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Jun 22 2017, 11:04 PM

1st Champion (current): Sanako Asano
Jun 22 2017, 10:35 PM
4-Squared Tournament Second Round Match
Dan Brown vs. Tanner Morgen

4-Squared Tournament Second Round Match
Darby Brizen vs. M.C. Hardcore

4-Squared Tournament Second Round Match
Myrna Lamour vs. Travis Cassidy

4-Squared Tournament Second Round Match
Emile Kotille vs. Petor Ginoveaf

Match Authorized At The Request Of Both Participants
May Russell vs. Joseph James

Also featuring the crowning of a brand new champion!
Jun 22 2017, 08:46 PM
opening segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Jack Windsor came out and revealed himself to be the new General Manager of ScrapYard. He announced that the first person to score a pinfall in the ring that evening would be crowned the new Cast Iron Champion.

Match 1

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kamara Moore and Joseph James came out to start the match. They wrestled for a while,
and were joined shortly thereafter in the ring by May Russell. Joseph removed Kamara from the ring and he and May tussled for a while, whereupon Sanako Asano's music hit and she made her surprise debut in ScrapYard, coming down to the ring and squaring off with Joseph and May.
May delivered a powerful german suplex to Joseph and deposited him straight out of the ring, then followed him to the floor (presumably to deal more damage), whereupon Kamara reentered the ring. He and Sanako squared off but barely had time to lock up before a recognizable piano chord hit and out came Roze O. Flavio, presumably looking to pick the bones of the two worn-out competitors. After a few intense minutes of desperate competition, Sanako was able to incapacitate Roze O. and then pin Kamara using her new finishing move, the Downpour (a reverse frankensteiner) and crown herself the first ever ScrapYard Cast Iron Champion.

mysterious segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  An unseen narrator (presumably Jack Windsor) announced a concept being introduced to ScrapYard called the 4-Squared Tournament. Sixteen wrestlers would compete in four two-on-two tag team matches in the first round, then the winners of those matches would advance to the second round wherein they would have to face their partner from the previous round to advance.
The winners of all four second round matches would then advance to an elimination Fatal Four Way match in the finals. The narrator then revealed that all four first-round matches would be taking place on that very show.

Match 2

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Lt. Emile Kotille & Petor Ginoveaf vs. Joey Lin & Lee Smith

Joey Lin submitted for fear of his life due to repeated knee strikes to the head following a vicious sliding dropkick to the side of his face from Petor Genoveaf.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kamara Moore entered Jack Windsor's office and questioned as to why he had not been included in the 4-Squared Tournament bracket. Jack revealed that it was for petulant personal reasons and then told him to fuck off.

Match 3

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Edith Dumas & Jolene Vanity vs. Myrna Lamour & Travis Cassidy

Travis spent a vast majority of the match in the ring, shouldering the burden of his team on his back (as is his way), and Myrna seemed quite happy to wait on the outside and allow him to do most of the heavy lifting. Approximately ten minutes into the match Travis connected with his finishing move (a spike Tiger Driver he calls In Love & Death) on Jolene Vanity and knocked her completely unconscious, removing her from the match completely. Edith Dumas put up a spirited effort, giving Travis a hell of a fight but was ultimately beaten after he connected with a pair of brainbusters and pinned her.

backstage interview

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Unhappy Nine-Year-Old Ref Peet asked Sanako Asano for her thoughts regarding her big title win earlier in the night. Sanako barely had a chance to get a word out before Roze O.
Flavio snuck up behind her and smashed an elbow into the back of her head, knocking her unconscious. He then picked up Ref Peet and piledrove him onto the floor for no good reason whatsoever.

Match 4

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Richardson Peterson, Jr. & Heikki Jokinen vs. M.C. Hardcore & Darby Brizen

Richardson was either too spirited or too stupid to tag out for much of the match, and Heikki seemed quite comfortable to stand on the apron and allow his partner to wrestle the bulk of the match for him. M.C. Hardcore was surely eager to show his chops and aid the sister of one of his greatest idols in victory, but Darby had no clear intent of ever tagging out to him, pummeling Richardson from one corner of the ring to the other. Late in the match M.C. climbed the turnbuckle and hit a splash on Richardson (while Darby was still the legal woman), and Darby, in a display of frustration, flung him out of the ring and hit Dicky P with a completely extraneous Daydream DDT before pinning him.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Marie Dufort, much like Kamara Moore had done earlier, entered Jack Windsor's office and questioned as to why she had not been booked for the 4-Squared Tournament. Jack didn't give a clear answer, but told her that there was one slot in the tournament still open and that she and Kamara were to wrestle a match straight away, with whoever won earning the final spot.

