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Nov 2 2017, 05:48 PM
Hello! It is I, Daniel Heartfield, and I will be announcing the (not so) first card of our Road to PARADISE series! I know you all are excited as much as we are, ever since we've revealed ourselves to the public, a lot of you weren't going to wait until next year in the Summer, so we've figured out we give you all a couple of shows to get packed and ready for the grandest stage of the summer!

We got four matches for the time being and we have to figure out a little problem with one of the former competitors who was in the main event of the Final Showcase, which was Astra Xena. After her match, she have attacked one member of the team in Mandy Morningstar who was just trying to calm her down after a big loss in her US debut, and now she WILL be here in this show and Astra and Mandy will try to sort things out before I have to sort it out myself, and neither of them are going to like it if I do...

But other than that, enjoy yourselves, pack your bags, and don't forget your Road Trip Guide, because we're only just starting up the road trip! See ya' first thing in the morning!

Kyo vs Evie

Casey Reynolds vs Marie Connor

"Heavy" Nate Morgan vs Charlie Proxy

fighter NIGHTBAE vs Anne Cortes

Astra Xena Apologizes?

Release Date: TBA in November
Time: 5PM Central

Oct 22 2017, 06:37 PM

This will be Daniel Heartfield speaking at this time, and if you're coming from PARASUS's message then you're probably wondering on how you can sign up to this road trip that we've mentioned already! We've been getting some of your messages on your interests in the project before we even made the announcement, so we've decided to give you all the official announcement and sign up thread to this Road to PARADISE! If you would like to sign up anybody you would like, then please send over a private message either on the site or on Discord! But there will be some things you'll be needing to know before doing so.

- Thing#1: This will be hosted on WWE 2K18, but occasionally we will be having some Fire Pro Wrestling World being thrown into the mix every now and so often!

- Thing#2: This is open invitational, so I may be a mad person for this but sign up anybody that you would like, but let it be known that we like something serious and some comedy every now and again, so please don't abuse this thing too much. <3

- Thing#3: We will accept both males and female wrestlers, managers, ring announcers, commentators, etc. in this project, because we like to give everyone a chance to showcase what they would like to prove to the world! Just give us a private message on the site or on Discord!

[b]Nickname (prefix or middle)[/b]:
[b]Billed Hometown[/b]:
[b]Billed Height and Weight[/b]:
[b]Alignment[/b]: Face? Heel? Tweener?
[b]Moveset[/b]: Feel free to be as detailed or as loose as you like. I may mess around with the move sets a little, but if there are ever any major changes I shall let you know!. (because the AI can be fucked.)
[b]Signatures (and if you want them to be named, names)[/b]:
[b]Finishers (and if you want them to be named, names)[/b]:
[b]Abilities[/b]: Ok, simply put, no comeback.
[b]Attributes[/b]: If you don't have any specifics, feel free to tell me what should be highest and lowest.
[b]Code/Description[/b]: What do they look like? Or, if they're on Community Creations (PS4), what are the tags? Reference pictures would be lovely.
[b]Entrance[/b]: Motions, pyros, titantron, lighting, etc.
[b]Other details[/b]: Any other significant details we need to know about the person you're signing up?
[b]Character Bio:[/b] To know the character, we first have to understand the character and where it came from unless you want to be like PARASUS and just give us the bears.txt, then fuck.
Oct 22 2017, 06:12 PM
After a couple of months have passed, the project that many people have been wondering, questioning, and puzzled about was finally revelead to the public eye. PROJECT PARADISE was shown to the whole world, and (I'm assuming) everyone had their eyebrows raised, interests piqued, and questions answered once and for all as this was only just the beginning of the project! Now, the question that will be on everyone's mind are: "What's now? This project is only going to be around up until the summer of 2018, so what can we do until then?" Well, what you can do for the time being is enjoy anything and everything that you have right now, because what I'm going to announce in a few moments are going to be a very busy and exciting season of 2017!

Now yes, it is true. The main show will be taking place in the Summer of next year, but can I be honest with you all for a moment? If we give you all just three showcases, reveal our project, call it a day, and wait until next year to pull out the big guns, will that even be fun to remember at all? No, it will not be fun for myself, the team, the people who would like to be involved, and for the viewers all over the world either! Which has lead myself and the team with an agreement that I think that anybody from any organization can be involved in, and I say that because we're inviting anybody and everybody to pack their bags, grab their stuff, and bring in some snacks as well (because some people can get very hungry for some reason, one of them is myself) because starting next month we will be starting up

We couldn't really stand with just giving you all three broadcasted shows, revealing our identies and the project, and just let you all wait until next year, that wasn't the idea we exactly have in mind. I know you all barely know me, considering that we did come in so abruptly last time, and I may not have the experience as much as Daniel Heartfield have, but that doesn't mean we can't spend some quality time together while we're on this road trip! So please, all I ask for you is to have enjoy yourself and have a good time! Because there's a high chance after this is all over, we may never speak to each other ever again, but I don't want to think about that right now, what I want to know is who's willing to join us on this road trip!?

If you are willing to join us, then please prepare in advance to pack your clothes, bras, championships, and even your accolades along the ride, because what I can tell you next month will be a LOOONG ride, baby! So, I'll let you all decide yourself on whether you're going or not and I will be seeing you all on the first show of The Road to PARADISE!
-xoxo Mandy Morningstar/PARASUS
(ps: I love you Franco-chan <3)
Sep 17 2017, 08:13 PM
User: PROPARA.exe

- 8:11PM
>Hello party people! I hope you all had fun and haven't forgotten about us, have you? I see that King of Los Angel-AES have finally concluded and now everything is looking to settle down after the madness and chaos that happened, right? WRONG! Because in case you all forgot? We got ourselves the final showcase before we completely reveal what we have in store for you all!

