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Aug 11 2017, 03:20 AM
Hello all, this is just a little post considering the future of BAW.

Right now I got back into working on Fear Factor and it's at a steady pace. But after it gets finished and shown, where does BAW go now? Since its inception, BAW has been on 2k14. Out of curiosity, do you guys think that BAW should finally move on to a different game or should stay at 2k14?

I really only have 2 other options. 2k17/2k18 and Fire Pro World. There's a lot of pros and cons for each option. I will definitely get 2k18 when it comes out now that I have a ps4 to work on. I already have FPW. And my copy of 2k14 is still good to go. After Fear Factor, I have a couple of ideas that I can do that can make it easier for me to make shows and still keep it fun for me, so show consistency is still a work in progress.

So to everyone, I would like to hear your thoughts on the situation. Thank you for reading this.
May 14 2017, 07:31 PM
- Rose Parker informed Alyssa Turner of two new signings. They will debut soon. Also Rose dressed like Alyssa for some reason.

- Sagi Fushojiki d. Local Talent in a quick match.

- Eugene Saint d. Edward Daughtery. After the match, Action Jackson showed up on screen as he was on the set of his new film. When he was finished though, Action actually appeared behind him and kicked him. He filmed that shit 3 months ago.

- Bill Kraven warned John Doe that he was in the way between him and JC Stone.

- John Doe d. Bill Kraven in a back and forth brawl. JC Stone appeared after and attacked him.

- Kasumi Moore cut a promo and apologized to Madison Carter. She promised to beat Stheno for Madison.

- Stheno d. Kasumi Moore. After the match, Stheno announces that her and Madison will have a First Blood match. She tried to finish off Kasumi, but Madison runs out for the save, throwing Stheno out of the ring.

- Black Dahlia meets Rose in her office. Rose tells her that because Katelynn Meyers is out of the Women's match, she was looking for a replacement and because of that, Dahlia is now in the match.

- Oseiko d. Baya Hazzard with a roll-up. Aria Rothenburg initially distracted Oseiko, but Maya Mori hit her from behind and stared down Baya, causing the distraction from the roll-up.

- Johnny Nighttime Jr does a promo on the show's main event.

- Grigori Ginoveaf d. Dylan Holmes. Leslie Fairchild attacked Dylan during the match as Grigori took advantage after.

- Oseiko & Aria Rothenburg sign the contract for their match at Fear Factor. Oseiko explains that their match will be a Last Woman Standing match.

- Black Dahlia d. Miss Teree. Sakura Reece attacks Miss Teree during the match and leaves, but Blur catches her on the outside with the Coin Uppercut. When Blur turns around to face the ring, Dahlia lays her out and slides back in the ring.

- Rose officially announces Action Jackson vs Eugene Saint and The First Blood Match for Fear Factor. Watch that or else!

- Seth & Shin Suzuki d. JNJ & Blackout after Shin catches JNJ with a Shin Kick.
Dec 15 2016, 06:20 PM
As we blow away the dust on the equipment, for one special day the Open Forum studio is open! But it's not us though, as it got hijacked by a red headed Aussie!

That's right. SAPW Television champion and Owner of Beyond Anarchy Wrestling, Rose Parker will be answering your questions! Known for being a crazy individual inside and outside the ring, there are no boundaries as to how she'll answer them! Better ask some good ones, otherwise I'd find a good hiding spot, cause she will hunt you down. Via a live podcast hosted by her good friend Alyssa Turner, we hope you enjoy it because we know we will! And not just because she's forcing us to do it out of fear because she was waiting on this the whole time! Hahaha, nope!

OOC: Same rules apply as to the former Open Forums. Most questions will be answered. Ask as much as you want, would like serious questions as well as some jokey ones. Cut off date is December 21st Midnight EST. Enjoy!
Nov 14 2016, 12:53 AM
- Rose Parker spun the wheel to determine the stipulation of the Main Event Chaotic Championship Match. Eugene Saint & Zekunin will fight in a "Tanned" Tables Match. Action Jackson was banned from the arena in case of retaliation from Eugene's actions last show.

- Jake Cunningham d. Dirk Derek.

