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Casey Jones - Warren Zevon ft. David Lindley
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Casey McCloud

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Apr 11 2017, 05:08 PM
A woman leans against of wooden fence in southern Pennsylvania.

This fence separates the parking lot from the Riverfront park. A massive expanse of open space to roam around, play, and be one with nature...right up until you get to the real star of the attraction, the Susquehanna River. From where she is, she can see quite a bit of southern Pennsylvania. She can just barely see the lights where the city of York is. The sky is that beautiful peach shade that comes with the oncoming dusk. The weather is actually quite pleasant for once, a cool breeze ensuring coats and jackets still exist, but they are lighter and smaller. She can see clouds form in the distance, the possibility of oncoming rain. She blinks, coming to. She realizes she's been staring off into space. Again.

This woman's name is Casey McCloud. She's been like this for awhile now.

Her life hasn't been great for the past six months.

ROSE closed it's doors. The harsh reality of the business she loved so dearly had however, hit her at her worst possible time. Anxiety, a losing streak, and the possibility of getting in front of an audience to wrestle her best...and potentially come up short again was bad on it's own. But ROSE closing up shop?

It came very close to breaking her. She came to Pennsylvania and got the news in a text message. She was like so many pro wrestlers before or after her. Much like she was in the time before.

Between jobs, and not having a clue what to do with herself.

She cried the first couple of days. A lot. Bitter, angry sobbing tears. Irrational tears. The kind you have when a family member dies. Then came silence. A long period where she just...didn't speak. Or move much. Her family was concerned. She then tried to find work in town with the railroad again. Distract herself and all that. Convince herself that Wrestling was just a fun 15 minutes of fame scenario...and the squeezing of budgets just flexed her right out of any job anyway. Her engineering experience, her factory floor experience...wasn't enough. And that just started the whole process over again.

She came here to clear her head. She wasn't...depressed, per se. Or maybe she was and this was her way of dealing with it, but she didn't feel right. Being stuck in a cramped apartment for too long plays tricks on the mind. She couldn't place it...but it was slowly eating her alive. She spent time...a lot of it...staring out into this little park in hopes of escape. She wasn't the only one here. A couple with their dog...a few kids with a football, some kids tumbling in the grass. The background noise helped her tune out everything going on. To the point where she didn't hear a certain truck pull up in the spot next to hers.

"Casey, dear?" a voice inquires. She snaps back to reality and turns. Her mother, looking slightly worried, hopping out of a pickup. She gives a sad smile in response.

"Hey mom, how're you holdin' up?"

"I should be the one askin' you that." she responds.

Casey looks down at her sneakers, not really sure how to put what she actually feels into words. Her mother walks around the fence to her daughter, giving her a little time to think about it. She leans on the fencepost and crosses her arms. An uncomfortable silence falls over the park. The water of the river's lazy flow is the only real background noise. Finally, her mother breaks the silence.

"...Casey, what's happened."


"You're not like this, dear. You've been like this once. Heck, you've already had this happen to you but...this is different. It's like you've been on autopilot! I know I promised you that I wouldn't pry but this isn't the Casey McCloud I know. You can't find work an' it's like you don't want to, all you do is come out here, stare at the water or the view or sit in a dusty gym. What is going on, Honey?"

Another uncomfortable silence.

"Please Casey. I'm your mother. You can talk to me. I'll understand."

Yet more painful silence. Finally Casey looks up, over the horizon. Her voice is cracked, fighting to get out of her throat.

"...Y'know when dad got hurt?"


"Y'know...Y'know when were sat in the hospital an' you were jus' beggin' fer any kind of answer...other than...y'know." Her voice is wavering. Her eyes are getting wet.

"I...yes. I remember that feeling."

Casey looks at her mother finally, tears beginning to stream down her face.

"...Yeah. Like that."
she says finally, struggling to get the words out.

Her mother blanches slightly. Casey finally starts to break down and her mom does what any mother would do: bring her in for a hug, cradling her head while she gets it out. Casey, a well of repressed emotion, is sobbing like a child. Again. And now she's babbling.

"Ididn'tthinkitdbethishardyknow? I jes-"





"Casey Meghann McCloud." Her mother grabs her arms and...well, more forces herself backward than push Casey. She looks at her child. A grown woman. Damn strong, too. Casey manages to contain her blubbering, sniffing every once in awhile, attempting to get a grip. Her mother wipes away her tears as she's done countless times before.

"...It's your pro wrestling career, right? Can't find a job?"

Casey swallows the lump of bile or whatever it is that forms whenever one is feeling blue in her throat, trying to articulate her response.

"No, ma...It's not that. Not really. It's just...I put my heart and soul into ROSE. I know I wasn't the most talented or the prettiest or even the most technically sound but I genuinely wanted it to become what it did, warts n' all. That's practically all I had fer...gosh, it feels like a decade, couldn'a been like three or four years. An' whenever I come home so much has changed an'...I just wanna make sure you guys are well an' cared for, y'know? I felt so bad fer not bein' here when dad got hurt and well...I just wanted to make sure."

Her mother smirks a little. It's a sad, knowing smirk.

