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Sep 24 2017, 07:04 PM
Since Egger/DDC got replaced by the Wrong Crowd, I've switched all-- oh who the hell am I kidding, you all only bet on the main event anyway.

Wasabi: 7193 (+4316)
Def: 6720
Stardy: 5801
IDBC: 3755
aknlfan: 2800
TBK: 2700
Franco: 1558 (congrats, you played yourself)
Kawada: 450 (-12000 +350 regen)

Here's your matches and lines for B:
Leon Purr (65/35) T-Bizkit
Alice Skye (c.) (49/51) Madelyn House, Jr.
Young and On Fire (Odds TBD) Wrong Crowd Member
Cammie Rae (64/36) Holly Hawk
Roze O. Flavio (47/53) Usvifr Magni
Tyler Thomas (50/50) Brand (of Brand ft. Brand)
Li Akira (51/49) Selena Rodriguez
Kenny Rose (c.) (58/42) Austin Kincaid
Carmen Castellano (c.) (52/48) Electra Emerick

As well as one ongoing betting question:
Who attacked Hammond Egger backstage? All bets will be pooled, and the winners split them amongst themselves. If nobody wins, then I return all bets. This bet will continue until we get an answer!

Bidding closes on 4 October at Fed Time.
Sep 24 2017, 02:46 PM
10 September 2017

From: Shucky Duck Wrestling <████████████>
To: me <m.connor@█████████>

Shucky Duck Wrestling is on hiatus

Dear Ms. Connor,

We regret to inform you that Shucky Duck Wrestling is going on an indefinite hiatus. We know you were very excited to[...]
Marie fell backwards onto her couch, her phone at her side.

"Well, darn."

It had to happen eventually. That was the nature of AES as a federation of promotions; sometimes feds closed down. It happened all the time - SAPW, TDW, and now SDW had lcosed down just this year. Clear Fork, too, technically. It was probably for the best for her that it was SDW, since it was the one she was least invested in.

But all the same, that left her back in the same place as before: bored out of her mind.

And Marie hated being bored.

She pulled her phone back up in front of her face. Now what? Send a CV to another fed and hope for the best? Honestly, she didn't have much of a choice. But what was open to applicants? She could bite the bullet and jump to Akron and RISE; she'd done well enough in the tryout she had months ago. What else was there? She ruled out BAW and BAD immediately; hardcore wrestling was very much not her thing. TANW also got ruled out on account of travel time; Grappling of Glory was similarly out. ScrapYard was out on both accounts. UWOT wasn't accepting applicants anyway, but Marie would rather work for $250 and a can of soda than work for Artemis Gerard.

Which left... what?

"Maybe I need to be less picky," Marie muttered. "I mean, I've had one match in AES so far. Maybe I just need to--"

Her phone started ringing, and Marie shot up with a start, fumbling her phone. She grabbed it and looked at the caller.

It was coming through on LINE.

Which meant it could only be one person.

Marie picked up the call. "Hey, Rina!" She said. "Of course I've got time! How've you been?"
Seven years ago, Marie had done a semester of college in Japan through an exchange program. One of the things that program did was assign exchange students to roommates rather than house them all together. Rina Umemoto was the student assigned to Marie, and the two of them hit it off immediately. Even after Marie went back to the States, she and Rina kept in touch, through email, Facebook, LINE, anything at all that they could. There was even the occasional visit, though it had all been Rina visiting Marie in the US.

As the two friends caught up, inevitably that question came up. "Are you ever going to visit us here?" Rina asked. "For as much as you liked being in Japan back in uni, you sure haven't visited very often..."

"I know, I know." Marie sighed. "Just between the thing with Mom and the whole wrestling thing, I haven't been able to figure out where I'd get the time or money. It's been getting better, thank goodness, but..."

"Right, right." She couldn't see it, but Marie was certain Rina was shaking her head. "Well, whenever you can find an excuse to--"

Marie leapt to her feet. Maybe Rina calling her was a sign. "Rina. I've had an idea."

"Have you now? Is it better or worse than the one shortcut you tried to take?"