Match 5

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  In a hellacious match in which neither competitor seemed so much as remotely willing to die, Kamara pinned Marie following a shining wizard and a superkick.

in-ring segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Jack Windsor's music hit and he came out to congratulate Kamara on his win,
then informed him that his 4-Squared Tournament opening round match would be taking place right then and there. He then introduced Kamara's partner (The Shitty Rookie Nobody Likes)
and his opponents (Dan Brown and Tanner Morgen), both of whom Kamara seemed rather apprehensive to fight.

Match 6 (Main Event)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Dan Brown spent the better part of the match taking on Kamara and the Rookie single-handedly, with neither seeming strong enough to put a dent in his offence. Eventually Dan tagged in Tanner, and he delivered an onslaught of offence to the Rookie, ending when he entered the Rookie's guard and laid into him with elbow strikes to the face, knocking him out almost immediately. Kamara was unable to save his partner, since he'd just been hit with a merciless series of suplexes by Dan Brown and was clearly in no state to wrestle any longer.

OST (minus Lt. Emile Kotille's theme, which is "Or So We Thought" from the Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare soundtrack)
Jun 1 2017, 09:41 AM
This month's rankings were a delight to compile! Massive thanks to Tiffy for his up-to-date AES 2017 Event List, without which this would have been far more of a headache.

One major change to this month's list that wasn't present in lists prior: due to popular request, going forward changes will be enforced due to inactivity. If a wrestler has not been active in the three months prior to a list's posting (including the month the list is for - for instance, this month we're talking March, April and May) they will be docked placement in the Rankings accordingly. This will hopefully enact positive change and better reflect the momentum of each competitor listed.

With that precursory information out of the way, let's get started on the Honorable Mentions for this month, of which there are many:

Former FILR Champion Slater has been flying his company's colours as only a true champion could, toppling meaty catman GET WREKT at FILR's NEWD showcase back in Febuary, and then besting that same meaty catman once again in a superb showing at the FILR Rumble just this month prior.

One cannot mention Slater, however, without lending credit to his latest adversary Anime Mask, who bested Slater for his belt at afforementioned FILR Rumble (through admittedly underhanded means, although one cannot discredit the accomplishment of overcoming five other men in an Elimination Chamber match and then wrestling once more later in the night to steal Slater's hard-fought prize).

The final FILR competitor who bears mentioning is, of course, the winner of the FILR Rumble match itself, SEAN, who outlasted 29 other men (or, to be perhaps slightly more accurate, five other competitors, since he was the 28th entrant in the match and there were three others in the ring by the time he came out - not to diminish the achievement or anything, sorry Sean you're still the man) to cement his name among the ranks of AES' greatest. SEAN is easily as good as Magnus Matlock and Blackout - perhaps both combined. That's just my opinion, though, and these Power Rankings are rooted in objective, indisputable fact.

A slightly more somber mention must go to AES mainstay Emily Rykren, who has recently found a steady home in TANW. Her performances in the company have all been solid, with wins over stars on the rise Holly Hawk and Cammie Rae, but her most recent performance is the one that perhaps, sadly, bears the most mention: following a spirited competition against a favourite of mine in Carmen Castellano for the TANW Women's Master Class Championship, EmRy sustained a severe cranial injury and it may be a while before she's able to compete again. My thoughts are with her.

An inclusion based more on potential than concrete accomplishments, Claudio Rocha is an individual who's been capturing my interest lately. The young man's record is solid, with two wins (both in tag matches) and a loss which left nothing to be ashamed of against an incensed Ugandan Dream, Lakeem. Delving into the matches themselves and not just the numbers, though, it becomes clear that Rocha could be doing more to pull his weight - both his tag matches were in large part carried by his partners, including a Pandemonium Series contest Rick Trent almost seemed to win by himself after Rocha was eliminated. (my word, what fantastic entrance music the young man has, though. this may, admittedly, have influenced my decision to include him here somewhat)

And speaking of Claudio's tag record, RUIN is another individual who has left an impression on recent TANW shows, shouldering the burden of a match against former CFPW Tag Team Champions En Garde! on TANW 3 Minute Warning and neutralizing both men near-single-handedly. He's fared less well in his only singles match under the AES banner to date, taking a loss to my old favourite The Amateur (in what was, indeed, the young Oseiko protegee's only win of the year to date) but the mysterious man's velocity as of late has been on a steep rise.

