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Jun 20 2017, 06:32 PM
Okay so in an attempt to give me more slots than offered in VPW, I kinda fucked up the save/movesets. Oops. So, i'm not gonna be using VPW anymore... I AM however going to be using No Mercy from now on. Concept of GoG will be the same, divisions/championships/match types will have to be radically different. Bright side tho, more match variations! As for the sign ups, tbh i can just use the caw slots for what i have right now, and everyother character from then on will be made with a moveset editor. The sign up template will change slightly because thank god No Mercy's p much VPW 3. Just give me the height and weight in feet and pounds now and junk. We are the Champions is obviously delayed, but i already have some stuff recorded anyways so the Road To Stops will be done and stuff.

Big big big fuckin thanks to Francis for helping me out through the change and getting used to the moveset editor and just a big help overall.
Jun 18 2017, 01:22 AM
Superheavyweight Division
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  1. Richard Fountain (1-0)

Heavyweight Division
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  1. Roze O. Flavio (1-0)
2. Kazuchika Francokada (0-1)*
2. Mark Anderson (0-1)*

* marks multiple people within the same rank of each other
Jun 17 2017, 07:47 PM
drink high ppv

matches are hidden, oooo surpeises

when: now now
May 23 2017, 06:32 PM

image p much lifted from this thing sorry, i'm lazy as shit

This is the show where we crown our first our first champions for each division! More details will come once time passes and a THOROUGH READING of Sam's Top Guys happen. Road To's will be posted after this initial post. In the end, promos can go here in the grand scheme of things.
Since this is the first main show, feel free to also use this as an intro RP thing.

Card soon!!!
May 19 2017, 08:45 AM


Super Heavyweight Division

Heavyweight Division

Jr. Heavyweight Division

Tag Division

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  The Masterwork (Lucius Masters & Lily Malone)

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