"Casey...We're fine."


"No. No backtalk. We got out of workin' for good. We more or less own our home now, we've been getting checks from the railroad and the yard for almost a decade now, we're comfortable, we have insurance, we pay our light bill, and fer our internet. We're fine, Casey. You shouldn't be thinking about us like we're in our 80's just yet! Now what you need to do..."


"...Is leave."

"...But I live in Reading no-"

"No, I don't mean it like that, honey. I mean..go be a pro wrestler again."

"But ma, I-"

"Casey...There's nothing for you here anymore. You've been to so many wonderful places, told such beautiful stories and touched a nerve with so many people. Y'all ain't a factory worker, or a yard goat anymore. You've outgrown that life and tryin' t'find another one is just gonna be wastin' your best years on somethin' other than being who you are. And you are that Pro Wrestler I got to see on TV every other week or so. Otherwise, why'd you even start, hm?"

Casey takes a minute to think.

"...I started because I wanted to prove something. That even if I wasn't some champion or a super-trained athlete. I wanted to prove that anyone, even some girl from Hershey could be anything she wanted if she did right, the right way...and worked hard. Harder than hard. And rose above her station. Even if one person got it...then it's all worth it." She says.

"Then go be you, Casey McCloud. We'll always be cheering you on for that." Her mother says.

Casey smiles. She hasn't done that in awhile. But it's infectious and refuses to leave, her mother gets her own. They hug each other tight. Her mother pulls away after a minute, realizing why she came in reality. She fishes into her coat, pulling a couple of letters out and handing them to Casey.

"You really need to let someone at AES know you moved."

"Why, is this fanmail?"

"mmm....could be. It's all coming from these official looking envelopes, so I think it just might be what you're looking for to get back on track, dear."

Casey carefully opens one of the envelopes and reads the contents...and her eyes widen.

" is it good, dear?"

Casey looks up from the paper, the spirit she so often showed returning.

"...I'm gonna need new gear."

"...Well good, because those jeans were getting filthy, dear." her mother remarks.

"Wha-Why didn't you tell me! I'd have changed them sooner!"

"And those old boots of yours need to be completely re-done. I know a cobbler in town who'd be willing to-"


"Alright, maybe not a cobbler, but I do think you need a new pair for matches."
Her mother says, walking to her truck and pulling out the keys.

"Alright, alright, I'll work it out with the dealer...And Ma?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Thank you."

Her mother smiles. "Anytime, sugar. Now go do right, the right way. Your way."

she waves at her daughter as she closes her truck door, the engine roars to life and Mrs. McCloud leaves the park, her daughter turning back to the view she'd been staring at rather than taking in. It was actually quite nice. She could see everything. And she'd been to all of those places in the view.

And she'd be going to all the places beyond it now.

But first, she had some calls to make...
Jun 8 2015, 02:25 AM

Name: Casey McCloud

Nickname(s): "Penn Pain Train", "Pain Train" "Caseyface"

Legal/Birthname: Casey Meghann McCloud

Social Media: @PennPainTrain

Alignment: Eternal Face

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Height/Weight: 6'0, 175 lbs.

Birthdate: 07/09/91 (24)

Hailing From: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Born In: Reading, Pennsylvania


- Pro-Wrestler
- Amtrak Diesel Engineer
- Train Crew (Penn Station to Raleigh, North Carolina)
- Mechanical Service Operator

Appeared in: (list from first to most recent)

Theme History:

Casey Jones - Warren Zevon ft. David Lindley
In a Big Country - Big Country

Signature Moves: (optional)
- Float Over DDT
- Butterfly Backbreaker

Signature name (name of move)
- Railspike
- Amshacker

Tiger Bomb into double underhook piledriver

Finisher name (name of move)
- Derailer

Claims to Fame:

Beat the Administration

ROSE Original


Laura Brennan
Lola Jazz
Caid Murdock
Morgan Anderson
Maria Gibson
Aurora Rivers
Emily Rykren
Tyler Rykren
Amber Oh


Cheiron Archer
Amber Ember
Chell Sweetie


The textbook definition of a "Good ol' Hard worker." and "Lifetime Babyface", Casey is one of ROSE's staunchest good girls, if not THE biggest one.

A girl from Pennsylvania whose life almost entirely revolved around the Rail depot that almost everyone in her family has worked in since long before her grandfather can remember. Her family consists of a father, mother and two brothers, so with two boys causing all sorts of trouble, she had to be the tough one. Her long days doing miscellaneous labor in the depot has made her strong, and she aims to prove that a good honest work ethic can be rewarded in these trying times, even if that means she herself is tested horribly.

She's chipper, Happy-Go-Lucky, Very physical, and always looking to do the right thing. Why?'s what she does. Her family has instilled in her the values of which she upholds as the closest thing to a religion she participates in.

After all work in the rail depot had finished up, people would flock to watch fights occur in a warehouse where a ring was set up. She began her wrestling career here, imitating a wrestler who was popular in her youth. From there, Young Casey has become a fine young woman, aiming to prove that she is just as good at the wrestling aspect of her life as she is as a person, without compromising the parts of her that makes Casey...well...her.
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