"In my defense that was a perfectly good idea ruined by circumstances beyond my control. It's still a better idea, though." Marie walked over to her laptop and flipped it open. "What if I could arrange for a business trip to Japan?"

"You don't mean..."

"I mean that if I can join a promotion based in Japan, I'll have all the excuse in the world to visit. And wouldn't you know it, there is one I can join." She pulled up the Grappling of Glory portal and started looking for the contact.

"If they let you in, that'll be amazing, Marie!" Rina was probably bouncing on her feet, Marie thought. "Let me know what becomes of it. Oh, and I bet Sora would love to watch it..."

"Your kid sister's still interested in wrestling, then?" Marie asked. She hadn't met Sora much, but she very distinctly remembered being taken to a wrestling show once because of Sora. "Huh. Well... there, it's sent."

"Good luck!" Rina's voice as good as carried a smile with it. "Let me know how it turns out!"
Sep 6 2017, 07:45 PM
Bets placed on Snakeman transfer to Rick Trent, and the odds for that match were adjusted accordingly to Jiro 60%/Rick 40%.
FLAME MAN's open challenge against FOE was at the odds of FLAME MAN 64%/FOE 36%.
All the other matches with hidden odds don't matter since they weren't actually bet on.

Kawada: 12100 (NC)
Def: 6720 (-180)
Stardy: 5801 (NC)
IDBC: 3755 (+1915)
Wasabi: 2877 (-223)
ankl: 2800 (NC)
TBK: 2700
Franco: 1558 (+558)

Everyone else: 2400

Biggest winner by percent: Franco (+55.8%)
Biggest winner by bet: IDBC (+1915)
Biggest single bet payout: Franco (+1558 on FLAME MAN)
Biggest loser by percent: Wasabi (-7.19%)
Biggest loser by bet: Also Wasabi (-223)
Biggest single lost bet: Wasabi again (-420 on Rick Trent)

[A]ngel in the Snow Matches
Pre.) The Freak Show (41/59) Drop Dead Girls
1.) Deja Entendu (50/50) Hammond Egger/Deals Drugs to Children
2.) Nicolle Knox (43/57) Rosaline Valdes
3.) Isaiah Carver (Odds TBD) ???
4.) Kirsty Boyd (57/43) Alice Skye
5.) Emily Rykren (Odds TBD) Random Draw
6.) Lyle Hedley (51/49) Tyler Thomas
7.) RUIN (46/54) Lakeem
8.) Oseiko (48/52) Selena Rodriguez
9.) Jiro Kurotsu (40/60) Grigori Ginoveaf

Bonus Bet: Who will be drawn to fill the Women's Open Class Queue?
Everyone who bets correctly will receive money, everyone who doesn't loses their money. Unless, of course, we have no winner, in which case no fun is had and all bets are returned. The only women who are guaranteed not to be drawn to face EmRy are Carmen, Electra, and of course EmRy herself.

Betting closes at Fed Time on 20 September. May the odds be ever in your favor or someshit.
Aug 4 2017, 09:41 PM
San Clemente, CA
August 4, 2017

"Six years. How?"

Marie stood at the top of the hill, looking over her hometown. The sun was beginning to set over the ocean, forcing her to shade her eyes a little. She used to like this place, the noise of the city not quite making it up this far, and even the nearby high school - her high school - was silent for the summer. She and her mom had gone hiking up here so many times - but that was the problem now, wasn't it? Now, all this hill was to her was the place where her mother was laid to rest.

It wasn't a grave; her mother had been quite clear in her will about being cremated. But they had scattered her ashes here, six years ago.

Six years didn't seem right. Was it possible for something to seem like it was both more and less time ago that it actually was? Because on one hand, it seemed like just yesterday that she got the worst phone call of her life. She had been preparing for an interview with a museum in San Diego when it happened. Needless to say, that didn't end up happening. Marie barely remembered anything of the month or so afterward; it was like she was working on autopilot, existing one day at a time, so overwhelmed by grief that she could barely function. Her dad had flown down to help her out, but even then, it was like weeks had vanished into a fog.

