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Oct 15 2017, 09:07 PM
opening segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kamara Moore and Marie Dufort came out to the ring to celebrate their Chain Link Championship win. Jack Windsor came out to interrupt the pair, and Kamara and Marie bullied him until he was on the verge of tears and then left. Jack announced that there would be two elimination fatal four-way matches in the night (one between four outstanding talent within ScrapYard and throughout AES, and one between the four competitors victorious in non-title matches at ScrapYard Act 4). The winner of the second match would choose one of the ScrapYard singles titles to wrestle for at the next show, and the winner of the first match would earn a shot at whichever title not chosen by the winner of the second four-way. He also announced that all four titles would be on the line in the main event, with the champion pinned losing their title to the individual who pinned them.

Match 1

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Roze O. Flavio vs. Joseph James vs. Darby Brizen vs. Brand

Around halfway through the match Roze O applied a crossface to Darby Brizen, forcing a submission and eliminating her first. The match continued, and eventually ended when Joseph hit a Weeabomb on Brand. James was fatigued and took a moment to recover, and in that moment Roze covered Brand and stole the pinfall. Roze rose and offered a handshake to Joseph, who - clearly disoriented from the events of the match - accepted it, and Roze turned that handshake into an inescapable armbar and forced Joseph to tap out, eliminating his third and final opponent to win the match.

Following the match, Travis Cassidy appeared on the stage, voicing his displeasure at Roze for attacking him after his main event match against Sanako Asano on the previous edition of ScrapYard. He told Roze that the two would go one-on-one once more at ScrapYard Act 6.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Joseph "Stardy" Ref (from the ScrapYard credits) interviewed Darby Brizen, asking how she felt about her atypical submission loss in the match before and then grilling her intensely about that time her brother, Pro Wrestling: All-Star Champion and Brethren member Derrick Brizen came out and wrestled a match she was scheduled for wearing her gear. This line of questioning never reached a conclusion, as the interview was interrupted by a distant thudding sound. That thud turned out to be Nick Silver, who had been beaten into unconsciousness by an unseen assailant.

Match 2 - Joey Lin vs. Lt. Emile Kotille

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Joey showed strong wrestling fundamentals, but only managed to last around five minutes before submitting to Emile's CQC submission hold.

Match 3 - Master Thunder & Dadon vs. The Galactic Buddies

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  This match ruled. One of the Galactic Buddies pinned Yadon with some kind of Psycho Driver-looking thing. Shout outs Supah Dragin.

Match 4 - Masked Tefano vs. Emperor Kakui

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Emperor Kakui did the world of independent wrestling proud, hitting a spinning brainbuster and a springboard corkscrew moonsault which Tefano kicked out of and then rolling him up for a count of three. After the match, he declared that his victory and that of his Galactic Buddies had positioned him as the true ruler of ScrapYard, and then he said a rude word to Jack Windsor.

Match 5 - Tyler Rykren vs. Gordy Flash

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Tyler got busted open off a punch, then hit all his finishing moves on the ring apron and then on the floor. He won with a backslide.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Battle Frogger insisted on being the representative of the World Domination Squad to wrestle in the fatal four-way later on in the show. Galactic Buddy #4 was supportive of this decision.
Black Majik told Galactic Buddy #4 to fuck off. He did. Black Majik told Battle Frogger it was okay for him to wrestle in the fatal four-way, but only if he promised he was going to win. He did.

Match 6 - Wreckless Abandon vs. The Coast Guardians

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Anette Moreno and May Russell functioned well as a team, picking up the win off a cheeky throat punch after delivering a lengthy beating to both Sandy Clearwater and Piers Waikman.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Jack told Dominick Williamson he was working on getting him Vin Tage, but that it wasn't going easily. Dominick left Jack's office, and then EBOLA semi-finalist and contender to the Revolution X World Championship Francis Ugondus crept into Jack's office and delivered him an off-screen beating.

Match 7 - Brody Boucher vs. Camilla DeCosta

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Camilla threw Brody around a lot, but Brody did a ton of headbutts and piledrivers and eventually manged to knock Camilla unconscious using her Last Caress finishing move.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Camilla DeCosta's mentor King Rasta Mon reprimanded her for her performance in the match prior, telling her she was too nice and cared too much about having fun and entertaining the fans. Camilla objected, but agreed to try harder in her next bout.

