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May 3 2017, 09:31 PM
No lights are brighter than the arena where the final match between CFPW Legend Francis Ugondus vs. "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns. With no holds barred in the most famous wrestling arena in the world, Madison Square Garden in the heart of NYC, these two will fight one last time for the DayFed Championship.

Also a Lucha Table Match between two new rivals.

The Final Showdown
DayFed Championship
Francis Ugondus vs. Roman Reigns

Sunday, May 7th, 2017, regular fed time on the AES Synchtube

Apr 30 2017, 11:21 AM
“Yo, Jake’s out again?”

“Yeah, went to the Warden’s office, and got free on his wishes. ‘Good behavior’, he said.”

“Somehow I choose not to believe that.”

Riverside Correctional Facility
Pittsburgh, PA
February 6th, 2017

Riverside was Jake’s home once again for almost eight months before he found himself walking the long mile back to freedom. A short beard growing on him, his hair still long but now frazzled. His final outfit before being an emancipated man was a gray suit supplied by a third party, claiming to be his ride back to Pittsburgh. Still shackled at the hands and feet, he’d only see them gone once he was on the outside looking in.

His body bounced to and fro with arrogance and in a thuggish purpose. ‘Good behavior’ was nothing but a con. He had a near-life sentence but was able to whittle down decades to days. He looks past the guards, all carrying nightsticks and getting their hands on their Glock G18s, all but waiting to put Jake down if he tried something. He reached the final door, on the outside, there’d be the other guards, the Warden and his ticket home.

“Jacob Robert McGrath.” The recently hired Warden Bill Smithers stood in the concrete path, waiting on another debt to society to be paid in full. He had a letter, extended and reading it aloud. The government approval of Jake’s release from jail. “By the state of… Pennslyvania.” He stutters, Jake giving a sadistic sneer as his sentence ends right before his eyes. “I hereby announce that you have been set free from the Riverside Correction Center.”

“Skip this. I’ve got a ride to catch. So if you want to spare me the same details I got last time I got in this bullshit, I’d be much appreciated.” Jake retorts with a dose of venom in his tone. He didn’t want to be told the same message he got before he left two years prior. The guards come over to remove the chains and cuffs, letting McGrath move freely. Rifles aim his way as he could snap at any moment, much like he did at UOW Man Overboard.

“I hope you know that you’re going to live with yourself after what you’ve pulled.” Smithers folds the issued note into three and slides it back in his suit. They were all alone now as the guards take the shackles back to the infirmary. No one within earshot could hear their conversation. “I’m only letting you go because I want you to live with the karma that you got by holding me hostage. Because I can't do anything, but the gangs, the violence, the power drive. They'll get you, and they'll get you good. I want you to-” McGrath laughs as he interrupts Smithers’ spiel, his freedom was now achieved. “You find humor in this?” This outburst insulted the Warden, who was less than lax about his inmates, especially when one of them had overrun the asylum.

“Because I knew you were a little bitch that wasn’t going to do anything. Do I regret a lot in this life? Hell no. Do I regret using you as my trump card outta here? I’ll be goddamned, boss man.” He walks past a befuddled Smithers, ready for the gates to open automatically. Smithers’ eyes widen as his plan backfired, letting a psycho back into the free world.

“You’re going to be dead in days, McGrath. Another body on the streets after a drive-by! Another statistic. Another scum wiped from this earth. You’re going to Hell for what you’ve done, you hear me!” The Warden points and screams at the escaping McGrath. Trying to use the fear of God to get into Jake’s cold soul but to no avail.

“Yeah, well I’ve been living there for a while now, motherfucker. But if you want, I'll meet ya there.” He raises up a middle finger at the disheveled and disgraced Warden Smithers as he goes down the stairs and out of view before he enters a red sedan that was his ride back to civilization. The wheels spin and speed out into the highway on route back to Pittsburgh. Jake McGrath was once again a free man.
Apr 21 2017, 02:16 AM
I have decided to take a small break from AES for reasons I feel are pretty borderline selfish, to be honest. But at the moment, my heart has gone through the ringer and it needs time to recover. Personally, my breaking point was the promo I posted last night as I was really trying to put my best work on the site so far, and I was pained when nearly nothing was said because it's been a long-standing issue, I feel that I'll post a promo and it'll go completely flying under the radar.

