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Aug 15 2017, 06:11 AM
The Power Rankings have enjoyed a slightly different format this month, with the sheer magnitude of names necessitating some creative working around, and - while the endeavor may not have been quite as successful as one may have hoped - detailed run-downs of the honorable mentions and first twenty-ish names on the list can now be found in audio form on the Armbar Error Society Twitch account's Video On Demand section.

In the interest of time constraints and presenting the higher-ranked names in a more legible, professional fashion, the remainder of the list will be provided to you in the typical written format, but feel free to check out the first (and, possibly, only) video-form Power Rankings here.

In addition to the departure from the typical format, there is one other major change to this month's Power Rankings that bears mentioning: in previous editions, any performer who had not competed in the previous three months as of the list's compiling (so in the case of this month, that would be May, June and July) would be docked placement (typically around five points, though there was no concrete rule regarding just how far their name would slip numerically). July was an astonishingly busy month, with sixteen shows and ninety matches on record, and so in the interest of being able to fit as many significant inclusions onto the list as possible, anyone who had not competed within the previous three months was removed from the list entirely. Whether this is to be a temporary or permanent change remains to be seen, but for this month it was a necessity.

As always, names marked in GOLD present a new addition to the rankings, names in GREEN connote upward movement and a name in RED represents someone moving down through the ranks.

Honorable Mentions:

Xander Zayne

Patrick Wallace

Troy Griffin

Jack Best

Cazz Jordann

Mark Anderson

Stardy Makabe

Hiroshi Seanahashi

Zane Ulmeyda

Chris Silva

Tyler Thomas

Robin Reflex

Erin Toyota

The Wanderers
Jul 10 2017, 12:25 PM
Tag team wrestling!

Every individual eliminated in the first round of the 4-Squared Tournament in action!

Sanako Asano's Cast Iron Championship open challenge series continues!

Dominick Williamson's first ever Stainless Steel Championship defense!

Mil Meneos Kills Again
Mil Meneos vs. Gordy Flash

4-Squared Tournament Finals
Petor Ginoveaf vs. Travis Cassidy vs. Darby Brizen vs. Tanner Morgen
Jul 9 2017, 08:05 PM
opening segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Sanako Asano came out and declared that she would be holding an open challenge on every ScrapYard show she was not formally booked for a title match on. She extended the offer to challenge for her title to anyone backstage, specifically naming Roze O. Flavio and inviting him to face her one-on-one rather than sneak-attacking her as he did at ScrapYard Act 1, but he did not show himself. Backstage, Brody Boucher was instructed to answer Sanako's challenge by a figure shrouded in shadow. Brody expressed apprehension at wrestling in such a high-profile position so early on in her career, and the unseen figure berated her until she yielded and made her way out to the ring.

Match 1

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  CAST IRON CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Sanako Asano vs. Brody Boucher

Brody beat the hell out of Sanako, striking her in the head countless times and causing her to bleed (for the first time in Sanako's wrestling career), but Sanako withstood Brody's onslaught and managed to put her away with a precision kick to the crown of the head and a standing moonsault ending in a pinfall.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kamara Moore and Marie Dufort made their way to Jack Windsor's office together and protested Jack's actions at the end of ScrapYard Act 1. Jack remarked on how well they seemed to be getting along, then announced a match intended to test their apparent friendship: a Fatal Four-Way match with what he described as "main event ramifications" for the winner. He then informed the pair that their match was up next.

Match 2

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Kamara Moore vs. Marie Dufort vs. Kat$u ¬•amada vs. F.O.E.

F.O.E. german suplexed Kat$u onto the ring apron and he fell to the floor. Kamara took advantage of F.O.E.'s arrogant display of pride following the apron suplex to connect with a Screw High Kick and a Dragon Suplex, then dumped him from the ring. Marie capitalized on Kamara's momentary distraction to hit the Slice Of Doomstadt and a fisherman driver I've been mentally referring to as the "Marie Crusher" on him for the win. Following the match, Jack Windsor came out to sarcastically congratulate Marie and instruct her to join him in the ring at the end of the show to "claim her reward".

Match 3 - May Russell vs. Joseph James

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Joseph James hit three Go To Bed/penalty kick combos in a row, which May somehow astonishingly kicked out of. Wasting no time, Joseph locked in the Goodnight Eileen and choked May into unconsciousness for the win.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  May Russell lamented her loss to Joseph James. Annette Moreno arrived and advised May not to make a habit of swimming out of her depth. May told Annette to fuck off.