I'm pretty sure that our message was all over the broadcast for all four nights of KOLA, as it was a reminder that we're going to showcasing what all three of us have in store for you all later on this month? Next month? Who knows? We do, so we're just gonna make sure that we keep you guessing until then.

So allow me to introduce to you our first match of the Final Showcase!

>Now, for this first match? I feel like that Alice Skye wouldn't mind to come back over and showcase what she got during her time back in TANW after the first time she appeared here was against "The Cutest Star of Our Generation" Suzi, in which she will not be appearing for the final showcase due to the request of Suzi herself as she have told me that she have something big in store whenever everything is all revealed, so Suzi, you have my word.

But as for PARAsus's side? Well, she told me that she had this secret that she was keeping ever since the first showcase have ended and decided to go up against The Phoenix herself as she promised that she's looking to reveal her true identity to the whole world! In which by the way, I didn't make this graphic, it was all PARAsus's doing... Explains why we currently have a typo in there, but we're just gonna pretend that nothing happened..

But moving on towards the second match!

>Good god, I'm not the only one who's gonna say say this, but I think we all have been impressed for the single careers of Travis Cassidy and Lee Smith, especially their performance back in King of Los Angel-AES! So when the show ended, something just came into my mind to book this match as they have never competed in the same ring up until now! The Last Young Renegade and The Weeaboo Motherfucker is going to go at it for the first time at the final showcase! That's a match that I'm looking forward to for sure!

After the last time they've competed back at King of Los Angel-AES, I think we all deserve another round between these two, yeah?

>Alright, I'm on a aftermath of KOLA rush at this moment, so forgive me in advance, but I couldn't resist on reaching out to the both of them and put them in the same ring one more time! After their intense performances including their first bout together, the fans had no idea on who they wanted go for in that match, even myself didn't know who was going to come out as the winner! So now that KOLA is concluded and everything is set in stone, how about we have The Self-Proclaimed Best in The World versus The Tiger Cyclone, one more time?

I don't know how either PARAsus and PARAmnesia was able to pull this off, but here's our final match for the Final Showcase!

>You know, for the time being of us pulling matches with mystery opponents, I'm not too sure of what PARAsus and PARAmnesia have in mind for the current, reigning, and defending Cast Iron Champion in "Blue Thunder" Sanako Asano! She's very well known for her fighting spirit all around from the defunct CFPW as she was holding the CFPW Television Championship all the way towards the end of the company and her current reign as Scrapyard's Cast Iron Champion, so as a fan of Asano, I have to question who will be her opponent and what can we expect from her this time? I'm not even sure myself..
>Alongside with an extra match that I will keep a secret until the airing of the Final Showcase, we shall finally reveal our identities and our plan which is 100% and ready to take off for action at the end of the show. I would like to thank you all for guessing and questioning on what this project shall be, but like everything, it shall all come to an end. But until then, we shall see you at the final showcase!

>PROPARA.exe is now offline.
Jun 29 2017, 05:31 PM
Username: PARAsus

- 5:31PM
>Missed us? Well, we've definately missed you all, especially ever since last time! If you're still trying to figure out what this project may be all about? Then, please, continue to figure it out some more, because it's going to be a matter of time when everything is all complete. I do hope you all weren't too startled by our apperence towards the public, as we've only showcased ourselves to the fans who were curious of what was going on and why this is happening, and we're going to continue being an unknown until we think it's time to reveal our identies. And let me just say, I don't think you're ready for what we have in store when it's time.

But enough about us, I bet you're wondering what we're going to do, this time? Well, we're currently planning something like the last showcase we did, but with something more exciting and interesting, and it'll fun for everyone involved! I'm not going to tell you exactly what it may be, but let's just say, it's everyone for themselves, and only one shall experience their own paradise!

From the last showcase, the new girl in "The Cutest Star of Our Generation" Suzi went up against "The Phoenix" Alice Skye, but only to get crushed by a super belly-to-belly from the top rope just for the three-count. I really do feel bad for her, so I've decided to give her another shot to showcase herself in another open challange matchup! So whoever would like to go one on one with the cute star, be prepared, because she's going to fight more harder and stronger than the last! Well, that's at least what I think..

Alongside with one of our secret matches that we have in store for you all in this showcase, we will be featuring Holly Hawk going up against the "Reverb Rebel" Robin Reflex in one on one competition. Plus, we will having a personal friend of mine outside of this project, Rylan Quest going one on one against TCW*/BATTLE PRO's Zane Ulmeyda!

With matches like those, I can tell you that the world will be VERY interested into our project, if you weren't too sure of our first showcase, in which we would like to apologize to the owner of MALLBRAWL's Kuchi McQ, as we've did this without any warning at all, being that it wasn't a respectful decision of hacking into the system to broadcast our program, but it was the best way that we could get all of your attention! So again, we would like to apologize in advance, but we can't promise anything that involves doing something like that again.

Before I sign off, I've been noticing that you all have been trying your absolute best into trying to find out who we are before he have a chance to reveal ourselves, and all I can say? Keep guessing! I really do like it when the world is guessing on who "we" are, and I say we because it's not just one person who's doing this!

You can't run a project without having some lovely assistance! But I want to get this out of the way, the first showcase was done by somebody in this project, but this showcase that's coming up? It's going to be all in MY control! Just don't tell him that I'm doing this showcase without him knowing, I'll be in complete shit if he knows... But I can say, I'm a lot more nicer than he is, so you don't have to worry about that problem.

Until then, keep those question marks on your faces! ;3

- xoxo PARA

>PARAsus is now offline.
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