Cover Charge over Collin Reed, Bariprime and "Manly" Daniel Cravate
~Lost at ACES! Turbo HD Remix #8 to Cody Jester

GRAPE ZERO Trios Title
~Won at House Show (w/Garth Wrestlegar and Bear) over Chris Oderick, STRONGFUCK and Kite
~Retired by closing of GRAPE ZERO

ProWres World Title
~Won @ 'ProWres Weekly' vs El Trippy Del Rudo
~V1 @ 'ProWres Weekly' vs Percy Belfast
~V2 @ 'Wasteland' vs Miles King
~V3 @ 'Ladderpalooza' vs El Trippy Del Rudo
~Lost at 'Ladderpalooza' to Fatty McYardtard

"True Winner of Golden Triad Tournament 2014"


Amy Roselyn (Tag Team Partner, best friend, trained alongside him)
Wren Sullivan (Occasional Friend)
Regice and Regirock (Henchmen)
Roxy Bourdon (Mother)


Walter Zenon (Archenemy)
Nicholas Night (Member of A.S.S.)
Anal Dragon (Ally of A.S.S.)
Dr. Steel (Rival Mad Scientist)
Tyler Rykren (Former Archenemy)
Laura Brennan (Holds a grudge)
Lance Meszaros (Holds a grudge)
Jacob Cass (Holds a grudge/connected to the two above)
Super Blizzard (Holds a grudge)
Hyper Blizzard (Holds a grudge)
Cobra T. Washington (Holds a grudge)
Prince Kite (Former Enemy)
Del Rudo (Former Enemy)
Richie Stevens (Former Enemy)
Reggie Sallis (Former Enemy)
"Raging" Rick Lewis (Former Enemy)
Rhett Unyellow (Former Enemy)
Zangief (Former Enemy)
Raiden (Former Enemy)

Biography: Up to 2 paragraphs about backstory and current character

Dr. Main Event. His harshest critics will tell you that he is cowardly, arrogant, conniving, and that he has a little bit of an superiority complex. His biggest fans, which is to say himself, will tell you that he is AES' greatest evil genius mastermind, absolutely hilarious, and a very, very snappy dresser.

At one point in AES, he was just the happy son of AES Legend Roxy Bourdon who just ran into unfortunate luck. After years of losing and losing, and being treated as a loser when he won the first ever match in AES history, it all just became too much for him. All he wanted was to be taken seriously, and so he used his super genius intellect and the rest of his funds he got from working in World Freestyle League in order to transform himself from Rudy Cameron to Dr. Main Event. Now, he looks to prove himself as AES' biggest threat.

He's also a social media hound, with his own personal vlog and a podcast.
Sep 18 2016, 10:58 PM

"...If you want a normal vlog to put on while you work, click off this instant. If you're interested in my first reaction, stay. Otherwise go wait for my podcast later on this week where I go and talk about how Francis Ugondus' hair looks like that pee snowball Mark Dunnstock threw at me in the fifth grade or something.

Eff you, Mark.

This time, just this once, things will be a little more, uh...different than usual. It's four A.M. I haven't had time to sleep. Because I've been thinking about The Exciting Battle of Los AngelAES. If for some reason you skipped this event, let me do the old recap on what all happened.

I made the semifinals. Top Four. No Girly by side, or Wren, or...Him. Not even a Jacob Cass, beyond that husk of his former self that I cracked the skull of in Round 1...Heh, n-n-not that it's a bad thing. Your personality before this was a whole lot worse. I think I might have actual respect for you now.

But I didn't need your help to get as far as I did. What did I do? I've conquered galaxies....If you don't believe me, ask him yourself.

...I may not have made it to the finals, but I think...I've endured more pain that night anyone. I couldn't see Orion's face, unfortunately, but I could see Francis look of fear very well, every single time he heard 'one...two...', and then I kicked out. Like his journey to be taken more seriously had just ended that very second...

Well, after years of being beaten up, broken and all of that, I can deal with a lot more than you know. Anyone who had a day of training IN THEIR LIFE remembers the first day after they had a major work out at the gym. They were so sore they felt like they couldn't move, but it was only after they continued to work out anyways that they could do an even more intense work out, and be absolutely fine the next day. If you want to call it a 'super resiliency' so be it, then I'm an evil genius and a supervillain, and you can call that my origin story.

If it wasn't for that superpower, maybe Francis Ugondus would have WON...Hold on. I know what you're typing in the comment section right now. 'Rudy, are you reeeeeally taking credit for John Doe's win? How? You didn't even beat Francis.', to which, I have to ask a question. Which is it better to be, when in the semi-finals? The man who lost to the winner, or the man who lost to the loser?

A majority of you would say 'the one who lost to the winner, of course, maybe in a timeline in which they had won their match, they would have gone on and became the winner themselves'.


But what if that timeline also had a longer, more aggravating match, and you were hurt a lot more going in to the tournament finals? Maybe Francis would have won.

...But we're speaking strictly hypothetical here.

If you were to ask me, AES' first and best evil genius, what I would like to be, I'd say the man who lost to runner up. Because after two matches that night, it's not just about who was the better fighter. It was also about who was the most hurt by the time they reached their fifth opponent in the tournament...and it wasn't until after he faced a man who used a move on him that sent someone to a hospital bed with a broken skull...that Francis finally was able to bow down, after just one more match.

We we'll never know until the day. But one thing's for certain. Everyone wants to know what it will take for John Doe to climb to a World Title. And everyone else wants to know what's next for Francis Ugondus.

...and uh, I gotta say, after watching the main event of EBOLA, and I am, too.

A person who was treated as a joke, with achievements under his belt but a world who still refused to treat him seriously, so he took changes in his life, he managed to get to runner-up in one of the biggest tournaments he ever had in his life...but just...runner up.

...It all sounds all a little too familiar, if you ask me."

"Heh...heheh...D-Don't tell me you didn't recognize what was hanging around my neck...

Did I create another worthy adversary, or my double? ...I'll be patient and let time do the work. I'm just happy that with all that I managed to do, my consultation prize will let me work on inventions and experiments until at least December-ish.

...The Doctor is out."
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