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Francis Ugondus

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Jun 11 2017, 12:20 PM
Hello friends!

Listen to be perfectly honest I just want to get on the radio and talk to you guys about stuff because with Franco Friday being derailed all the time I haven't been able to do it in a while and I would like to so I'm gonna make this "TDW is dead Q and A" as an excuse to do so.

So basically this is one of those dead fed Q and A's and I'm like "hell yeah i'm bringing this train back" but I'm gonna broaden the horizons.

You don't just have to ask about TDW, you can ask about AES in general, other e-feds, writing, editing, personal questions about me, literally anything.

I'm probably gonna do this live so I can talk to the chat cause I'd think that'd be cool too and a bit different from previous ones and I think I can pull it off.

so yeah also revolution x is on tonight as of this post so low key worried I would take attention away from it so I'm using this to shill Revolution X it's on at 6:20 PM EST today to try and dodge Microsoft's E3 presentation.

edit: they moved rev x to 7 pm est cant believe they moved the time twice in an hour span get it together!

i'll give you guys till like June 21st because that's ten days and Tye Dillinger is pretty good and I'll do it the same week on the Saturday June 24th

okay cool love you - frank
Jun 9 2017, 09:34 AM
tl;dr I'm killing the fed.

Hey what's up, ain't this a BUMMER thread? It sure is for some of you.

However, yes, I'm ending TDW. Feds ending for the community are never a fun time, but I'm gonna tell you all right now, it's definitely a fun time for me. I'll explain in this post why but if you just wanted the news bit that TDW is closing it's doors, then there you go.

What I'm about to say is gonna be a bit disorganized and very shoot from the hip kinda deal and that's because I don't like being scripted for things like this, not even with the nice little bullet points so without further ado, here I go.

If I could sum up how I am feeling about TDW, I can say I feel pretty similarly to our hawaiian friend Osakan Destroyer when he closed SAPW. In fact, it's probably creepily similar now that I read it. But here is the gist of it in my own words.

I've been doing TDW for a long time, since about 2014 and even though we're on Episode 4 of this new rebooted thing, the truth is I've hit that fabled double digit episode mark with like 3 spin off shows and 3 big PPV shows, so I defo got a bunch of mileage on me that I can share with my former efed partner that is now banned to oblivion and I've been burnt out on doing this fed multiple times over. I've been burnt out in some capacity since the middle of the World Long Gone cycle which for reference was in 2015. It's quite frankly a miracle I've gotten this far. Suffice to say, I've dragged out every bit of my energy as I could.

This burn out also extends to e-fedding in general and while I will say I am not like gonna leave the site (which I was very close to doing about a week or two ago), I am in dire need of some kind of refresher or reset to how I handle things around here, and ending TDW is a start not just to cure burnout but to also get to a place where personal insecurities stop hampering my experience so much.

Lemme tell you, internally, I have a real shitty attitude about this fed. Most of my motivations to make this fed the best it can be usually end up being negative. I've got a real insecurity about being under appreciated when it comes to TDW. Even if it's not true, there's gonna be a part of me that believes it and it will always hamper me, especially during the Ross/Francis era where I thought Ross was the star and I was in the background on my laptop doing editing. It's not healthy mentally to try to do that. It's also not really healthy to make a fed to prove a point that you're better than your banned partner or to show that you're the real MVP of No Mercy feds or try to make everyone take a NM fed seriously when you think they don't nor that you could make the best show that can stack up and surpass every other fed game, which I was aiming for for WrestleWave. This is not the attitude anyone should have making a fed ever, nor doing anything in their life, and I've said this to people before but I need to say that to myself.

I can say plainly that after like, Kerfuffle! became a show, I have never had a good attitude making this fed. I should be making this fed for my personal enjoyment and for everyone's enjoyment, but I've been doing it for everyone's enjoyment and to fill my ego. I don't know if this is me growing up and becoming a more mature person and realizing my flaws and fixing them or if it's me just not wanting to deal with it any more but I know this is the right move either way.

I do want to apologize to everyone. I know this probably royally fucks up some plan or another, but if there was a time for me to be selfish, it's now, but I am sorry that I'm doing this since even though I'm pretty sure you'll understand, I know it sucks a fed ends.

Will I ever make another efed? Probably, I have ideas for them but I have other priorities in life to do first.

But yeah, overall long burnout and personal bad attitudes I've accumulated that I want to curb are generally the killers here.

I can probably say more on the topic but I want to get this out of the way. I can do one of them dead fed Q and A's later I guess.

With that all said, I do have one final thing I want to say.

To anyone who has signed up or even watched an episode of TDW once in their lifetime, I hope to have entertained you at one point with this fed and at the very least, I hope I could have helped create a positive moment in your life that you can look back at fondly.

Thanks lads.
- Franco U.

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  As a parting gift, have this segment from Episode 4:

also we died on 6/9
Jun 3 2017, 08:54 AM
so is my sig
May 14 2017, 05:51 PM
Watch on the Network:

- Bill announced a Rumble match for WrestleWave taking place in Japan featuring anyone who wants to appear without going into specifics as they were working it out. Also, the TDW Japan Tournament finals is for a belt.

- Shaymin def. Jackson Douglas to advance to the TDW Japan Tournament Finals

- Mars Murdock def. Amberlynn Elisa, Kristy Boyd, and Tryhard Chris in a battle royal

- Rohan Khanda def. Dorado and proved why he is the Dad of the Year

- Terry Atkins def. Gabriel White to advance to the TDW Japan Tournament Finals
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