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Jul 16 2017, 11:47 PM
1) Declan A'Shiya
2) Tyler Thomas
3) Lyle Hedley
5) Ciaran Fawkes
6) Big Boy Gladwin
7) Snakeman
8) Brand
9) ??? (To be decided at 8 Days a Week)
10) ??? (To be decided at 8 Days a Week)
11) ??? (To be decided at 9 in the Afternoon)
12) ??? (To be decided at [A]ngel in the Snow)
13) ??? (To be decided at [B]ack at the Funny Farm)
14) ??? (To be decided at [C]herry Waves)
15) ??? (To be decided at [D]igging the Grave)
16) ??? (Unique Opportunity Winner's Pick)

TANW SydeShow: CrossRoads
-All first round matches

TANW: [E]very You
-All quarterfinal matches

TANW: [E]very Me
-All semifinal matches
-The finals

Championship matches across [E]very You and [E]very Me to be determined by availability.
Jul 15 2017, 06:57 PM
Will add these when both nights are in the books.
Jul 14 2017, 05:14 AM
Okay, so I want to tackle this now before it's an issue rather than later when "oh shit I looked away and it's april the servers are going down next month"

So here's the deal, I'm no longer in a position where I can afford to buy these games and their expensive-ass season passes every year. Basic amenities take a significant priority. As such, I'm not going to be able to upgrade to 2k18 when the time comes. That's not an issue immediately, but come next May when the 2k17 servers shut down, it will be.

So, there's realistically two options here. The first is I can keep running on 2k17 and simply close signups when the time comes. This is fine as an option realistically as we've got a big roster already, but on the other hand a big part of the fun in running TANW for me is the openness and the feeling of anyone being able to show up at any time, and if it closes off then that can't happen anymore.

The other option is starting a transition to FPW at some point, which would probably begin right after the CrossSuplex. This has the advantage of intergender, so assuming I was fully transitioned by the third supershow I'd be able to unite the gendered titles on it and run a less cluttered show from that perspective. Additionally, there wouldn't be CC restrictions or 100-CAW limits, so I could effectively make signups unlimited and go real fuckin crazy with it. Obviously, however, there's the major downside of it being a completely different style of game which sims in a completely different manner.

Ultimately, I've decided, because I'm crazy, that I'm going to leave this to a poll, which will close after TANW 9 airs, so you got about 29 days to vote. Please rest assured that regardless of the poll results, we've still got at least a full 7-show supershow cycle of exclusively 2k17, so you've plenty of time to get sorted in the event we do swap afterward.

If you feel particularly strongly one way or the other please feel free to reply, the whole reason I'm making this a poll and not just swapping is because I want to factor in the feelings of everyone involved, and if people really don't want a switch then I want to respect that.

Also I should note that I've done a number of recording tests and have had zero issues with any so far, in case that were a concern.
Jul 11 2017, 07:45 PM
Hey, so FPW's out! It has the workshop integration, and it's real cool! The one thing it doesn't have, however, is tags. But we have options.

For one thing, you can link to your CAW on the workshop in this thread. For another, the search function actually works, so you can search for a CAW and probably find it.

For another, you can put them in collections, such as this one:

I'll be updating this general collection of AES CAWs as time goes on. If you want me to add something to it, please either post a link to it here, DM me it on steam, leave a message on the steam collection, DM me on here, DM me on discord, @ me in wrestling-games or DM/@ me on twitter. Lots of options!

I can't add things to the collection unless they're set to public, however, so please be aware of that.

Outside of that this thread is generally here for link archiving, so feel free to post your CAWs here even if they're already in a collection. Please try and keep it like the "Characters you play" thread where it's one post per head so I can maintain a list of links in the OP, though, unless you're bumping to get my attention.

Jul 9 2017, 01:36 PM
Wow I'm late on this.

SAM: 28750 (=20750+3k+3k-3k+3k-2k+2k+2k-1k+1k)
KAWADA: 12100 (=6100+6k)
STARDY: 5801
DEF: 4700
IDBC: 2900
AKNL: 2800
TBK: 2700 (=2000+500+100+100)
HINOA: 2000 (=2000+1k-500-500)
FRANCO: 350 (=2000-2k+350 regen)

Biggest winner by percentile: Kawada (98.36%)
Biggest winner overall: Sam (+8000, again)
Biggest winner by singular bet: Kawada (+6000)
Biggest loser by percentile: Franco (82.5%)
Biggest loser overall: Franco (-1650)
Biggest loser by singular bet: Sam (-3000)

This is gonna be fun to type out. Bets close on friday at fed time. All matches are 1:1, I miss elimination matches.

Holly Hawk vs. Katherine Evans
Hammond Egger vs. Tyler Thomas
Chandelier vs. Oseiko
The Saintly Alliance vs. The Justice Fighters
Lyle Hedley vs. Declan A'Shiya
Blair Irving vs. Robin Reflex
Alice Skye & Nicolle Knox vs. The Amazons of Anchorage
Usvifr Magni © vs. ??? (1)
Rosaline Valdes vs. Arceus
Manderson vs. Grigori

Alexis Riot vs. Baby Wolf
??? (2) vs. ??? (3)
Kenny Rose vs. Ciaran Fawkes
The Hook-Up vs. En Garde
Lakeem vs. Brand
Electra Emerick vs. ??? (4)
??? (5) vs. The Chosen
Alice Skye vs. Jeongyeon
Stheno vs. Carmen Castellano
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