Match 8

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kat$u ¥amada vs. Satoshi Hakubi vs. Battle Frogger vs. Dan Brown

Around five minutes into the match, Satoshi knocked Battle Frogger out with a solid punch to the face. The remaining three competitors wrestled around Battle Frogger for a while, before eventually Satoshi picked him up off the ground and he left the ring and walked away. Kat$u was thrown to the outside, where he remained for most of the match. Dan and Satoshi fought hard against one another, with Dan finally managing to pin Satoshi after hitting his patented brainbuster on the ring apron, followed by another in the ring. Kat$u attempted to take advantage of his exhausted opponent by sneaking back into the ring with steel chair in hand, but he was german suplexed and pinned for his efforts.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kat$u ¥amada stormed Jack Windsor's office, furious that he'd been placed in such a difficult match. Jack insinuated that Kat$u was frustrated because he wasn't good enough to beat Dan Brown, and Kat$u left in a rage. In the hallway, Kat$u was approached by Myrna Lamour,
who said she may be able to cheer Kat$u up and offered to speak with him in private. Kat$u accepted.

Match 9 - Sanako Asano, Dominick Williamson, Kamara Moore & Marie Dufort vs. Tanner Morgen, Dan Brown & Gan Ceann

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  After months of butting heads, Dan and Tanner appeared to finally get on the same page to some degree, making fairly frequent tags to one another - including one at the very end of the match, when it looked like Tanner had Dominick Williamson beaten, at which point he tagged out to Dan and allowed him to finish the match with a brutal series of german suplexes, ending with Dan pinning Dominick. After the match Dan got on the mic, declaring to the world that he was not Stainless Steel Champion yet (since, at the time of the match, that belt could only change hands via submission), but that he would use the #1 contendership to a title of his choosing he had earned in the match before this one to challenge Dominick next month at ScrapYard Act 6.
Oct 15 2017, 07:08 PM
MAIN EVENT: Stainless Steel Championship Match

Dominick Williamson (Stainless Steel Champion) vs. Dan Brown

(note: per ScrapYard General Manager Jack Windsor's ruling, from now on the ScrapYard Stainless Steel Championship will be defended under knockout or submission-only rules "in the interest of fairness to both competitors".)

The Rematch

Roze O. Flavio vs. Travis Cassidy

Tag Team #1 Contendership Match

Valentine's Day vs. #WDS vs. Wreckless Abandon

An Opportunity Befitting Of A One-Of-A-Kind Talent

Kat$u ¥amada vs. Master Thunder vs. Heikki Jokinen vs. Richardson Peterson, Jr.

Feed Emile More

Emile Kotille vs. M.C. Hardcore

Sanako Asano's Cast Iron Championship Open Challenge Returns To ScrapYard One Last Time
Oct 1 2017, 09:30 AM
My, what a month! I shall be limiting myself to 100 words (approximately two "neo-tweets") when writing about this month's entries, as otherwise I would undoubtedly be writing until the beginning of next month.

Draconian law is now in fuller effect than ever: while previously someone would be purged from the list had they not been active in the three months previous, in this edition of the Power Rankings the purge applies to anyone not active in the previous month. No mercy!

There are a lot of honorable mentions this month (thirty-one, in fact - I would have loved to crop it down to an even thirty but I could not find it within my heart to cut any of the inclusions) so we'd better get cracking on with them sharpish. Honorable mentions are in alphabetical order this time round, but one of them's name starts with a number which makes things far more confusing than they have to be right out the gate.

Honorable Mentions

50 Foot Blake

The big man is back in town. Lost his first round fatal four-way in Best Of The Big Boys, but was victorious in his singles match on the following night (widely regarded as one of the best matches of the entire month) against Big Tex Johnson, then bested him yet again (alongside partners Kenichi Smith and Mark Anderson, with the aid of his own comrades D'Lo Brown and The Mysterious & Handsome Salesman) on KOLA Night 1's preshow. A big boy with big dominance.

Abby Fightmaster

Besting El Sexy Dominicano is no small feat, but Abby was able to score her first ever win with a clean victory over the Grappling Of Glory standout. A far greater challenge now looms on the horizon, with Abby scheduled to face both Dominicano and his Caribbean Connection partner The Freakin' Puerto Rican on GOG's Road To Total Elimination: Stop II, but there's never been a greater oppurtunity for the Future World's Greatest Fighter to show that she has what it takes to be regarded as a top-class warrior.

Amber Oh

A strong return to form from a long-absent competitor, the ever-popular Amber Oh was successful in her return match against RISE's "Razor Ramona Flowers" Madelyn House, Jr. The exciting and hard-fought battle left strong impressions of both competitors in the minds of all watching, and Amber looks without a doubt to be primed to return to the position of prominence she held in her previous home promotion ROSE.

Captain Guapo

The mysterious outsider made his AES debut in a singularly impactful manner, first triumphing in the opening match of the Best Of The Big Boys tournament and then pinning TANW Male Master Class champion-to-be Jiro Kurotsu in what would end up being the only loss out of his five matches that month. If the month had been kinder to Guapo he would without a doubt have found himself within the Rankings proper, but subsequent losses to The Amateur and Evie sadly leave him in firm Honorable Mention territory.


