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I don't really know how to become a fed head :|
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Awards & Championships: 1x UNOFFICAL URWL CHAMPION
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-ALPHA (Ran Alpha)
-The Power Plant/Full Force Wrestling
-True Puro
-Pro Wrestling Endvr (2016)
-Galaxian (Running Galaxian)
-Pro Wrestling R.I.S.E (Running that shit)
-Total Indipendent/This Is Wrestling (Offline show i run, havnt decided what the acronym means)
As Y So Spooky
-EwS (1/3 CAW Shows i do, went from being A Fire Pro Wrestling on Xbox 360 to A WWE 2K14 offline CAW show)
-OCW (Competitive)
-Rapid Fire Pro Wrestling (Fire Pro Wrestling on Xbox 360)
As Damian Nova
-Rapid Fire Pro Wrestling (Fire Pro Wrestling on Xbox 360)
As Josh Stine
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Oct 12 2017, 06:18 AM
Right. before i get all grumpy let me state this. if you do sign up then please tell me when your CAW will be uploaded. it got annoying chasing down guys and some guys never gave me their CAW's. also can you send me your theme songs on either Discord direct message or on here please.

the first wave of sign ups close on the 14th/11/2017 at 12:00am AEST. the second wave will be announced at a later date. this "second wave" is if somebody gets let go or otherwise stated

You can have up to THREE caws (either combination of singles or tag team luchador's)

Sign Ups

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
[b]Billed From:[/b]
[b]Theme Song: just send it in DM's[/b]
[b]Searchtags (Only Applicable if you are on PS4 and are getting the game/got the game):[/b]
[b]Refrences (Peferably images. if you caw has custom designs link them in your application. also ask what kind of moveset and entrance you want):[/b][b]Gimmick:[/b]

Tag Team Sign Ups

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
[b]Team Name:[/b]
[b]Billed From:[/b]
[b]Solo and Combined Weight:[/b]
[b]Theme Song:just send it in DM's[/b]
[b]Team Moves:[/b]
[b]Searchtags (Only Applicable if you are on PS4 and are getting the game/got the game):[/b]
[b]Refrences (Peferably images. if you caw has custom designs link them in your application. also ask what kind of moveset and entrance you want):[/b][b]Gimmick:[/b]
Aug 27 2017, 09:44 PM
Poll closed. logo 8 it is thank you all to everybody that voted.... more updates will be coming in the following weeks
Aug 20 2017, 11:06 PM
Hello! i know i have been gone for a while and i still owe you a episode. but however i have decided to change things with MDLL. and by things i mean a majority of it. i will have a video on my YouTube telling people where i have been up by this week (i hope) anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty

My main deal was having to deal with WWE 2K17. now with 2k18 coming out soon hopefully they improve on universe mode. although it looked impressive the fact that it did not auto generate slots for promos (by that i mean automatically put in promos for universe mode) also with the logo stretch and no sliders what so ever meant that some of the guys i made felt like they looked the same. i do plan to redesign my luchadores (got a scanner so some of it may be drawn by hand so yay)

speaking of re design i plan to redesign the MDLL logos and belts. Hopefully to give MDLL a much cleaner look. same with the show logos and nameplates etc..... oh and i'm heavily considering changing the name of SNLL to something else

What about the roster? well sign up will start over. there were some people who never ever uploaded their CAW's and that really pissed me off to a certain extent. also with the game coming out 4 days earlier for deluxe and cena nuff versions so there is that. to hold people over webmatches will be made. they will be on youtube first cause i really need to re install s3 browser and for somebody to give me access to the server. the webmatch announcements will be announced on discord

will add more later
Feb 11 2017, 06:54 PM
Ladies and Gents. If you wanted more cahotic Lucha Libre well now you have it as SIX RANDOM MDLL Luchadores compete in a ladder match for 100,000 Pesos ($6500 USD) in the first SIX FIGURE CHALLENGE
Oct 11 2016, 07:52 PM
Current Roster!

People who are on the roster but are either not done or dont have

Gelitro (TENNO64)
Mango Mask (Stardy)
Lemon Key Face (Stardy)
Ginger Mahal (Stardy)
Flame Man (Franco)
El Hijo del Squiddle (HatsuneNiko) (W.I.P)
Stheno (Teezy)
Snake Eating Dragon (Tito Dick) (W.I.P)
Big Boy Gladwin (Sam)
Odilion (Tibbok)
Mepholos (TEENO64)
Aiko Shōkan (IDBC) (W.I.P)
El Mericano (Knitesoul) (W.I.P)
- Reserved for The Doctor x2 -
- Reserved for Phukfaic -
Tekina (Ken D. Blackwell)
Oseiko (Ken D. Blackwell)
- Reserved for Beardy -
- Reserved for Pyro -

Tag Teams
Patriotas Americanos (Tecate Mayor, Violencia Guapo & El Mericano)
Idiotas Córneas (Hermanos En Los Pantalones & El Rockero Violenta)

World Champion
Current Champion: Hermanos En Los Pantalones (1)
Former Champions:
Violencia Guapo (First Champion)

World Tag Team Championship
Current Champion: Vancant
Former Champions: Idiotas Córneas
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