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May 9 2016, 11:12 PM
A man with brown skin and an afro with a gold dyed patch takes a heavy sigh. Turning towards a nondescript cameraman who looks somewhat fearful of him. Soon to debut Superstar Jeremy Drake looks towards him and the cameraman hurriedly turns on the camera. Than gave a quick thumbs up towards Drake. Who soon nodded and cleared his throat.

"Listen up. And listen good. Because i don't feel like repeating a message if you're hard of hearing. You're probably asking yourself 'who the hell is this man who doesn't look that bad?" and i say. Shut your damn mouth and listen. I'm Jeremy Drake. And i've been around the block a few times and i'm here to lay waste to the competition. There's some faces i would love to smash in. And some cats that just make me shake my damn head. But to be honest they wouldn't last a second where i come from."

Drake lets out a hearty and confident laugh. A smug look of satisfaction crossing over his face as he muttered his words. As he was done he took a sip from a squirt bottle than threw it near the cameraman. Who quickly and nervously sidestepped it in fear of getting hit.

"C'mon. You a pussy or somethin'? Anyways. I'm here to tell ya that you should be scared. If there's one thing i like to do is brawl. It doesn't matter who i'm up against. If i had to i would fight my own grandmother if she was still around. If you think you got what it takes to go against me by all means. By my fucking guest! But don't go running from me. If there's one thing i hate its people who don't have balls. It doesn't matter if you're a multiple time world champion. Or a joke. If you run across me. I will beat your ass. So let that sink in. Though if you beat my ass. Good job, i love me some good opponents. I don't go down easily i'm afraid. Something i learned back from the good old days of having to fend for myself."

He turns his head to the side, almost as if he was feeling slightly nostalgic. He soon smirked again and shook his head.

"Pardon me. I was just thinking back. But back to this subject at hand. I'm putting a notice out. When i debut. I'm gunning for the top spot and i don't give a shit who's in front of me. My best advice is to get the fuck outta the way if you don't want none. If you do i wouldn't mind twisting your faces around or cracking a few skulls. Anyone who opposes me will be put down like a sad puppy. 100% Guarantee. If you got a problem. By all means, come at me. And hope that i'm feeling nice that day. Thats all i have to say. I'm looking forward to having some fun. Hope to see you guys soon."

He held up two fingers in a V-shape and gave a grin. Which looked quite unsettling.

"Peace out people."
Apr 25 2016, 02:36 PM
Basically. All we do is review albums. Could be good reviews. Bad ones. Or just plain weird. It don't matter. Just let ya opinions free bros. And i'll start off

Viva la Vida or Death and All of his Friends by Coldplay

Thought i was gonna say some indie music? Nah. I decided to do something mainstream. That doesn't affect me liking it because of that. But anyways. To my probably crappy review.

I picked this album because i can associate it with some good memories. See it was the summer of 08 and i had some money to spend. So i thought "well. Coldplay has a new album. Why not get that." I told myself as i bought the CD. The album cover caught my eye. And it's a good thing that it did. Because this was my soundtrack to 2008. And listening to this brings back fun times. From the upbeat Lovers in Japan to the somewhat haunting sounding Violet Hill. This Album is filled with good tunes. I dare say it's Coldplay's magnum opus and maybe one of the best albums of last decade. Only songs i really don't like all that much are Yes (hidden track at the end of it is good. Chinese Sleep Chant if you wanna hear it) and 42. Which sounds a bit too much like generic rock. But it doesn't take away the quality of such a fine release. Viva la Vida will always be one of my favorite CDs. And probably a shining example to your hipster friends or me. That not all mainstream music is bad. All in all. I give it 4.8 stars out of 5. No Tokyo Dome.
Apr 18 2016, 11:16 PM
It was a warm and sunny day in the city of San Jose. Kids were out enjoying the weather doing such things as surfing, going to the beach or just hanging out in general. Adults were either doing the same things or spending their days at work. Except for one. An grizzeld looking middle aged man who lived in a sleepy suburb. Normally this would make him uninteresting, but two features set him apart, the fact that he was tending to a collection of strange plants. And that he was the father of one of the current CNW tag champion Dirk Derek. A ring was heard from inside the house and he went to answer it. "Who the hell is it?" The man said to himself before opening the door.