Match 4 - Lt. Emile Kotille vs. Petor Ginoveaf

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  After an extensive sequence of matwork including some devestating ground-and-pound-style strikes and vicious submission holds, Petor knocked out and pinned Emile with a flash roundhouse kick to the head.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Myrna Lamour made coy advances toward Travis Cassidy, offering him sex in exchange for his throwing in the towel in their upcoming match. Travis responded with clear discomfort, then tried to convince Myrna of the value of fair play and doing one's best. Myrna told Travis that in spite of what he had said, she was still going to cheat a lot and cut corners during their match, then stormed out to the ring.

Match 5 - Myrna Lamour vs. Travis Cassidy

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Travis managed to smash Myrna's face open with a palm strike in the opening seconds of the match. Myrna put up a hellacious fight, connecting with her finishing move (a straitjacket brainbuster) and kicking out of Travis' In Love & Death, but Travis emerged victorious when he reversed a second straitjacket brainbuster attempt into a bridging exploder suplex.

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  M.C. Hardcore confronted Darby Brizen backstage, admonishing her for her ingratitude after he aided her in defeating Richardson Peterson, Jr. and Heikki Jokinen at ScrapYard Act 1. Darby told M.C. she was going to kill him. M.C. responded with arousal.

Match 6 - Darby Brizen vs. M.C. Hardcore

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  In an unexpectedly brilliant affair, Darby pinned M.C. off a Daydream DDT following broken light tubes, barbed wire baseball bat shots, finishers on the floor and an exchange of incredibly intense submission holds which seemed to have secured certain victory for both competitors at various points in the all-too-brief contest.

in-ring segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Super Blizzard's music hit, but it wasn't Super Blizzard who came out. It was Snakeman. For some reason Snakeman felt the need to tell us he was planning on doing this at TDW's cancelled WrestleWave event but made the decision to do it in ScrapYard instead. Then Mil Meneos came out and beat the fuck out of him and hit him with at least five Revenge Of The Bait fisherman busters (it's difficult to say how many exactly, as he was continuing to fisherman buster Snakeman with no clear intent of stopping as the show faded to commercials).

Match 7 - Tanner Morgen vs. Dan Brown

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Tanner Morgen won an absolutely hellacious bout with his patented kimura lock after reversing one of Dan's signature german suplexes into a takedown of his own. Throughout the course of the match Tanner hit an unprecedented six TKOs (including one on the unprotected concrete floor) and introduced a chair into the match, which he used extensively and eventually wound up on the receiving end of after Dan visibly "had enough" of the weapon usage and snatched the chair from his hands. An excellent moment came towards the end of the match when Tanner picked the chair up off the ground, approached a prone Dan and then had a visible moment of clarity wherein he realized something along the lines of "i don't need to use this, i'm the most dangerous weapon in the ring already", whereupon he dropped the chair and locked in a picturesque crossface chickenwing (a move which clearly wore Dan down to the point of submitting to Tanner's kimura not a minute later).

backstage segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Dan Brown pitched a fit following his defeat, demolishing much of Jack Windsor's office. Jack made an attempt to placate him by reminding him of their working arrangement - an arrangement in which, by Jack's account, "certain opportunities were to be afforded to [Dan/any other wrestler involved], and in exchange [Dan/others] would perform certain tasks for him". This line of negotiation was semi-successful in calming Dan's temper, but his anger flared up once more when Jack instructed him to shake Tanner Morgen's hand to congratulate him for his victory. Dan told Jack to fuck off, but eventually yielded and begrudgingly shook Tanner's hand when threatened with removal from Jack's "collective".

in-ring segment

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Jack Windsor ordered Marie Dufort to join him on the stage. He introduced a new title - the ScrapYard Stainless Steel Championship, a title which could only change hands via submission - and told Marie her reward for victory earlier in the night would be a match for the title in the night's main event. Jack then introduced Marie's opponent - Exciting Battle Of Los AngelAES quarter-finalist (and favourite to win this year's King Of Los AngelAES tournament) Dominick Williamson.

Match 8 (Main Event)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  STAINLESS STEEL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Marie Dufort vs. Dominick Williamson

Marie fought valiantly, but found herself in a position of certain defeat when Dominick reversed an attempted cartwheel back elbow into a flying armbar - a move he followed up with a second armbar which audibly wrenched Marie's shoulder free of its socket. Marie tried her best to continue, but a third ensuing armbar left her with no choice but to submit. Dominick Williamson stood tall to end the show, having been crowned ScrapYard's first ever Stainless Steel Champion.