- Maya Mori was looking for her entrance garb when Baya Hazzard attacked her when she got out of the locker room. The brawled backstage until Rose, Li Akira, and Alyssa Turner broke them up. Rose moved their match to Fear Factor in hopes of them getting more riled up for a more intense match. She then promptly kicked them out.

- Edward Daughtery d. Silky Johnson. Edward decided to help up Silky after the match, but proved to be a mistake as Silky gave him a low blow and hit him with a couple of shots before leaving.

- Blur was interviewed about her thoughts on her match at Fear Factor. She was then interrupted by Enenra who thought her being in the match was a joke. She challenged Blur to a match and Blur accepted.

- John Doe d. Nathaniel Meadows, Dylan Holmes, & Leslie Fairchild to become #1 contender for the Chaotic Championship. Dylan & Leslie brawled on stage and into backstage as John pinned Nathaniel.

- Grigori Ginoveaf d. Chase Maverick.

- Dylan Holmes was summoned to Rose's office. She informed him that after the Fatal 4 way, Leslie asked her for a match with Dylan. Rose agreed and added the stipulation that the only way to win is to knockout your opponent.

- Seth gets interviewed about his feelings on his championship match at Fear Factor. Mid-Interview, the feed gets interrupted by Blackout who gives out a few words of his own. It switches back to Seth who finishes his interview.

- Aria Rothenburg d. Madison Carter in a well fought match. Stheno interrupted the match to tell Madison that she wants her at Fear Factor. She then shows a knocked out Kasumi Moore as a possible result if she refused. After the feed cut out, Aria grabbed her in a sleeper hold, causing Madison to tap out.

- Aria asked referee Robin Charleston to restart the match. As Madison didn't tap out properly, she wanted the match to continue. Robin refused to as Madison needed medical help. Aria berates him as she locks a sleeper hold back on Madison, wanting him to restart the match. Oseiko then appears, throwing out Aria from the ring.

- Enenra d. Blur after Katelynn Meyers attacked Blur on the outside with a chair.

- Oseiko talks with Madison about the events that transpired when a newcomer, Sagi Fushojiki, walks in. Madison runs off. Sagi mentions that Oseiko is one of her favorite wrestlers and wants her to see her debut match on BAW#5!.

- Zekunin d. Eugene Saint and retains his Chaotic Championship after delivering a big elbow drop onto the announcer's table. After the match, John Doe walks on stage and congratulates his future opponent.
Sep 13 2016, 03:09 AM
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Name: Kamara Moore

Nickname(s): The Dragon

Legal/Birthname: Kamara Andre Morales

Social Media: @KamaraAES

Alignment: Face

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero

Height/Weight: 6'4 240 lbs

Birthdate: 11/11/89 (Age 26)

Hailing From: San Francisco, CA

Born In: San Francisco, CA

Occupation(s): Wrestler

Appeared in: (list from first to most recent)

Casino Nights Wrestling
AES Primetime
High Point Wrestling
New Origin Wrestling Elite

Theme History:

Deftones - Swerve City

Signature Moves:

Dragon Suplex
Way of the Dragon (Vertebreaker)


Shining Dragon (Shining Wizard)
Dragon Sleeper
Dragon Clash (Clash)

Claims to Fame:

Inaugural NOW Prosperity Champion (Current)


Tyler Rykren
Alex Santos
Kasumi Moore (Sister)
Jade Andersen


Dirk Derek
Miles King
Roze O. Flavio


Kamara Moore is a man who was well known from the independent scene. His accolades and accomplishments caught attention to the major promoters in AES, making him one of the hotter free agents. This Dragon became a Pro.

He lives with his girlfriend Alex Santos, his younger sister Kasumi, and bodyguard turned friend Jade Andersen. He somehow manages to have some sort of story of his days back in the independents for every situation. He is a friendly man who helps people out whenever he can. He cracks jokes from time to time, some bad and some good.

He isn't afraid to step into the line of fire that is the wrestling ring with his fast paced style of wrestling. He seems to enjoy the fact that his past glory only helps him a tiny bit as he wants to show that he can survive the major leagues without them. His goal is to reach the top, one step at a time.
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