I want to get better and I want to improve here at AES, but lately, I feel like I peaked and that I'll never get good enough to the point where everyone talks about my stuff. Maybe that's selfish of me. Maybe that's me after a few months or so of next to no feedback on every promo I've done, but, I just want to get better and I don't feel like I have and right now, my insecurities are telling me I never will. For the first time in years, I'm starting to believe them.

I want 2017 to be the year I finally took all the knowledge and feedback from last year and put it all together to one day be something here, and I know it sounds selfish for me to take a walk around the block over a promo, but I'd been working on that for almost seven months and I was really hoping people enjoyed it, wanted it to go really well and it really stabbed me in the heart when it didn't.

I want to preface that I've told people that I've been trigger-shy with posting promos this year. I felt like almost no one read the Open Forum, as did the other promos I've posted this year and had to shill like an asshole to get someone to read the one promo I wanted legit criticism on because it was my first piece of writing with a new character. I feel like promos are my strong suit here and that when no one reads them or says anything about them for the past few months, it starts to get hard to want to do them anymore because I feel like no one cares to read them.

I'll rejoin the AES Discord when I feel ready to, and that's when my break will end. But for right now, I kind of need to heal my wheels before I get back to work. This is not an attack on anyone, I just want to get better with my work and I feel right now like I don't think I'll ever make it to a higher level. I know I will, but part of me feels I've plateaued and if that's true, I don't know when I'll be back. I don't want to plateau because I want to make the best work for you guys and it's kind of disheartening when you work on something for so long, only for it to be worth nothing of value to others in the end.

I can just smell the vitriol I'm going to get in this thread for me basically taking a breather over a lack of anything said or feedback on a promo that I selfishly wanted to get nominated for something.

I'll let someone know when I want to come back to the discord (if you guys want me to come back :[ ) but, for right now, I feel I need to let my frustration go before I can come back. I'm sad, and I'm upset right now and it's selfish as hell of why I'm that. It may be tonight, may be in a month. I want to improve and I want to get better so that I can work on making the best promos, RevX episodes, and characters for you guys to enjoy and I don't think I can do that properly right now.

I'm on Discord, I'm on Twitter, I'm even on PS4 if you want to contact me through there. Like I said, I'm not mad at any one person, I'm mad at myself and I need to mull it over some water and scrambled eggs. Love you, AES. I will never stop doing that.
Feb 25 2017, 08:01 PM
If you have, thank you for signing up to Revolution X! If you haven't, hopefully soon, spots will open up. Maybe they will after this announcement. Due to more of a focus for singles competition, as only so few tag teams have joined, each playing to the heel alignment. The RevX booking team has come to a tough decision.

We are killing off the RevX Tag Team division.

We feel that at the moment, people would rather see a division filled with established or bonded pairings instead of slapdash'd duos, not unlike the tag scene on NXT back in 2013. We at the RevX booking squad apologize to the teams that have signed up, and hopefully understand the predicament that we are in as it pertains with what our roster is shaping up to be at this moment.

And speaking of roster, we are going to make a hard cut-off date for the reserves. You have until Friday, March 3rd to finish your reserves if you hope to make the first episode. We want to get episode one of Revolution X ready by mid-March, and we need the CAWs and sign-ups done in a timely fashion.

Feb 13 2017, 12:57 AM
"Welcome to Revolution X! With Riku Otonashi at the helm, and Travis Cassidy as RevX General Manager, we offer you a chance to let us know everything about you! For example, who you are and why you came to Revolution X! We're humbled that you chose our neck of the woods and we can't wait to-" The tape stops on the old school VCR. Riku Otonashi ejects it out of the player as he goes to inspect it. He gives some strange looks at it before he tosses it to a side, the sound of the plastic breaking as it hits the hard floor.

"You know what, just introduce yourselves! What brings you here? Why are you here? Stuff like that! You don't need some instructional piece to tell us what you feel or why you're taking your business to Club X! You have a choice, and you have a voice! We wanna hear it! Well, here you go. This spot here is basically an open easel, and you get to paint the pretty picture of your arrival here at Revolution X! So what are you waiting for?"
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