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May 27 2017, 11:52 PM
Dallas VS Cowboy - Dallas VS Mark Anderson

Casey McCloud VS ???

Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather

DarkSydePhil Brooks VS The Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack II - No Holds Barred

@ZAPPKANON VS Cory Galloway

Dayfed Title: Batman VS Francis Ugondus VS T Bizkit VS Yoshikage Kira - TLC Match
Mar 25 2017, 11:14 PM
Hello! Time for more EXCITING NEWS!

Before I get into that, though, I just want to review some of the past announcements we’ve done lately, as we’ve been doing a lot more recently! With April just around the corner, let’s see where AES has gone this year:

-AES Awards went up for voting

-AES Award winners announced
-Our new domain name was discussed, approved, and put into place. If you are still using the old one, a reminder to update your bookmarks to!
-A long-awaited community survey went live. Results have since been reviewed, and I think we’re on the path to resolving any issues that were brought up!
-Staff restructuring. We changed the blanket “admin” position to three smaller ranks of “general manager,” “community manager,” and “content manager,” and added Phukfaic, Francis, IDBC, and Tiffy to the staff team.
-New banner initiative

-Restructuring of the AES Network, to find feds more easily.


This isn’t the main thing, but it’s also worth mentioning: We’ve updated the Patreon rewards and goals.

Our new rewards include custom Radio Armbar ads, art from the staff team, an opportunity to pick a game to be streamed, custom titantrons, and more!

As for goals, we’ve surpassed the $90 a month mark. We’ve added goals at $200 and $500. At $200, we can cover the entire site infrastructure costs, with enough left over to buy a dedicated server, offering possibilities for a 24/7 live stream, more bots, and other things like that. At $500, Dan won’t have to worry about paying rent, which means he could focus full time on AES content, guaranteeing a biweekly fed and other content!

To see where we stand on our Patreon, get more info on these rewards and goals, or to join in on funding, check it out here.


Moving right along, time for the big news.

This is something the majority of the staff team has been collectively working on. A lot of time has been put in to get this ready for launch, and it’s something that we’re hoping continues to get expanded.

Say hello to the AES Wiki

This was something we discussed a long, long time ago, but never really knew how to accomplish. If I remember correctly, it was something we briefly discussed way back when we were on the old site, around the time we relaunched the profile board subforum. I’m sure you’ve all used a wiki in some way, shape, or form before, and well, this is our version of it.

We’re hoping to have everything on here from characters, e-feds, supershows, championships, AES in-jokes, and more. The lore and world of AES is HUGE, and frankly, it can be quite difficult to get caught up, or it can be a bit discouraging to have missed so much info and not know what’s happened in AES history. This is kind of our way of remedying those issues. We’re aiming to keep this thing updated. And, like other wikis, the content here can be edited by anyone, so feel free to dive in and help us get this baby rolling!

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, be sure to hit us up! What do you think of these fancy new features? How are we doin'? Let us know!

And above all else, thanks for being part of the site.

Keep it cool,

Mar 22 2017, 11:00 PM

"Hello everybody. Tonight we have a bit of a special treat for you tonight. People who watched Casino Nights Wrestling about 4 years ago might remember a wrestler and manager by the name of Aurora. He was polarizing. Some saw him as an enigmatic dirty wrestler who could also manage at the same time, some saw him as, quite frankly, scrawny and wouldn't be able to put up a real fight. Nontheless, we have a very special guest at this time... for the first time in 4 years. Aurora."

"Please, please. Call me something different. That name was... quite too simple for me before compared to what I am now. I want you to call me by the name of... Neon Borealis now."

"That's... quite a different name."

"You'll find that I'm quite different now."

"Well. Indeed. I think I'm going to ask the question that everyone wants to know: What happened to Auror- I mean, Neon Borealis after CNW?"

"I expanded on my nightclub business heavily. Everything with that place left a... sour taste in my mouth, to say the least. I got angry. I wanted to use that anger as fuel. What I resorted to was an interest in Visual Kei. It's quite a hot style in Japan right now, mainly about flamboyant rebellion. To understand it, it's not quite a musical style as glam rock is here in the US, it is more of a... movement, I guess is the right word. You understand the other person's heart. It is art in itself."