Holt Haven's big purple friend is too powerful to be stopped by any mortal being. While some may say he could have had a greater test in his debut match than Simon Clausen (who was fresh off competing three nights in a row, and having had the Hell beaten out of him in every previous match), Carnifex's showing in that match proved to no uncertain degree that he is the single mightiest being in not just the world, but the known universe.

Connie Quinn

In a major shocker, Connie Quinn scored the first win of her career with an upset victory over her mentor Alex Santos. Her recent change in mindset, combined with the thoroughly unambiguous fashion with which Connie was able to beat Santos, could spell great things for Quinn's future. Her "Overdrive" finishing move is without question nothing to be trifled with.

Dirk Derek

Dirk's September may have flown under the radar for some, but the month actually bore a fair amount of fruit for the former champion: though he lost his only singles match against Jiro Kurotsu, tag competition (Dirk's real forte) left Dirk with more success. First came KOLA, where he and Team Light teammates Dark Matrix and Wayne K. Hayes were able to best the three-champion Team Bud (SDW Heart And Soul Cole Scorpio, MDLL Intercontinental FLAME MAN and TDW Encore Reggie Sallis), then later on (actually in April) Royal Highness picked up a win over the Beta Alpha Delta Dudes.


Though the young pocket monster may not have enjoyed the KOLA success he had been hoping for, losing in the first round to Usvifr Magni, a big win over previously-mentioned proven talent Captain Guapo (accompanied by a never-before-seen form) was enough to put the eyes of the Armbar Error Society audience on its chimera.


For the first time since his debut FLAME MAN has been forced from the Rankings proper (which should itself speak to just how competitive this month's inclusions were), but sadly this could not be avoided. One win in FLAME MAN's home promotion TANW over the ever-tenacious FOE was not enough to save everyone's favourite flame-based man from being ousted, due both to his career-first loss to Leon Black in KOLA's first round and then a second loss to Team Light on Night 3 of the same event.


FUSHIN won a match! Good job, FUSHIN. He beat like three other dudes.
Sep 25 2017, 06:57 AM
Match 1 - Master Thunder & Masked Tefano vs. Dadon

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  This high-quality match-up could not reach a satisfactory conclusion as, in a heated wrestling moment, the ring was swarmed by Emperor Kakui and his squad of Galactic Buddies. Following a particularly impressive batista bomb/neckbreaker combination, Kakui posed and declared that the ScrapYard belonged to him (Emperor Kakui).

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kamara Moore told his partner-to-be in the inaugural Chain Link Title match taking place later in the night that he felt he had to team with Marie Dufort instead, as she was short of a partner and Kamara felt that he owed Marie a favor. Tyler agreed, telling Kamara that he ought to do what he felt was the right thing.

Match 2 - Kat$u ¥amada vs. Rich Lawton

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kat$u ¥amada did not wrestle Rich Lawton. As Rich was making his way to the ring,
he was attacked, piledriven and thrown away like garbage by an incensed May Russell, who demanded that she wrestle instead out of frustration that Jack Windsor had booked a "joke" like Lawton whilst remaining happy to go two straight shows without booking her. May's frustration got the better of her, and in spite of her taking the fight to Kat$u for the entirety of the match she succumbed after not too long to a roll-up reversal of one of her takedowns.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  After months of protest, May Russell resigned herself to the knowledge that she may be in over her head in ScrapYard and that she could possibly benefit from a partnership with Anette Moreno. Anette agreed to the pairing, and Team AneMay was born. May stated that she was not happy with the name "Team AneMay".

Match 3 - Lt. Emile Kotille vs. Myrna Lamour vs. M.C. Hardcore vs. Dan Brown

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  After only a few minutes, Myrna hooked M.C. Hardcore up in her signature straitjacket brainbuster and brainbusted him into an early grave. Myrna was very proud of herself, but that self-pride was short-lived as Dan Brown took advantage of her distraction to give her a brainbuster of his own, then german suplex her from the top rope, whereupon Myrna rolled out of the ring and left (for fairly understandable reasons). Dan and Lt. Emile Kotille wrestled one-on-one for a while longer,
with holds and suplexes being traded with abandon, but Dan was eventually able to pin Emile by way of a sickening brainbuster on the apron, followed up shortly by a bridging german suplex.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Joseph "Stardy" Ref (from the ScrapYard credits) interviewed Valentine March, Edith Dumas and Jolene Vanity in the hopes of gaining some insight as to why their group had formed.
Valentine explained that he was struggling to adjust to 21st century life but that the two women were helping him to do so, and Edith and Jolene stated plainly that they found vampires sexy.

