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Oct 5 2017, 09:55 PM
Kyo sat down laughing to himself before looking up at the Glory Jr Heavyweight Championship "It's been quite the month for me hasn't it? First match is a triple threat match with two champions, one of them the Cast Iron Champion of Scrapyard" He sighed "Came up short I suppose, but I guess this is what they meant by championship level wrestling. I will just have to prepare harder, so I'm not caught off guard next time I cross paths with a person like Sanako. Though who knows who my challenger for this belt will be, I wasn't the one who was pinned so it seems up in the air for the moment."

He nods and taps the floor going over what is on his mind "I suppose that brings me to my match at NOW doesn't it? The fatal four way with 3 amazing competitors... and yet again I came up short." He sighs closing his eyes "I'm not disappointed after all, there's worse ways my gamble could've payed off in the end I am back exactly where I began, just with a wider knowledge of the people who surround me. So to be upset at the result would be an exercise in futility."

He gets up "I seem to be in a weird purgatory, I have never been pinned, never tapped out, however I have never pinned an opponent and never made them tap out. I won this belt in a rumble, but everyday I have these questions in my mind. 'if this person wasn't in the match would I have succeeded?' it's an unhealthy thought, but one that needs satiating." he takes a deep breath "So I suppose I will be on the look out for a one on one match-up, I need to find some form of closure on this"
Sep 23 2017, 05:04 PM
Oh look another pinned thread :eyes: this one to explain some updates. Let's begin with a huge one TL;DR in bold.

After Legends of the Hidden Title ASMR is no longer going to be randomly generated when it comes to the results of matches. Looking down the line it makes sense to write out things and have things scripted out without the chaos of random chance. That being said, I am considering having the Luck and Pluck title stay randomized when it comes to results it's still something I need to think on, but it's a bridge to be crossed when I come to it.
Sep 15 2017, 10:09 PM
1.) There will be a queue that is a randomized draw.

2.) To Enter the Queue you send a sign up through DMs or if they are already a part of the roster just send a message.

3.) In the interest of keeping this as open as possible a sign up for the queue Does NOT count against the character limit. So if you already have 2 singles competitors in ASMR you can still send in a person for the queue who is not part of ASMR.

4.) If a person who has not officially signed up ends up with the title this does not bind them to ASMR. Losing the title will generally will end up on a Case by Case basis ending in one of the following results:

A.) They Leave after they lose the belt (and can go back into the queue if they wish).
B.) They become a part of the roster (if you are not at your character limit)
C.) They become a part of the roster (Replacing one of your singles competators if you are at your limit)
Sep 13 2017, 02:47 PM
oh boi time for another poorly timed announcement before a major fed

I am putting up a call for people to record lines for referees. To be honest my mind was made up before the poll was put up, but the reasons behind checking for confirmation are personal. If you are interested DM me at Wasabi#6945 on discord
Aug 31 2017, 12:34 AM
So this is something I've been debating for a while and it revolves around having referees.

Options and what do they mean:

Silent: there will be no change to the audio and commentary will call out pinfalls, countouts, etc. This overall means less editing, but could cut through the flow of announcing.

Find Audio Clips: A middle ground, I can find some referee SFX for download. Only concern would be it would sound a little out of place and allows less wiggle room on ref calls, otherwise this is something I have no issue with.

Find someone to record clips: Pretty much I just put out a call for someone to record as a ref and I can use the clips going forward. This allows for a lot of wiggle room as if I need some form of special call I can ask. This is a double edged sword, however as people get sick, live lives, and such so there are the possibilities of delay.

If there's some other option I'm missing feel free to weigh in.
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