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Aug 5 2017, 05:36 PM
Big boy Gladwin defeated Hammond Egger by submission

Alexis Riot defeated Rick Trent with the insomnia cure

Listen to it here:

Feedback Thread:

Sign Up Thread:
Aug 1 2017, 02:18 AM
Thread will be opened after pilot airs.

Edit: I'm a liar. thread opened before pilot aired.
Jul 21 2017, 09:43 PM

A: All Star Mystic Rasslin (ASMR for short). It is a fed told in only audio. Most matches are chosen by RNG but I do reserve the right to choose a result if a certain result makes more sense in storyline. I will attempt to keep this to a minimum since I believe the RNG makes for more amusing results.

Q: Storylines? How do you intend to tell storylines with only voice?

A: This I'm still working out the kinks on, but for the most part text promos (As normal) and commentary will be used to carry them.

Q: What characters should I sign up

A: I am offering two per person (this is liable to change), but while I won't discourage shitpost wrestlers, but try to sign up someone with a clear character so I understand what I am supposed to be going for. Tag teams count as one sign up and not two.

Q: I want to join the random draw for the Luck and Pluck title. How do I do this and what are the rules?

A: For the first show it will be a complete random draw out of the whole roster. After that to "State your intention" you should DM me (Here, Discord, or anything else) and said character's name will be added to the draw.

Q: My question wasn't answered here.

A: Send it to me bb I'll answer it.
Jul 16 2017, 08:42 PM
Bill Pryce stands in the ring, a mic in hand. "Well, well, well...!" His cadence a bit quick, but his words are crisp and clear. "Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between! The name's Bill Pryce, and you may have seen me around with my client, yeah?" He lifts an arm in a friendly shrug. "You know her, you love her, you gotta see her! Your Women's Champion, the Perfect Idol, Chiyoko Uzuki!" Pryce nods, beckoning the crowd as they applaud and cheer at the name. "HOWEVER!" He holds a single finger up as the noise dies down. "Last week, the unthinkable happened to our poor, adorable little Chiyoko..." He pauses, furrowing his brow, uttering in a near hushed tone:

"She lost."

Quite a few boos well up in the arena as Pryce frowns, shaking his head, ignoring a few a few cheers peppering the arena. "Hey, hey! Not by pinfall, mind you, but still! Unbelievable, right? Just short of a two month winning streak and everything!" He idly steps about the ring. "Chiyoko's philosophy is to keep your chin up, but wouldn't you know it, she's still feeling down!" He peers over the ropes at the crowd. "She can't help but feel as if she failed all of you, yanno? Thinking you've let so many people down just ain't an easy thing to recover from..." He hangs his head sadly, draping himself over the top rope. "But luckily..." He immediately shoots back up to his feet, straightening himself up and pulling at his bowtie. "I know just the thing to cheer her up! And you know what that is?" He grins. "THAT'S RIGHT! You, the fans! Or, more specifically... one lucky fan!" He snaps a finger. "Yes, that's right, you heard me! We'll be holding a raffle for one lucky fan to spend an evening with Chiyoko!" Pryce glances aside to the camera. "Just dinner, mind you." He laughs. "But that's right! Our sweet, innocent Chiyoko was able to find some spring in her step again thanks to encouraging words from fans... So what better way to give back to the fans than by spending time with one, yeah?" He holds a finger up again. "And you folks are lucky enough to hear it first, because the winner will be decided via raffle!" He snaps, fingergunning. "Raffle tickets are on sale... immediately after this next match! One winner will be decided at GCW's next pay-per-view... One!" He chuckles at his own joke, then gestures grandly. "Now, on with the show!" Pryce gives a quick bow, exiting the ring.

*we cut to Nigel and Lola on commentary*
Nigel: Hello everyone and welcome to one of the most stacked Ignitions to date! I'm Nigel Alexander and joining me as always is...

Lola: Hey guys, It's Lola Sparkle here and Nigel you are absolutely right, tonight has got some fantastic matches including Darius versus Jensen and Andreas against the GCW World Champion Mason James! These are going to be epic.

Nigel: They sure are, but first, we have triple threat action to kick us off as the Women's champion Chiyoko Uzuki takes on Camber and Maricia. This is going to be a great kick off to Ignition.