On the other hand, so much had happened to Marie since then that it felt longer, almost like ten or fifteen years. She had gone from working towards making something of her anthropology degree to going into the business of wrestling that her mother had loved so much. She had trained for it back when she was a kid, but lost her interest as she grew older. So when she took it back up, she wasn't expecting to get into it as much as she did. One show became two, two shows turned into a contract, and now... now it was her career. Which still felt strange to her, even five years after her first match. And for it to be in AES, which her mother tried to get into three times... that was something, wasn't it?

A breeze snapped Marie out of her thoughts, and she brushed some stray bangs out of her face. She watched the sunset, the sky turning orange and red over the Pacific, the buildings casting shadows away.

"...I did it, Mom," she said, quietly, her voice heard only by herself and the wind. "I... just wish you could have seen it." She closed her eyes, vision blurring from the tears. "I know you'd have been proud. I would have loved to see that myself." She wiped her eyes. "...I miss you." She stood there for a while longer, the sun beginning to duck below the horizon, before she turned around and walked down the hill.

And life went on, one day at a time, and the sixth year since had ended.
Jul 31 2017, 09:48 PM
Look at me.

I'm the bookie now.

But yes, welcome to new booking. Here's a quick runthrough on how this works:
- Anyone new starts with 2400 Double Fake Dollars to spend on whatever bets. If you're really bad at picking winners like I am, once you get below 1000 DFD, we'll give you 350 DFD per show you're below it, up to 1000 DFD.
- You can only bet on one person per match.
- Since this is me doing it and I'm not as busy as Tan is, for 1v1 contests, including tag contests, odds will be variable based on ELO. They'll be listed as the percentage chance that they have of winning, as determined by ELO ranking.

So take the Scene 7 match between Grigori and Manderson. Grigori had an ELO of 2564 and Manderson an ELO of 2501. I can plug these into an ELO calculator and see what percentage chance they had of winning; in this case Grigori had a 59% chance of winning to Manderson's 41% (which is about 69:100, and that's just nice). A bet of 100 DFD on Grigori would have paid out 69 DFD, whereas if Manderson had won, the same bet on him would have paid out 144 DFD.

- If one or more of the contestants has their identity unknown for any reason, so are the odds; you bet on those at your own risk.
- I don't think it'll ever come up, but if it does, the absolute minimum payout you can get is an additional 10%.
- Contests involving more than just two people (or groups) are still fixed odds - a triple threat would pay out 2x your bet, a fatal four-way 3x your bet, and a six-man contest 5x your bet. If I can ever figure out how to calculate odds with these instead, I will.

The TL;DR here since I know I was kinda rambling on there is that underdogs may have less of a chance to win - but they'll net you more CASHMONEY if they do.

Scene 7 Night 2 had two contests thrown out and money returned: Alexis Riot v. Baby Wolf and The Hook-Up v. En Garde!. (I'm still debating whether or not to transfer bets on the Hook-Up to the Wrong Crowd, but that only affects Sam.)

Sam: 30250
Kawada: 12100 (NC)
Def: 6900 (+2200)
Stardy: 5801 (NC)
Verylost: 3100 (+700)
IDBC: 2900 (NC)
AKNL: 2800 (NC)
TBK: 2700 (NC)
Franco: 1000 (+350, +300 regen to cap)

Everyone else: 2400

Biggest winner by percent: Franco (+100%!)
Biggest winner by numbers: Def (+2200)
Biggest single winning bet: Hinoa x2, Def x1 (1000)
Biggest loser by percent/numbers: The house
Biggest single losing bet: Def (1000)

9 In the Afternoon Matches
Pre.) Unknown 1 (Odds TBD) Unknown 2
1.) Ichiro Kurotsu (57/43) Ciaran Fawkes
2.) Jiro Kurotsu (60/40) Snakeman
4.) Holly Hawk (50/50) Chandelier
5.) Unknown 3 (Odds TBD) Unknown 4
6.) Winner Match 1 (Odds TBD) Winner Match 2
7.) Jeongyeon (54/46) Arceus
8.) Isaiah Carver (Odds TBD) Unknown 5
9.) Emily Rykren (51/49) Robin Reflex

I'll close up betting when RISE 4 goes on the air, so that's Saturday, 2 September at fed time.
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