"'Sup dad bro." Dirk Derek answered with a grin on his face and his eyes bloodshot, not from staying up late as one would normally expect. And wearing a teal tank top adorned with a shark and ripped jeans. The only response his dad could muster was a slow shake of his head, and to pull in his son with a tight bearhug that made even Dirk flinch in pain. "How ya been son? Besides high of course." He said in a blunt tone with a chuckle. After awhile he let go of him and the two of them walked to the backroom. Which was furnished modestly and mostly contained pictures of old wrestling belts and pictures of a few extremely obscure men clad in wrestling gear autographed with his name, Terry Derek. The father and son sat down, and Dirk immediately pulled out a marijuana joint and lit it before taking a few puffs. "Well, ya know. Just hangin' and bangin' man. You know how i am." He said before coughing loudly than passing the weed to his dad. Who than began smoking. "Was wondering if you were gonna pass." Terry muttered in a low tone before speaking again. "Staying out of trouble i hope? Especially with that last stunt you pulled on christmas." Dirk immediately chuckled and shook his head, thinking of all the kids he thought were helped with the money from his saxophone playing. "Yeah dad. It wasn't exactly trouble since i brought joy to a bunch of little dudes. And didn't use the money to buy green. Like i usually do." He answered in an unusually relaxed tone. Remembering the day with a more positive mindset. Yet, he didn't know the true purpose. And likely never will as he can be a little absent minded.

"Of course. At least no TVs went missing." Terry passed the joint back and sighed. Even though his son could be a bit of a problem sometimes and had made some questionable life decisions, he was happy to see him doing something they both enjoyed. "But this joint is only half the reason i called you here. I just wanted to see how my favorite person in the world is doing. Besides your mom of course." Dirk instantly perked up and lazily tilted his head to the side. [/color=blue]"Oh yeah. I always forget about her. What's up with her anyways brah?"[/color]He asked in a curious tone as he reclined back in his chair.

"She's been well. Out of town to go meet her parents. But anyways. I just want you to be careful. You've been doing a bit too much lately. I was fine with you joining the business. But your recent company has been bothering me lately." Dirk's father asked in a bit of a worried tone. Even though he knew Dirk would work with people only he would trust. Some of them seemed to be too different from him. [Color=]"Terry look man. Miles is a cool dude. I told you this before. And look where we're at. Probably the coolest, classiest and of course best and sexiest tag team in all of CNW history. When people have good frequencies and we go good together. I know i made a good decision."[/color] He explained in a weirdly philosophical tone as he held his hands in front of his face, going off on a bit of an extremely eccentric tangent as he did so. Hoping it would get his point across.

His dad stayed silent for a few moments and put a hand to his head. "Yeah. Understood." Was his only response as he thought of something else to say. "Look, this is a lesson i learned during my time wrestling. You can't always trust everyone. Someone will always try to work you over. And i don't wanna see that happen. I know you're too good for that. Because hell, you're my son. And you're as hardheaded and sometimes tough as me." Terry explained and they both chuckled. Finding truth in his statements. "But look. I love ya Dirk, no homo like you kids say. I just don't wanna see you mess up. If you do i'll kick your ass." He said with a chuckle and Dirk's eyes widened, thinking his father was serious. Than they both started laughing.

"Yeah sure. I'll try. Now on to something really important Dirk said in a serious tone before looking around the room and standing up. Holding his arms out and laughing loudly. Where the weed at?" He asked with a loud laugh which his dad did the same with too. He stood up and held his shoulder. "You know me. I always got stuff to smoke." Terry responded with a jolly tone before walking out with his son. Looking to reach space, netaphorically of course. And spend more quality time with his son.
Feb 2 2016, 04:39 AM
This is probably all over the internet. Or it's probably been done before on bere. But since i'm bored wanna have some fun. I decided to use the Hunger Games Simulator. But with AES superstars (and John Cena) but there's 22 other slots needed besides Cena and Dirk. So i'd like to see who you would like to see.

2. Dirk Derek
3. Tekina
4. Sin Cobra
5. TBKalisto
6. Dr. Main Event
7. Francis Ugondus
8. Microsoft Powerpoint
9. Auguste
10. Travis Cassidy
11. Rebron James
Jun 27 2015, 01:22 AM
I don't know if there's a thread for this already. But feel free to discuss all things Pokemon here. Also i'm getting superlonely on PO. You guys should face me on there. You can find me on the standard PO server. I should be easy to find.
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