Chiyoko vs Camber vs Maricia

Controversy hit early on as Maricia began the match by building up momentum before she was stopped by Chiyoko who dropkicked her off the apron. The fall didn't look pretty as Maricia instantly grabbed her leg in pain resulting in a small stoppage to the match. The medical personnel has to escort Maricia to backstage as the referee checked that Camber and Chiyoko were ok with continuing. Both women continued the match with Camber gaining the initial control through her brawling ability. Chiyoko struggled to get any offence in as Camber continued to work on her body. The women's champion seemed in even more trouble as Camber was able to lock in pyromania. Camber kept the pressure on constantly as Chiyoko urged her way to the ropes with help from the crowd. Camber saw it as the right time to go for a blazing inferno but she didn't expect a sudden surge of energy from Chiyoko who dodged the attempt and connected with cutie patootie. Chiyoko uses this energy to stage a comeback as she uses all of her might to fight Camber down to the floor before hitting a Heart-to-heart and then seamlessly moving onto the top rope for a cupid's arrow to secure the three count and the win.

Winner: Chiyoko Uzuki by pinfall

Nigel: Well, despite Maricia being taken out of the match early on, the match was still a great one as Chiyoko picks up more momentum for One.

Lola: Speaking of Momentum, our next match sees two men who are looking for the same momentum as former World champion Darius Seeiso takes on the former International champion Jensen.

Nigel: Darius has been very different lately. I hope he can solve everything soon or he'll have a big task on his hand in the form of Mason James.

Lola: You're right Nigel but right now, he needs to focus on his match which is next.

Darius Seeiso vs Jensen

Darius comes out on stage, and stands, stoic.

Fink: From Maseru, Lesotho… Darius Seeiso!

Darius storms down the ramp, shaking his head. He rolls into the ring, and stares into the crowd. He nods along with the music, and raises a fist.

Nigel: One of the most decorated men in this company. Also, one of the meanest.

The lights dim as the music begins blaring throughout the arena. As the music continues, varies colored strobe lights begin to flash on the stage along with some smoke. Soon a figure emerges with outstretched arms from the mixture of lights with his back to the crowd. After a few moments pause, Jensen turns and embraces the crowd.

Fink: From Portland, Oregon… Jensen!

He makes his way down the ramp slowly taking in the crowd’s reaction while slowly bobbing his head to the beat of the music. The lights remained dim until he gets in the ring. He climbs onto the turnbuckle and once again embraces the crowd.

Lola: Jensen has a great opportunity here to beat the former champ.

The bell rings, and the two competitors begin to circle each other.

Nigel: The match is underway, former GCW Champion Darius Seeiso, vs GCW veteran Jensen. This should be good.

Darius and Jensen lock up. Darius forces Jensen into the corner. The ref steps between them, forcing a break, and Darius backs away cleanly. They lock up again, but this time, Jensen quickly grabs a headlock. Darius rolls backwards, rolling Jensen off him. Jensen goes to lock up with Darius again, but Darius drops down and hits Jensen with an ankle pick, dropping Jensen flat on his back. Jensen retaliates by stomping Darius square in the face.

Nigel: That was stiff, holy…

Lola: Go Jensen!

Nigel: You’re supposed to be impartial…

Lola: Oh… Yeah, right…

Jensen scrambles to his feet and hits Darius with a forearm. Darius retaliates with a wicked overhand slap. The two continue training shots, and Darius backs off into the corner. He ducks his head out of the ring, as Jensen comes over. The ref holds Jensen back.

Nigel: Darius ducking out of the ring, taking a short breath.

Lola (under her breath): Coward…

Nigel looks to Lola.

Nigel: What was that?

Lola: Nothing…

Darius comes back into the ring, and gouges Jensen’s eyes, unbeknownst to the ref.

Nigel: Oh come on! We need better refs…

The ref moves out of the way, and Darius drops Jensen with a superkick. He drops down, a knee in Jensen’s chest, and begins pummelling him.

Nigel: Darius seems more aggressive nowadays—

Lola: He’s always been this aggressive… He just didn’t tap into it…

Darius drags Jensen to his feet, and lifts him into a Samoan Drop position. Jensen hits elbows to the side of Darius’ head, slips out, and plants Darius with a single underhook DDT.

Nigel: DDT!

Darius slowly rises to his feet, and Jensen backs off to the opposite corner. Darius stands, and Jensen runs at him, blasting him with a shotgun dropkick.

Lola: Shotgun dropkick!

Darius bounces off the turnbuckle, and rolls into the centre of the ring. The crowd begins to hype Jensen up, as he steps onto the apron.

Nigel: Jensen maybe going for that springboard clothesline, here.

Jensen begins scaling to the top rope.

Nigel: Oh? Jensen maybe changing things up here, going to the top rope!

Darius makes it to his feet, and sprints over to Jensen. He jumps, and cracks him in the side of the head with a Royal Fury.

Nigel: Darius caught Jensen!

Darius pulls Jensen directly from the top rope, into a suplex position, before dropping him with a Night Driver. He slides over Jensen and secures the three count. Jensen kicks out immediately after the three.

Nigel: Darius with a narrow victory there, catching Jensen off guard.

