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Oct 17 2017, 11:53 AM
this is pretty much gonna be a series of Roze doing his best to explain why he's doing what he's doing. fair warning for future chapters, but they'll eventually get really dark and stuff. just be wary okay?


Chapter 1 / The Sons Clash Once More
Oct 13 2017, 06:53 PM
Right here!

The sign ups aren't complete, hence all the "Team 5, Team 6" nonsense. But right here is pretty much yer hub for knowing which fights are at which shows. Think of a Week as one show. The lil names up on the corner are the names of that match's referees. I'll still write up the cards to build excitement for shows and stuff. Standings are over there too and stuff. I'mma urge lads to sign up once more, note that you dont have to have a character on GoG to sign up for bang.
Sep 29 2017, 11:09 PM
(Thanks Jordan, Laura and Tan for p muh suggesting that this bit should be a sub division rather than a full on fed)

Posting this in Random in the case that this can just be a dead thing in the case BANG isn't accepted.

So I made GoG initially a VPW fed because Shoot Fights are fucking cool, but i fucked my save tryna get more free slots. I then switched GoG to No Mercy because editing Movesets and replacing wrestlers in the game was infinitely easier.

But because I love VPW's shoot fighting, I figured i can make a lil league thing only involving the 16 available slots.

I found a site that will make organizing Cards and Standings completely easy for me. Example of those things. Once everything is set up, I'll publish the "schedule" and you'll know what all the cards and standings will be and stuff. There'll be a total of 15 Cards that'll come out. By the end of those 15 cards, or a Cycle if you may, there will be a big Super Bowl-like tourney to determine the The Champion of that Cycle out of the Top 8 Boiz in the Standings. The Bottom 8 Boiz will also have their own tournament, The Losers Bracket's gonna be an actual thing BAYBEEEE.

tl;dr it's kinda like sports or whatever but with Shoot Fights. If your boy is in the top 8 by the end of 15 shows, they're in the BANG Bowl baby! Bottom 8? They're in The Loser's Bracket. After those, the records reset, I make an "In or out???" post. Cycle 2 happens. COOL!

Now for the In or out bit of this post if your boiz are in this list and you still want them in, go ahead and say so.

if you want to sign up a new boi, go ahead and sign up. Remember that I prefer seriousish MMA guys or Adaptable wrestlers. I don't mind if you make a dumb sign up tho, just no DAB-level guys. Also plz make a masky boi, i'm so happy that I can make masks in VPW. Being in this Division p much means yer in GoG

[b]Height (in cm):[/b]
[b]Weight (in kg):[/b]
[b]General Moveset Ideas[/b]
[b]Signiture Moves (3)[/b]
[b]Finishing Move (1)[/b]

Me (Psymon Moore's going over babyyyyy)
Tan (DNS)
Pyro (Tryhard Chris)
Sam (Kill Them)
AK (Mark Anderson)
Mike Sasaki (Shinya Yoshida)
Wasabi (Kyo)
derry (the cow)
1 character limit thanks
Aug 18 2017, 06:04 AM
Hi, RoZo here, and I have been a little slacking on getting the Stops done as quickly as I used to. Here are the reasons why.


It fucking sucks and right now I'm at a state where I'm not completely depressed, but anything productive is taking a back seat as I just do whatever in the last days of summer. I'm kinda dwelling on the whole "wrestling school's gonna have to wait until way later" bit and also kinda got stood up by a girl because her mom got in an accident (i wish her well tho, here's hoping she'll be alright).

Right now, all I've been doing is playing League and struggling to talk to friends and stuff. Also, recording segments for GoG are actually proving to be a little stressful and a tad bit overwhelming tbh. Hence the reason why i wanted to go a NJPW feel to begin with. Don't get me wrong though, as soon as feds happen, I'll most likely be inspired to keep working. But right now i'm honestly too sad to talk or do anything. aaaa
Aug 3 2017, 09:10 AM
my story's in here, check it out whenever
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