"I mean, did that go into your new look? With that heavily-dyed blonde hair compared to your white hair earlier? And your facepaint?"

"I guess you can say that. The facepaint is of Ziggy Stardust, probably the closest thing in the West to any sort of Visual Kei. It means using your own emotions as your fuel, as your hunger, as your source of life. Where nowadays with this world is about shielding your emotions, what I do is let them all out into my strategy and way of thinking.

What it did was grow my nightclub empire to heights I could have never dreamed of. No. 1 in Tokyo. Top 3 in NYC and London, Top 5 in San Francisco and Paris. Various other top 3 nightclubs in terms of popularity in other parts of the globe. And it's all still growing.

I rewrote the book by combining this along with my previous business strategy. Cutthroat."

"That's all pretty inspiring, to be honest. What made you come back to AES?"

"This one took me a while to realize, also. I mean, it's been 4 years since I've wrestled. Before, I did it for popularity. Not unlike an athlete getting into the wrestling ring in order to make himself and his brand popular despite not being that great of a wrestler. I couldn't quite do well in wrestling, no matter how much I tried."

"Didn't help that you were facing the huge Mercer Murdoc-"

"If you finish that name then I am ending this interview."

"Right... him. But anyways, continue."

And for quite some time, I'd lay awake at night in bed. Thinking and contemplating. Remembering. When I did this before, I did it for popularity. But in all actuality, I wasn't a wrestler. I was a scrawny guy attempting to wrestle while managing somebody else. And that just... stuck in my head that it's all I was.

What I did first was talk to Malverbone and inform him that I wasn't going to be his manager anymore. I explained that I hoped that he would do well for himself in wrestling but I didn't want to be in his shadow as his manager because he didn't need me. And I needed to be my own.

And then I hired the best of the best. My own personal BOSS Industries, you could say. I worked with several experts, several that are the best in their class that helped me actually bulk slightly. I worked with sleep scientists, nutritionists, everything under the sun physically and wrestling-wise got some training from multiple unnamed veterans in anonymity in both AES and elsewhere. What I did was reinvent myself.

I'm no longer a manager. I know that's... going to disappoint some people. I know it will. What I am now is wrestling in my own style. Wrestling just in the same way as I would conduct business. As I say, cutthroat. Whether it's competition in the ring or against another nightclub, I'm going to overtake them one way or another.

I'll... just say this. Just to pique your interest. I know how much a good exclusive interview needs a key line in there. I'm from Miami. I know about Lebron saying that he's "taking his talents to South Beach", I'll give you that soundbite that you can play over and over again when it comes true.

Before in AES. I wasn't serious. I treated this like fun because I saw me wrestling and managing as a way to benefit my nightclub business in popularity. That was for fun. When I become serious, in anything I do... empires fall.

And I hope to show that soon."

"And with that, we are out of time. Thank you for this interview, Aur- Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, Neon Borealis."

Feb 12 2017, 01:37 AM
Mew opened the door to her locker room at National E-Wrestling Day. In a flash, she took off her white sash belt, now walking over to an ice pack she had in the room, wrapping the ice pack in the sash and putting it up to the back of her neck. She bangs a fist against the nearby as she does that.

"That's been hurting ever since that brainbuster..." She muttered to herself. Mew's blue eyes dart around the room. Under the benches... still not what she was looking for.

She blinked, then blinked again. Only to give a quiet "Hey... Pixel?"

Her Vulpix friend didn't appear like usual when Mew would call her. She stood up at this point, now asking louder, "Pixel?"

Mew got concerned with the empty response. She set the makeshift ice pack against the bench now, opting to walk to the door, open it, and take a peek outside. Several people bustling about, just like what would normally happen in one of the biggest events of the year, but the pink legendary still couldn't find her friend anywhere.

Instead, the Vulpix found Mew instead. She scuttled across the floor, dashing almost as if she didn't want to be seen amongst the crowd of people. Pixel looked nervous, scared, even at everything going on around her. She dashed into the locker room, Mew slowly closing the door as Pixel started to catch her breath.

"What was that all about...?" Mew asked, genuinely curious about what was happening. Pixel held up a paw, taking in deep gulps of breath.

