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Oct 2 2017, 05:12 PM

I wasn't expecting him to be THAT bitter!


Richie Stevens? Yeah, I got a lot to say about him alright.


And just like that, it was like a weight was lifted off my back!


Nothing can ever prepare you for getting in the same ring as that monster, nothing.


No, of course it's not my real last name! It's so stupid!


There's no single worse person in all of wrestling than this guy, in the entire history of the business. I promise you that!
Feb 21 2017, 03:29 AM

Name: Cole Scorpio

Nickname(s): The Detroit Dragon

Legal/Birthname: Anonymous

Social Media: None that he's ever been aware of

Alignment: Face

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Married

Height/Weight: 6'0" 254lbs

Birthdate: June/19/1984 (31)

Hailing From: Detroit, MI

Born In: Detroit, MI

Occupation(s): Pro Wrestler

Appeared in:


Every other fed that was active from 2012-2014


Theme History:

Red Fang - Wires
Dozer - Blood Undone

Signature Moves:

Detroit Tiger Suplex (Tiger Suplex)
Butterfly/Double Underhook DDT


Stone Cole Stunner (Stone Cold Stunner)
Scorpio Death Drop (Scorpion Death Drop)

Claims to Fame:

Former Member of Class Inc
CNW Tag Team Champion (/w Dirk Derek as Bud Light)
Beat White Henry at Wrestlemanyuuu
Won TDW's NEWD 2014 Showcase rumble
Won SDW's NEWD 2017 Showcase ladder match
2nd Generation Heart and Soul of SDW




David Ironside


Born in one of many rough parts of Detroit, Cole was trained by Black Mountain legend Terry Kowalski. He first signed with ProWres in the Summer of 2012, and then every other promotion under the AES banner. At one point considered a rising star, Cole disappeared from televised wrestling for nearly three years following his defeat at the feet of Bitter Janetty.

Recently he reappeared under the SDW brand, immediately winning its Heart and Soul championship.
Feb 21 2017, 03:00 AM
In the locker room, immediately following the SDW Showcase.

I thought you'd have forgotten about me by now.

Coated in sweat, his wrist-tape stained red from Aryn Pickman's blood, Cole Scorpio sits alone in his gear. He isn't looking into the camera when he says it. Instead, he's staring down at the dream made real in his hands.

I been gone so long, so many years. And I never really thought too much of myself when I was here, never thought anyone did. So when they put a contract in my hand and told me to come home, I thought it was a joke. That someone came across my name in an old magazine and thought it'd be funny to make me think I was wanted. Especially after the way I went out, disappearing without so much as a phone call. I had people telling me I was inches away from the top of the sport, and next thing you know, the only thing they could say to me was "why?"

Carefully, he sets his dream down beside him. The gold glitters in his eyes, and he's fighting back tears again. With two quick moves he tears his wrist tape off, without a hint of a wince.

I never could bring myself to tell anyone. Not the writers, not my friends, not even my family. Because it was shameful, something to be embarrassed about. I've seen people say it was a relapse, that it was ego gone bad, or maybe just wanting more money. The first one's understandable, though I'm proud to say I'm up to my bronze chip. The other two... maybe they were part of it. Maybe they're why the real reason happened. But they don't tell the whole story.

He reaches over his head, pulling down a towel from the locker behind him. After swiping the sweat away from his eyes, it's easier for the camera to tell just how red they are.

I left... it's still hard to say. I left because I was afraid. Not of getting hurt, or being forgotten, or anything that's a given for this business. I was afraid of not being good enough. Of maybe never being good enough. After Bitter just about kicked my jaw off, everyone expected me to dust myself off and get back at it. Because that's what wrestlers do, they stand up and tell the other guy "not good enough." But when the time came for me to have a chance at redemption? I couldn't even get out of bed. All I could do was stare at the ceiling, and think to myself... you're not ready for this. And you never will be.

His head turns downward, his face shrouded by shadow. He sits there silently, a moment that feels like eternity passing. It's his dream shining next to him that finally snaps him out of it.

