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Aug 7 2017, 02:52 PM
Hi! It's me, Kuchi! Looking to give y'all an update on what's been going on with this project and the state of where this is looking to head for the next couple of months/weeks.

The last time you've seen ALEVATION was back in this year's National E-Wrestling Day 5, and ever since then, it's been very quiet, too quiet to say the least. A lot of the people we have on the roster currently already some stories that's been going on while ALEVATION haven't brought out an episode since the first NEW FUTURE episode, and nothing has happned ever since that episode and the NEWD5 showcase, so I feel like it's time to shape things up and get everything sorted out for the sake of myself and the team!

Which brings me to why you're probably reading this, what's going to happen is an In & Out Check-Up thread! For those who's not too sure of what they would like to do with their characters, never got the chance to sign up their characters at the time, or not comfortable with what they've already have signed up, then this may be the chance for you! So with that being stated, let's clear some things up and get everything sorted out! If you want a character out and they're already have something set for the show, then they will no longer appear up once their current stories are finished up!
- side note: New changes will happen/appear after ALEVATION LIVE#1 & NEW FUTURE#2

Green signifies that you still want in
Red signifies that you want out
White signifies no confirmation yet.
Aja Fireheart
Alice Skye
Amanda Orion
Anya Reyes
◆ Aoi Shinigami
◆ Avery Ambrosa
◆ Azure Lynx
Big Girl Gladwin
Birdy L
Courtney Brown
◆ Darby Brizen
Dominique Ursa
Emmy Bancroft
Francine Ugondus
Ganbaatar Ornpaeng
Harley Jacobs
Hero Tigress
Holly Hawk
◆ Hoshi Azarni
◆ IDA Anselma
◆ Imouto-Chan
Jeri Han
Jessie Lynch
Laura Brennan
Libra Franklin
◆ Luna Priscilla
Lyndsey Haze
◆ Micah
◆ Morrigan Fraust
Myrna Lamour
Primrose Saint
Princess Ella
Raelynn Bristow
Sanako Asano
Tammi Wray
◆ Tina Brasch
◆ Valerie Cerna
Yuuna Yumi

If your character's name not displayed on this list, then it's a secret signup, contact me privately if you would like to discuss the plans that you have for the character. If you're not sure of the status of the character, then contact me privately to sort that issue out as well.

If you also have a character that you want pull out, then this is the thread for you!
As of this thread, sign-ups are back open for a short while of time!
Jun 19 2017, 06:35 PM
In Cold Lake's Empire Gym, there would be many people just looking to get their daily workout routine in check, while some come into the gym just for them to never come back for another day or a couple of months, but there would always be one person who would always come in and be better than who he was before, and that person would be none other than the self-proclaimed "Greatest Star of Our Generation" in YUKITA. He would be seen finishing up his workout routine, considering that he was getting ready for the upcoming events that was looking to happen very soon, one of them being his debut match in Revolution X, while the other is probably what many people can consider one of the biggest tournaments to ever take place in the Armbar Error Society, especially ever since the positive feedback that it received last year in the King of Los Angeles Tournament, and he refuses to let everything that has happened while he was away from the wrestling ring get in the way of his success.

Yukita begins to make his way towards the nearest bench that had his gym bag, the sweat dripping from his forehead and the tips of his shaggy dark red hair, as he's taking some deep breaths after the workout that he have done, looking to have a seat on the bench, which was right beside his bag, looking to just relax for a couple of minutes before he had any thoughts about heading back to work. He closed his eyes, and began visualizing what could happen by the end of the year. Having the most prestigious championship in his hands, his name and his legacy going to be remembered forever in the history books, he was on top of the wrestling world, he would live up to being the absolute greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, no matter where he went! While he was having all of those achievements in his head, his visualization quickly went completely black, all in the snap of a finger!

He begins to open up his eyes, snapping his mind right back to earth as he starts to see everything the way it was before he even started visualizing his future, but his phone started to make a quick noise in the form of a notification, his attention quickly turning towards his phone, which was already in his gym bag. Looking to grab his phone, to see who decided to give him a quick message, as it was announced that he would be competing in a qualifier match against "The Mighty Black Fist" Jiro Kurotsu, which was one of the most recognized japanese canadians to set foot in the wrestling ring, but something about the name of Jiro Kurotsu seemed a tad bit familiar for Yukita, but he doesn't let it phase him because he was probably one of the big names that's he's going up against. He turns his phone off and just quickly puts his phone back into his bag, as he was starting to sit up from the bench.

