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Sep 25 2017, 02:48 AM
Match 1. A.K. Amaranth and Harley Vincent vs Charanjeet Singh and Rey Columpio

Match 2. Oseiko & Safety Ninja vs Clan Ginoveaf

Match 3. The Seapunk Society vs Fun Down Under - WINNER TAKES THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER SPOT

Match 4. Dominick Williamson vs Psymon moore

Match 5. Darius Lynch vs 3000 Mask

Match 6. Jax Biggs vs Leon Purr

Match 7. Black Dahlia vs Yoko Chan

Match 8. Private Milly Terry vs Cindy White

Match 9. Jock Miller vs C. Revan

MAIN EVENT Helen Highwater vs Christina Baxter - NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH
Sep 22 2017, 02:58 AM
Sep 22 2017, 02:57 AM

Some side notes first - Yeah I'm not letting people choose their class and the reason why is just how XCOM works. When you recruit new soldiers, they start off as Privates who can only shoot. It's only with their first rank up do they get their class which is completely randomised (I think the class you have the least of is prioritised) So because of that it means that in order for your guy to be made I'd potentially have to wait for a soldier to arrive with both the correct nationality AND class which means that your guy might not be around for a really long time or at all if that doesn't happen.

Also it means that I'd have to rename them when I get a private who ranks up to that class, over renaming them straight away, which means all of a sudden Bob Jones becomes Fred Jones when he becomes a Heavy and that'll be a really weird thing to happen storywise. Since I'm featuring all the missions in the game, they'd be featured as a private.

The other thing is YEAH I'll allow droid characters but only when I unlock them in the game.

I'm also gonna have a backup system which is basically you can allow your character to be a backup instead. What that means is when your other character dies, then that is when your backup character is introduced, that way you'll always at least have a character on the XCOM team. You can have as many non-backup characters as you want on the team, but the second they all die then you've got nobody left, you know? So that's what your backup is for, so you at least have someone. But they won't appear (and may not appear at all if that character doesn't die) for a long time.

Also there's no character limit at all. I can have as many soliders as I want, but they may not appear all at once.


[b]Nickname:[/b] (In XCOM it goes First Name "Nickname" Surname
[b]Nationality:[/b] (You can choose any if you just want me to pick the first assigned soldier for you to get you in the game ASAP rather than waiting for a soldier with that nationality)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Note that XCOM's designer is basically - Choose a face, choose a skin colour, choose a hair/hat between these military style haircuts and hats then hair/hat colour so keep that in mind)
[b]Armour colour:[/b] (Pretty much every colour is available)
[b]Personality/Backstory/Character type:[/b]
[b]Backup:[/b] YES/NO
[b]Backup of:[/b]
Sep 22 2017, 01:08 AM
Ever wanted to be a solider who fights aliens?
Ever wanted to have a 99% chance hit rate to shoot an alien, only to miss the shot, then for the alien with its 1% chance hit rate to shoot you and insta kill you?

Welcome to AESCOM, a little show/psuedo lets play of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (And Enemy Within Expansion)

If you dunno what XCOM is it's a top down strategy game where aliens invade earth and you make soldiers and fight dem aliens, and the soldiers can get hurt and get promoted and die and stuff.

It'll basically be me playing the game, cutting out a bunch of the fiddly inventory stuff, maybe keeping in some of the upgrade stuff if it's significant, but mostly showing the missions. Maybe I'll add in a little character interaction segments too for funsies and added DEVELOPMENT.

So yeah you can sign up your dudes and watch them get shot up
Note: The game has a high death rate.
Note note: It's the console version so I can't install mods like The Long War.
Aug 29 2017, 06:23 PM
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