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Aug 20 2017, 11:06 PM
Hello! i know i have been gone for a while and i still owe you a episode. but however i have decided to change things with MDLL. and by things i mean a majority of it. i will have a video on my YouTube telling people where i have been up by this week (i hope) anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty

My main deal was having to deal with WWE 2K17. now with 2k18 coming out soon hopefully they improve on universe mode. although it looked impressive the fact that it did not auto generate slots for promos (by that i mean automatically put in promos for universe mode) also with the logo stretch and no sliders what so ever meant that some of the guys i made felt like they looked the same. i do plan to redesign my luchadores (got a scanner so some of it may be drawn by hand so yay)

speaking of re design i plan to redesign the MDLL logos and belts. Hopefully to give MDLL a much cleaner look. same with the show logos and nameplates etc..... oh and i'm heavily considering changing the name of SNLL to something else

What about the roster? well sign up will start over. there were some people who never ever uploaded their CAW's and that really pissed me off to a certain extent. also with the game coming out 4 days earlier for deluxe and cena nuff versions so there is that. to hold people over webmatches will be made. they will be on youtube first cause i really need to re install s3 browser and for somebody to give me access to the server. the webmatch announcements will be announced on discord

will add more later
Mar 21 2017, 06:53 PM
I owe an explanation. First off im not dead (thank god), but however my time has been taken up as of late and since i thought MDLL's first episode by now and its not. i am here to explain all of that jazz

So if you dont know MDLL has made its presents felt in NEWD5 but however there is an event which was Recorded and fully edited but however Arlen dosnt have a key to upload the event so here is the event which i was meant to put on xmas eve ( anyway now that i have gotten that out of the way lets get on to the good stuff

The MDLL timeline revolves around Universe mode so the first episode of SNLL will have the original air date of 3/1/2017 (or 1/3/17 for you Americans). my plan is to get it ready for note taking (for commentary) and praying to the lords almighty it gets done mid april (aiming for Mania week at the moment).

Now i have thought about streaming it but Australian internet is shit and im pretty sure francis is busy 99% of the time but however only PPV's will be streamed for you all. i will have a follow up update after SNLL 1 so i will see you then

Also need caws from the following (add MundialDel2k on PSN)
Mango Mask, Lemon Key Face, Ginger Mahal (Stardy)
Big Boy Gladwin (Sam, think he is up on CC just need to grab him)
Gelitro and some other dude (Teeno)
Rainbow Reina (Koochie)
Feb 11 2017, 06:54 PM
Ladies and Gents. If you wanted more cahotic Lucha Libre well now you have it as SIX RANDOM MDLL Luchadores compete in a ladder match for 100,000 Pesos ($6500 USD) in the first SIX FIGURE CHALLENGE
Dec 11 2016, 01:48 AM

So i have been a bit stagnant as of lately. within the past 24 hours i have had to put down one of my dogs, and help on pre production for my uni assignments (2 short films) but however i am still thinking of MDLL and have made some improvement. the first SNLL needs commentary and the MDLL Tv needs to have the gfx put in the show (logos, replays etc) the tv shows will feature my commentary whilst snll will have me and rozo. also i will be sending people private messages on discord about MDLL's first ppv (Aztec Rumble). anyway im also still needing CAW's for MDLL (will message people about that privately)

after Aztec Rumble i am thinking about moving it to 2k14 last gen or wwe 13 (there is a log import tool for wwe 13 but i need monies for that). last but not least i do aim to get SNLL 1 out by next month.

- Spooky

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Today on this edition of Newsbreak we will be talking about a few things but the first one is the recent events that occurred during the second day of National EWrestling Day 5. On behalf of everybody here at MDLL we thank you for the nice comments that everybody has left us during the premier of the Inaugural 100,000 Pesos Challenge. Also speaking of that match an announcement was made that the prelude will be up on the AES network within this week

When first starting this i wanted to make shows weekly but however im not superman and with the school year starting again (Studying film and Television) so i will try to put out as much as i can. for now were staying on 2k17 but down the road we may move down a console generation. my mind has not been made up yet

anyway thanks for reading and we will see you on Saturday Nights

[spoiler]Hello everybody welcome to the first edition of the NewsBreak! Here we will give you the lastest news from the desk of MDLL management!

MDLL The Prelude Stream Announcement

Coming in just weeks from today MDLL will be bringing its brand of action to the Armbar Error Society with the Prelude iPPV event coming right off of Lucha Especial (Which is avalible HERE! ) We have instore THREE HUGE MATCHES now we will be running down the card

First off we have a FOUR TEAM GAUNTLET MATCH for the vancant MDLL Tag Team Titles. first we have the team of Tornado De Miel and El Commando Mejor, Commando debuted on the Lucha Especial event but wants to make a name in being a Tag Champion with Tornado De Miel. Then we have a team reperesenting the VWA promotion in Japan. The Amazon and Starman. Two nine year vets of the ring who were at one point bitter rivals are now teaming up for the MDLL Tag Team Title Gauntlet. Then we have the team of Violencia Guapo and Tecate Mayor aka "Real Americans" Violenica Guapo the former MDLL Champion who lost it at the Lucha Especial event. Also finally we have the team of Nacho and Esqueleto a new team to MDLL but made their name in the hit movie "Nacho Libre"

Next we have the IC and Womens Title matches... Not much is known about WHO is in this match but howver there will be A Three Way Match (Womens) and A Battle Royal (IC) to determend both champs

We will update you on the situation[/spoiler]
Nov 8 2016, 08:04 PM
How the archives will work
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Ok how this will work since MDLL has two shows a week. MDLL will get a twitter account prior to the premier and the tuesday cards will be on there as for saturday they will be on here. past shows from the month will be still here under the spoilers tabs but after that they will be archived on a google drive document which will be avalible in march

MDLL Presents SATURDAY NIGHT LUCHA LIBRE on 31st/12/2016!

*Main Event*

*Co Main Event*

*Match 4*

*Match 3*

*Match 2*

*Opening Bout*

Also: The Reveal Of The First MDLL iPPV, The MDLL Bout For NEWD5 and more!
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