It's funny, having this. I'd been gone longer than I'd been here in the first place. And while I was here, the only thing I ever won was the tag strap in CNW. With... he sighs another person I shouldn't have abandoned. God, there's so many people here I shouldn't have left behind. Everyone that I expected dirty looks from, everyone I thought wished I would have stayed gone, you know what they did when I came backstage? They told me they were glad I was back. They shook my hand, they congratulated me. People I thought would hate me for the rest of my life, or at least until they forgot my name, were telling me they never wanted me to leave in the first place.

He covers his eyes, and even though you can't see his face you know the tears hidden under his hands.

And then there's them, out there. The best I thought I could ask for was a polite clap, and instead I got a roar. That was the best feeling I've ever had, exceptin' maybe the day I got married. And all my kids being born. Yeah. Those should probably go first, huh?

He laughs, and lets his hand fall away from his face. Small streams are forming on his face.

I'm sorry if I'm rambling. I had this whole speech worked out in my head, I was gonna tell you where I'd been, what I'd been doing, and I was gonna cap it all off with some cool line about it not mattering. Because being here meant starting over, a new beginning on the road to conquering my fear. But that was when I wasn't exactly expecting to win. And now I've got this...

He grabs hold of his belt, and rests it on his lap.

I still need to conquer my fear. Even now I'm afraid, terrified. Of the road ahead, of what's to come. But you're supposed to be afraid of those. Getting over them is part of life, it's how you become whoever it is you're supposed to become. It's like they say, not having any fear doesn't just make you brave, it makes you stupid. No, what a man needs is courage. The ability to overcome great fear... a little willpower.

Suddenly, he rises. Towering over a camera that hadn't expected the sudden move, the red in his eyes starts to look less like tears and more like fire.

And if I'm going to be fighting to find my courage, then I demand it of anyone who wants to take this from me.

With a flick of the wrist, the heavy belt is thrown over his shoulder. With a sharp slapping noise, it finds its home.

Because if you really haven't forgotten who I am, if you remember the man I was, then you've only got half the story. Just because I was off your TV doesn't mean I ever once stopped wrestling. For three years now, I've been going from bingo hall to bingo hall, to prison exhibitions, to the Hellinikon in greece, to Korakuen, I have traveled this world. Learned new moves, new strategies, gotten rid of weaknesses, and gotten a whole heck of a lot stronger.

With a clench of his fist, the veins in his arm start to bulge. His hand swings up, his finger pointing through the camera.

So if you could beat the old me, then feel free to try again. Because I will gladly take you on again. Because I can't let myself be scared of you anymore, no matter who you are. This goes out to every single wrestler on the planet, no matter who or where you are. If you want a chance at being the Heart and Soul of SDW, no, of PRO WRESTLING ITSELF, you have to come through ME now.

His hand unclenches, the blood trapped within finally getting to move again as it moves up to the title.

I'm going to do my best by this championship. Because more than anything else, it's how I'll know when I've conquered my fear. Not just by holding it, not just by defending it, but by making it something more. By doing everything I can to make it the most important belt in the world, more than anything else. By making it the thing everyone wants the most. And most importantly... by making taking it away from me the biggest moment of someone else's career.

He smiles, his teeth shining.

Everyone loses eventually. I'm not under any delusions about holding this forever. I don't know how long this moment is going to last, but don't think I won't fight till my last breath for it to keep going. I want the fight of my life, of everyone's lives when it comes to this championship. Because the real test isn't how I have it, or how I lose it, or how much I make it matter.

It's whether I try to take the moment back, or just stay in bed again.

The smile disappears as the last of his adrenaline fizzles out. His knees grow weak, the title heavier by the second.

Now I know there's plenty more questions you've got for me. But I don't think I've got any more answers to give. Not right now at least. And besides, I'd really like to get out of these tights. So, if you wouldn't mind...

He gestures towards the door. The camera crew make their way out of the room obediently, closing the door behind them. He sighs heavily, then immediately finds himself collapsing backwards onto the bench once more.

What was I thinking out there, some of those moves. He mutters to himself.

He stretches his arms, and lets himself yawn. Reaching into the gym bag in his locker, he pulls out an old flip-phone. He makes it through dialing OK, but by the time it rings for the first time he's starting to sob. There's a click on the other end. He fights through the tears as he hears his wife's voice on the other end.

I did it babe. Snow, I did it!

The Detroit Dragon finally gets to bare his heart and soul.
Feb 11 2017, 06:28 PM
Is normal
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