"So, it's about damn time that I finally get someone who's actually worth my time, and will be my first example." He begins speaking to himself, raising his head up to look up at the area that he surrounded himself with, which was full of gym equipment that he have used plenty of times before.

"I would want to consider myself lucky, but I'm not going to lie to myself. This is some tough competition that I didn't think I was going to go up against, but hey, I can't complain either! It's better than getting some weird man who's been having some kind of thing for me for the past couple of months.." Thinking about his past that he would love to completely forget about, considering that it's been something that's been bothering him for quite a while, but that's something that he doesn't want to talk or even discuss about forever..

"I could be selfish and just set my plan on completely destroying him in front of his fans, but that wouldn't get me anywhere at all, now would it? This isn't how Travis Cassidy treating me back in RevX for sure, this is a whole new different play field that I'm in. I'm not going to let that phase me just because I'm up against someone that's much bigger than me as far as star power goes, in fact? He's definitely no different than any other opponent that I've faced in the past. But in a situation where if I do.. " Stopping himself before he was about to continue his sentence, he decided to think about why he even decided to show his face back into the wrestling scene, and why he's back in the first place, and that was his confidence and his will to never be denied by anyone, ever again. He started to get up from the bench, standing on his own two feet, tall, and proud!

"You know what? No, not in the matter of if, but the matter on WHEN I win, I'm going to prove to everyone who doubted me, that I'm not just another one of those Japanese Canadians who just comes and goes, I'm going to make sure that I am one of the very damn best Japanese Canadians in today's generation of wrestling! I don't care what kind of match that I'm in, be it one-on-one, tag team, triple threat, or even a four way dance! I'm going to outshine every single one of them in this tournament, no matter how huge their star power are, if they're becoming one of the next big thing in the wrestling scene, starting up, hell! Even if they're my god damn boss, I'm still going to do what I do best, and prove to the world on why I AM THE GREATEST STAR OF ALL TIME. AND MY LIGHT WILL SHINE MORE BRIGHTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE IN THAT TOURNAMENT!" yelling out his determination and confidence heading into King of Los Angeles Tournament, having his left hand bawled up into a fist and clenching it hard, showcasing that he will have no fear heading into the future. He begins to head back towards the gym equipment and looking to get back to working out, only this time, looking to master his skill, technique, and more importantly his strength. Chapter Three of his life was looking to continue to be written, and with the upcoming events that's he's involved, he's looking to make sure that everything that he does will be going into the history books, no matter who his opponents or even his tag team partners are.
May 15 2017, 07:16 AM
April 6th, that was the day when the world finally knows what she's capable of. The day that she have finally made her AES debut, more importantly, granted herself into the AESGP, after defeating a tough, but small fighter in Ganbattar Ornpaeng in a way that many people were shocked about ever since she came out from the curtains that day. It wasn't just because of how she defeated Gan, it was because of the fact that Gan had a disadvantage of her size and strength, but she didn't care about how her opponent feels after, before, or even during the match, she didn't care about how the world reacted, what she cared about is going into the ring and just immediately destroying whoever got in her way, no matter who they are, friend or foe.

As her theme music played, she was slowly walking her way towards the ramp, while the fans were shocked, upset, and sorry for Gan to be put in such a disadvantage like this, but Gan's opponent could care less about sorry they feel about her, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, and there's nothing that the fans can do about it but just sit in their seats and cry about it. She made her way towards the entrance curtains as the first thing she sees is a couple of people who had cameras and microphones in their hands, which seems to be like interviewers, wanting to know how she feels about what just happened out there in the ring.

"Excuse me, MANA, but do you have time to answer some quest-"

"No, get out of my face." said MANA, who didn't care about what questions they had for her, as she felt like it's nothing but a waste of time, while the interviewer was surprised of the tone of her voice and the way she demanded that the crew should suggest getting out of her face.

"B-But MANA, we-" The interviewer was trying to get it's words out, but got interrupted by MANA again, only this time, she decided to grab it's face and begin pushing the interviewer away from her, and into the half of the crew that had cameras and microphones in their hands, as some of them felt the body collision from the interviewer, knocking some of them down, as they've finally gotten the message that MANA doesn't want to answer questions at this time. She continues walking forward, stepping all of the interviewers chest, hearing the yell and screams of pain of it's chest getting stepped on, while the others were either knocked down on the floor or some stood their ground and watched what happened to the interviewer. MANA's left foot hits the ground first, as her right began to step off of the chest of the interviewer, continuing to make way towards her locker room, as her facial expressions remain the same as she made her way out of the curtains earlier, not giving a damn about what she just done to the poor soul, who just wanted to do it's job.