Jul 9 2017, 11:02 AM
June was a busy month! Almost ten shows on record, new champions crowned and major shake-ups to the status quo of the AES elite. With any luck, though, July should be slightly less eventful and slightly more manageable- oh no wait

As with last month, if a performer has not been active within the three previous months as of this list's recording (that is, April, May and June) they will be docked placement on the list.

Honorable Mentions

Darby Brizen made a spectacular return to form on June 22nd's ScrapYard: Act 1 event, taking on the pair of Heikki Jokinen and Richardson Peterson, Jr. in a near single-handed effort and dispatching both with some ease. The former CFPW Colt Champion appears to be treating the UK-based independent as a launching point for a return to former prominence in the wake of the closure of her prior stomping grounds CFPW and ROSE, and if she can remain in winning ways against higher-caliber opponents going forward she may be well on her way to doing just that.

Petor Ginoveaf also made his presence known in a major way on ScrapYard's maiden show, besting the pairing of Joey Lin and Lee Smith with the aid of tag-team-partner and foe-to-be Emile Kotille. Petor's regular partner and brother Grigori Genoveaf has been enjoying his own share of success in a singles capacity (as I'm sure all of my readers are well aware at this point), but Petor has been touted as the better of the two among certain circles for a long time and ScrapYard seems to be providing him with an opportunity to showcase this.

Marie Dufort was perhaps ScrapYard's greatest breakout, having finally gotten the stand-out performance she seemed to have been destined for since her ill-fated debut in Zenith Pro Wresling a few years ago, and while she came up short against the more tenured Kamara Moore the strength of her performance against such a top-level talent was nothing short of extraordinary. Marie has a bright future on the Power Rankings, and I'm certain this is to be only the beginning of her rise to the top.

Removed of ScrapYard, our friends at Grappling Of Glory put on an excellent showcase of their talents on June 22nd, and one of several names that caught peoples' attention on that show was the nightmarish individual known as Kill Them. I would prefer not to recount Mr. Them's specific actions against Tryhard Chris in detail, as witnessing them made me feel rather sick, but the ferocity with which he put away that weaker opponent left one equal parts excited and horrified to see what he might do against an opponent more his own flavor.

Several weeks before June 22nd's double header, the long-absent Jordan Larsson made a strong return to form in a winning effort against the Power Rankings' most inconsistent regular inclusion Travis Cassidy. He did lots and lots of Gold Wire Cutters and it was very cool.

Turning our attention to the women of AES, Casey McCloud has been frequently excellent this past month - discounting a win against CFPW's final champion Dazzling Mercury on NOW Elite this past Thursday (which will certainly have an impact on the Power Rankings in the month to come), Casey also made her return to the R_SE franchise with a win over personal favourite of mine and fellow returnee Anne Cortes at RISE Wrestling Part 2 on June 18th.

Zahra was another performer who made an impression on the 18th, besting five other competitors to win a hard-fought battle royale. Whatever oppurtunities this match nets her, she looks to be certain to make the most of them.

Meanwhile in Revolution X, Brody Boucher made a massive impression with a decisive win over Vicki Roxx (a stand-out talent herself) on Revolution X Episode 2 on the 11th. From that same show, Austin Callaway made a similar impression with a win in an excellent match against Australian oddball Lanigan. These two are both ones worth looking out for on future shows.

The Power Rankings would be off to an odd start if some mention were not lent to TANW, and the first name that springs to mind when thinking of stand-out performers from the past month is Declan A'Shiya. The young master of the #MEGATHICC Movement has a mixed record across the board but his win over three other talents (including a game-as-ever Shogo Mido) in the ladder match that opened TANW 6 Degrees Of Seperation was an outstanding feat.

On that selfsame show, Rosaline Valdes made a spectacular comeback after her loss at TANW 4 Of A Kind with a win over AES veteran Oseiko. Oseiko won a match this month too, incidentally! Good for her. Better for Valdes, who won a match against the person who won a match on a different show this month, making her a Double Winner.

Lakeem had a noteworthy month, besting the previously-undefeated Kenny Rose and crowning himself #1 contender for Grigori Genoveaf's TANW Male Master Class Championship - a match he later lost, but put in an excellent effort and gave his best shot. Things look to be on an upswing for Lakeem after a slow first half of this year, and his still-looming HPW Top Of The World Championship match is sure to have a major effect on that momentum.

Our final honorable mention for this month is Mark Anderson, who looks to have resumed his ascent to the top of TANW with a win over Kenny Rose (a young man who appears to be slipping down the ladder after an exceptional first few outings in the company) to secure his own shot against top man Grigori. A win last night against the fantastic Roze O. Flavio seems to spell out a bright future for Manderson.
Jun 28 2017, 09:12 PM
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