"I just... wanted to see what all was going on... I saw a ton of wrestlers and I think they saw me... I had to hide a ton but... I saw your match..." Pixel said all of that while trying to regain her breath.

Mew noticed that last line. She smiled, "I... that was a match that was important to me. Because they trusted me with being on one of the biggest events... I had to repay that back and give them something to cheer... even if it meant beating a current champion. She's a very good wrestler. Been going through places like ROSE for years and won the Gracidea belt on UWoT, a title which tournament I lost in the first round.

She's very great. And so it's why I felt like I had to push myself past my limits. I mean, I'm The Exceeder rather than the Miracle Worker now... it's what I have to do every night."
Mew said that speech, then put the ice pack to the back of her neck again.

"You know... how many fans were watching the match live in the crowds of every fed, right?"

Mew thought about that, National E-Wrestling Day was always a huge event. With so many people watching every single match, it was easy to become lost in the sheer amount of people that were watching. She shook her head.

"Estimates put it in the six digits." Pixel said calmly, mainly for emphasis.

Mew nearly passed out. She felt dizzy, needing to use the nearby lockers for support as she weakly replied, "In the six digits?"


Mew realized what this all meant for her. A win against a very good champion? With that many people watching her do that?

"I...I... can't believe it..." Mew sputtered out. She rubs a hand through her hair. "I guess... I guess this all just meant that I've gotten stronger and better." She observed. Pixel looked overjoyed, tails wagging behind her.

"And I'm proud of you."

"Yeah, thanks." Mew replied back warmly, giving a smile back in response. She went back to her bag, taking her outside clothes out and putting her headphone and sash inside. Then, she finally speaks up, "By the way, Pixel?"

The aforementioned Vulpix looked up and tilted her head in questioning, "What is it?"

"I've been thinking quite a bit. About you and me for the past year."

Pixel looked shocked already. "Has it already been a year of us as friends?"

Mew nodded. "It has. And I thought about this for about a week. But I wanted to make the offer for you...

Originally, Seth was just Shaymin's apprentice. The two were inseparable for years as he learned from Shay about the goings-on with the legendaries and what we do, they helped each other throughout the years and were deep friends before they became closer than that. I was wondering...

Pixel, would you like to become my apprentice?"

Now it was Pixel's turn to feel lightheaded, she became slightly dizzy in the head, swaying nearly into the lockers off to the side. Mew quickly paces over to her best friend as the Vulpix regains her balance just enough to squeak out a "I'd be honored..."

Mew grins with the response. "Great! We'll need to talk to the other legends, the places I'm in if they'd be okay with you being at my side in the prep-work of the day... you'll probably meet other wrestlers as well... yooooooour whole life will probably change for the better, a-"

"That's great Mew but if you don't mind I just need to..." And then Pixel faints mid-sentence. Mew becomes slightly-concerned, but realizes that Pixel was just shocked at the news. Mew picks up her best friend, smiling as she does so.

"Today's been long for both of us and we got a lot done. Let's just watch the rest now that you're officially my apprentice, Pixel..." Mew said with a warm smile, hugging the Vulpix against a shoulder as she walks out of the locker room and turns off the lights.
Jan 30 2017, 11:18 PM
Let me tell you a story.

4 years ago, GSB closed it's doors on haitus. Money dried up, GSB didn't have an arena. And the future of the entire company was in question and in the air.

The talent, the champions, staff. Everybody went their separate ways. Some are no longer with the company, some are still with Grapple Sports Battle.

And 4 years later, I am announcing it officially here to AES, as the owner of Grapple Sports Battle. These are words I've been waiting to say for a long time:

As of right now, GSB is back.

And it all starts at GSB: Prelude on National E-Wrestling Day. We're crashing it just like we did in the first one.

And we have a few tricks up our sleeves to match. Those will come in time.

And tonight will be one of those announcements that will change the foundations of Grapple Sports Battle forever.

Along with that, because we know that we can't just have a single announcement. We'll have a match! But who will it be? Even I don't know right now.

But come watch the rebirth of MMA on AES.

And thanks for the support for all of these years.

- Marky DeVine

=== MATCH CARD ===

Announcement by Marky DeVine regarding a huge change with GSB.

??? VS ???
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