MANA makes her way towards her locker room, while she sees some recognizable faces from both women and men, some were giving her some looks into the eyes, while some were focused on their scheduled match they had to prepare, others were already in conversation about whatever they had going for themselves, but MANA didn't pay any mind to anybody's conversations or smiles, as her face remains the same as before. She begins taking off her wrist and hand tapes off her arms, as she begins to open up the door of her locker room, looking up and seeing that the room was empty, exactly as she expected, walking forward inside of the room, while the chaos was happening outside of her room, but she decides to close the door from behind her, looking to block out the noise from the outside, as it starts to quiet down, but the noise was still there regardless if the door was shut or not.
Apr 1 2017, 11:07 PM
So, I've been away for a little while, and I'm slightly okay as of right now, so I was deciding on if I should just come back home, or take a little time off more? Well, I've decided to come back home and begin to start working on stuff again, while I still have school as my main focus, I will have time for e-feds and time for school work, but mostly on school work, but I want to address something while I was away.

I've been nervous as of late to just be myself to you guys, because I feel like I'm going to easily push some of the people I know away, in which I don't want to purposely do at all, it's really only because of the fact that I've been myself before and I don't want people to be uncomfortable with talking to me or anything like that. I want people to have fun with me whenever I'm having off and rough days, speaking of people, I've missed talking to you guys and being around, so which is why I've decided to just continue where I left off, only but I'm not going to around so much during the school weeks I'm going through, even though I have like 8 or 7 more weeks until the end of the semester is finished, but again, I will have time for feds and I will have time for school.

But I don't want to make this post too depressing and all, that's not what were here for! I'm back and ready to do some stuff again that I enjoy doing, for your entertainment! I thank you all for the welcome backs and the hearts that you've been giving me, you've been treating me like family, and I'll never forget that or you all either.

I'm willing to clean myself up and start off fresh and better, so call me Kuchimia Nightbae, but you can still call me Kuchi, and yes, it's based off a manga that I read, and I love the cold weather in the night time.

Thank you and I'll see y'all at Wrasslemania, the ultimate thrill ride!
- KN

PS: gimmie your smooches and cuddles if you can/want.
Mar 27 2017, 12:03 AM
I don't know if anyone have noticed, but I have been inactive around AES, Twitter and/or Discord as of late, some people may know why I'm doing this, but for those who doesn't know, allow me to explain what's going on.

As of late, I've been on a road of mixed emotions, as school have returned for two more months, tragic things have happened in my life, life changing experiences happened as well, making a lot of mistakes, be it with school work, friendships, recording/planning, etc. And If I can be honest, I've slowly started to realize that maybe I should just back off for a little while, to see where that can go for me. Which is the whole reason why I've decided to write this post in the first place.

I'm not sure when I'm going to be returning to Twitter/Discord at this moment, but I will make sure that while I'm away for god knows how long, when Summer comes out, I'm going to be trying my best to get the things I need sorted, and start banging out content for the summer, just for you all to enjoy! It's just that we're going to take a slow and bumpy ride before we enter our way into a clear and empty one, but I'm willing to take the time that I need to get everything sorted out, and get ready to make my way back with a better state of mind, but if you need to have a word with me for anything, I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible, just don't expect it to be too soon and quick!

I would like to say that I'm happy with the way that we're going as far as this year have been going on for us, we have new shows coming out, new things for the site and for us in general, and even a new Wiki! I'm happy with how far we've come as a team and as a community, if you want to call it that, lol. But nonetheless, I'm making this update now for those who want to know where I've been for the past week or so. Again, I'm not sure when I'll be coming back 100%, but just know that I'm not planning on leaving you all anytime soon, I'm just going to take a step back for a little while, and let things play out for themselves.

I'm currently tired writing this, but understand that this ain't the easiest decision I'm making, but I'm only doing for the better of our friendship and for myself, I love you all, and I hope you guys are okay while I'm away, and I REALLY hope that I didn't catch you guys in a bad time.

Stay wavin' everyone, and I'll see y'all again, hopefully 100% and ready for cuddles again. <3
- K
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