In what feels like a long-overdue inclusion, I feel as though it'd be fallacious not to lend some mention to Anette Moreno, a young woman who's clearly been astonishingly motivated to prove her worth ever since arriving in AES. The Faceharmer made her AES debut in a huge way all the way back in March, lasting almost thirty minutes in an outstanding contest against Camilla DeCosta after both womens' partners were eliminated much earlier on, then truly cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with in her albeit-maligned specialty matches - the bloody, brutal deathmatch contests she made a name for herself in on the independent circuit. Neither Maya Khanda nor the long-absent and at-last-returning "Chosen One Of Rap" Def Jarrett could stay her path, and if Anette maintains her momentum she could prove to be one of the most dangerous women in the Armbar Error Society.

And speaking of long-overdue inclusions: I would be completely remiss not to mention The Artist, Blackout, who finally wrestled his first match in over a year this month at Beyond Anarchy Wrestling #5 - a losing effort against Shin Suzuki and Seth, both of whom have also been out of the picture for a while and both of whom also bear mentioning. Last year and the year previous were both touted to be "the year of Blackout", but through his absence the mysterious man has been failing to make good of those promises - though he does of course still hold that Over The Top Briefcase, which could prove to change his fortunes at any time he should so choose.

The last, and saddest by far, honorable mention of this month is the monstrous KAWADA. My sources inform me the grand man has been enjoying an incredible month outside of AES, but his luck under the brand's banner has been far less positive, having sustained a tragic injury at the hands of the odious Team DAB, Interrobang and Goldstorm (although my big pal was able to last an admirable ten minutes against both men, and I have every confidence that he could have pulled out yet another massive win against the pair had they not resorted to injuring him like the cowards they are).
May 9 2017, 03:57 PM
What a month it's been! From start to finish, April was loaded with high-caliber events and matches, and this most recent installment of the Power Rankings aims to reflect that. Big changes, hot new additions and some tragic drops in stature inbound.

As with last month, a GREEN name means someone's increased their standing, RED names are guys who've moved down in the rankings and GOLD names are new additions.

Honorable Mentions

Arthur Rickett may have come up short against reigning and defending UWOT Champion Jock Miller (in a match that was, interestingly enough, a rematch of the main event of UWOT's first ever show - a match in which Arthur was victorious) but he put up a hell of a fight, facing the champ on his own terms and only just barely falling short of that much-coveted first title win. Outside of his home turf, Arthur also contributed admirably to his team's winning effort on Prelude To AES:GP #2, giving him a respectable 1/1 win/loss record for the month and a 2/1 record for the year overall.

"The Tickler" Rick Trent may not have showcased a great deal of success in his first and only one-on-one match, having been dispatched quite violently by Grigori Genoveaf on TANW Episode 2, but his star-making performance on Episode 1 undeniably bears mentioning: in his debut outing, the man was able to single-handedly eliminate both Lyle Hedley and Norhand Chandler (two men making their heralded returns to the Armbar Error Society after a long-time absence), both via submission. Trent's performances have been a mixed bag, but the man has clear unfathomable depths of potential.

Even setting aside her incredible performance on this week's edition of TANW, Alice Skye has been making big moves as of late, dispatching the self-professed "Game Changer" Blair Irving in a tables match (a match type of Blair's choosing) on TANW Episode 1 and then appearing again on the mysterious "Paradise" broadcast on April 28th and pulling the brakes on young newcomer Suzi Q. Alice has still got it (and her valiant challenge for the Women's Master Class Title on TANW Episode 3 only demonstrates that further).

And speaking of newcomers, the mysterious being known as KAWADA had an incredible first showing on the inaugural broadcast of Boston Armbar Deathmatch, dispatching AES legend Jesus Ant in barely over a minute. This enormous pantsless man will be one to watch going forward.

Rounding out the honorable mentions is fellow gigantic debutant MANA, who made her first appearance on Prelude To AESGP #2, pinning Ganbataar Ornpaeng and becoming the first person to secure their position in the Grand Prix proper. She is huge and I love her.
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