Match 4 - Satoshi Hakubi vs. Kai Redwood

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Satoshi punched Kai a lot. Kai punched Satoshi a lot. Kai tried to get fancy, going for clever roll-ups and impressive spinning kicks, but Satoshi stuck to his boxing basics, eventually picking up the win off an especially hard strike to the head that knocked Kai unconscious.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  The World Domination Squad (Black Majik, Battle Frogger and BAHAMUT) ventured to Jack Windsor's office and told him they were really good at wrestling and then told him he should give them the tag team titles. Jack said that they were right, and that he'd find them a pair of shmucks to beat up so they could show him just how good they were.

Match 5

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  #WDS vs. Clan Ginoveaf

#WDS actually won. Black Majik and BAHAMUT (the two participants on their side of the match)
employed excellent teamwork throughout, combining Majik's quickness and craftiness with BAHAMUT's tenacity and brute strength, while neither of their opponents seemed particularly inclined to work together as a team, with the eventual end of the match coming about after BAHAMUT hit his Mega Flare finishing move on Grigori and Petor made virtually no effort whatsoever to break up the pin.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Grigori and Petor argued about the loss, with both blaming one another, and Grigori left in a rage, telling Petor if he ever saw him again he would kill him.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Dominick Williamson © vs. Tyler Rykren

Tyler fought his hardest, but was eventually forced to submit when Dominick locked on his patented armbar. Tyler was able to hold on for longer than anyone else in ScrapYard's history ever had,
but eventually he was forced to tap out like all the rest.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Jack Windsor spent a very long time telling Gan Ceann that they were guaranteed to win the Chain Link Championships in their upcoming match because there was no way Kamara and Marie could possibly work together as a team. He referred to the grouping of himself, Gan Ceann,
Tanner Morgen and Dan Brown as "The Friend Group", which Miraj reacted to with mockery, which Jack completely failed to pick up on. His diatribe was interrupted by the arrival of Kat$u ¥amada, who demanded to be featured in a more high-profile capacity within the company, and reminded Jack that he was the one paying a lot of ScrapYard's bills. Jack relented and told him he'd find something higher up in the card for Kat$u to do, and Kat$u left the office. Jack had nary a moment to rest before "The Black Widow" Oseiko Kurotsuki arrived in his doorway, delivered her patented "Kumo No Satsu" superkick to Jack's face and then left again.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Gan Ceann vs. Marie Dufort & Kamara Moore

Gan Ceann and their opponents had the greatest match in ScrapYard history. Kamara and Marie demonstrated their mastery of sick fucking tag moves by hitting first a spiral bomb transitioned into a doomsday device-styled shining wizard and then a sprinting spanish fly from the top rope followed in short order by Marie's murderous moonstomp to win the Chain Link Titles.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Jack Windsor was still lying down on the floor when Dominick Williamson entered his office and requested a match with Vin Tage. Jack pointed out that Vin had retired from professional wrestling, but told Dom he would see what he could do.

Match 8 - CAST IRON CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Travis Cassidy vs. Sanako Asano © (Main Event)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Travis fought his hardest, but was ultimately caught unawares by a Downpour frankensteiner as a counter to a springboard moonsault. Sanako's victory was short-lived,
as only seconds after Travis had been beaten Roze O. Flavio, winner of the King Of Los AngelAES tournament, made his re-emergence in ScrapYard after being absent since Act 1 and assaulted both Sanako and Travis (two of his most hated rivals).
Sep 24 2017, 07:08 PM
MAIN EVENT: The Friend Group vs. Some Bunch Of Losers

Tanner Morgen, Dan Brown & Gan Ceann vs. Sanako Asano, Dominick Williamson, Marie Dufort & Kamara Moore

How The Fuck Could We Afford To Book An Import From Jamaica. We Can Barely Keep The Lights On

Brody Boucher vs. Camilla DeCosta

Testing The Waters For AneMay (We Aren't Supposed To Call Them That)

Anette Moreno & May Russell vs. The Coast Guardians

A Pair Of Dudes Throwing Each Other About The Place And Doing Sentons

Tyler Rykren vs. Gordy Flash

A Heated Rivalry(?) Comes To A Head

Masked Tefano vs. Emperor Kakui

A Bitter Grudge(???) Is Resolved Through Bloodshed(?????)

Master Thunder & Dadon vs. The Galactic Buddies

Proving Grounds For A Promising Young Talent- Hahahaha Who Am I Kidding Joey's Gonna Die

Joey Lin vs. Emile Kotille

Kamara Moore & Marie Dufort's Chain Link Title Celebration

Plus: new #1 contenders crowned for the Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Titles!
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