Darius stands slowly, nodding. He raises a fist, and rolls out of the ring.

Winner: Darius Seeiso by pinfall

Lola: That could have gone either way but Darius gains that all important momentum we were discussing earlier.

Nigel: He seems ready for Mason. I hope he can keep it all together. Anyway, we have reached our main event as the World champion Mason James takes on Andreas Landa in what is sure to be a hard hitting match.

Lola: We have got two of the largest men in GCW to date in the ring at the same time. We need to check the ring otherwise it might collapse!

Nigel: I'm sure we'll be fine Lola...I hope.

Mason James vs Andreas Landa

Mason meets Andreas in the centre of the ring. The two man stand stoic and tall. Mason goes to back off to his corner, but Andreas slowly extends his hand.

Lola: Why does he always try to shake people's hands?

Mason shakes his head, and accepts the handshake.

Nigel: Who knows? Maybe some of the roster happen to be decent human beings...

Andreas goes to release, but Mason takes a step closer to Andreas, and pulls him in close. The two end up chest to chest, with Mason glaring into the eyes of Andreas.

Lola: Mason maybe holding on for a bit too long here.

Nigel: He's Mason James, he could hold on all day if he wanted to.

Andreas smiles, before reaching down, and prying Mason's hand away from his own.

Lola: What were you saying?

Nigel: Hush.

Mason and Andreas lock up.

Nigel: Like two of Paul Bunyan's blue oxen locking horns.

Lola: Wait, what?!

Andreas and Mason both trudge, and pump their feet, trying to move one another, but to no avail. Mason finally pushes Andreas away. The crowd cheers at the display from the two behemoths.

Lola: Is the ring gonna hold up for this match?

Nigel: Lord I hope so...

Mason and Andreas lock up again, but this time, Andreas quickly transitions into a headlock. Mason breaks his grip, and secures a headlock of his own. Andreas backs Mason up to the ropes, and pushes him off. Mason rebounds, and cracks Andreas with a shoulder block, but both competitors stay standing.

Lola: These two seem evenly matched!

Mason goes for another shoulder block, onto to be stopped again by Andreas.

Nigel: Mason needs to feel dominant when it comes to strength. That confidence takes him so far. Andreas is shaking that confidence right now.

Mason nods, motioning for Andreas to try. Andreas obliges, and runs off the ropes. Mason goes for a clothesline, but Andreas ducks it, and hits the other ropes. Mason with a wild haymaker, which Andreas ducks once more. Andreas hits the other ropes, and crashes into Mason at full speed with a shoulder block. Mason hits the canvas hard, and rolls out of the ring. The crowd erupts as Andreas stands tall inside the ring.

Nigel: Mason just got dropped! Andreas with a thunderous shoulder block, he just dropped the champion!

Mason rolls back into the ring, and nods. He goes to lock up with Andreas again. As Andreas raises his arms, Mason ducks low, and rams his shoulder into Andreas' gut. Andreas backs up as Mason charges him towards the ropes, and the both tumble through the middle ropes to the outside, right in front of the announce table.

Lola: Oh my god!

Lola shrieks in fear, takes off into the timekeepers area. Mason and Andreas make it to their feet and begin to wail on each other with shots on the outside of the ring. The ref begins counting and the two men drive each other into the barricade.

Nigel: The ref is at a count of five here, and neither man is listening... Great.

Andreas drives Mason backwards, and the two crash through the barricade, into the crowd.

Nigel: Oh come on! Now the barricade is down! These two monsters are tearing everything apart!

The bell rings as the ref reaches a ten count.

Fink: Both competitors have been counted out. This match, will be considered a draw!

The two men rise to their feet on the outside. Mason, still fuming, goes to attack Andreas, but security dives in between them. Andreas slowly backs away, and nods. He walks to the back, not saying a word.

Winner: Draw

Nigel: Mason was still trying to get at Andreas, but as soon as that bell rung, Andreas didn't seem to care anymore!

Lola makes it back to her seat.

Lola: I don't think I like being this close to the action!

Nigel: Get yourself together. That's all for this week's episode of GCW Ignition! Thanks for tuning in!

Jul 12 2017, 09:21 PM

Women's Champion put to the Test
Camber vs. Chiyoko vs. Maricia

Two Giants Collide
Andreas Landa vs. Mason James

God Dammy
Jensen vs. Darius Seeiso


Rebecca Strummer vs. Wolfe

Johnny Boy vs. Andrew Jordan vs. John Styles

Owen Hawes vs. Darren Williams & Danny Williams

The Answer & Simon Cade vs. El Masko & Daniel Collins (Big Men 4 U)

Kidd West © vs. Kenji Yamada
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