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 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 11:05 AM
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Snakeman Snakeman Snakeman that Snakeman's up to something
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Post intro promos here. This thread might also be useful for general-purpose non-introductory promos pertaining to ScrapYard events, since there's a strong chance I'm going to be keeping match cards intentionally vague (bc surprises are fucking cool).

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Marie Dufort
 Posted: May 4 2017, 12:28 PM
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A DVD played on the television in the darkened room.

Championship Wrestling From Moscow
The young woman with the long sandy-blonde hair and the bright red-and-blue eyeshadow jumped through the curtain, her bright smile evident under her nerves. True, she was the seventh participant in a thirteen-man match, but it was still time to make her debut. The crowd applauded politely as she did a handspring from the stage to the floor and ran around the perimeter of the ring, high-fiving everyone in reach before rolling under the bottom rope. She beamed and jumped to the top turnbuckle, pointing at the fans-


Sensationell Meisterschaft Ringkampf
The young woman reared back and smacked the other woman she was fighting with a chop that echoed throughout the arena. The crowd oohed and aahed as she went for it again. At the commentary booth, the two men behind the headsets were reacting excitedly in German, only to get even more excited as the brightly-colored woman ascended to the top turnbuckle and hit a shiranui. The other woman smacked against the mat with a loud noise and the brightly-attired woman signaled to the top rope and began to climb the turnbuckle-


Norwich Hardcore Wrestling
The woman lay on all fours, tears beading in her eyes, as the ring announcer let the arena know exactly who had just qualified for the NHW King's Row Championship. She would later go on to lose that match, but in the moment, hearing the adulation of the crowd caused her to stand up and try as she might she couldn't stop the tears. She grabbed a mic, and after some mouthing and stuttering, thanked everyone for coming and for believing in-


She lay into Jack Windsor with a forearm that sent him reeling. Another one was enough for him to stumble into the turnbuckle and look around, dazed. The woman grabbed his head and sent him to the mat, and without a moment to lose she began to climb the turnbuckle. The crowd roared, knowing what was coming, and the woman obliged as she soared from the top turnbuckle and connected with a beautiful moonstomp. Windsor thrashed around but the woman quickly covered him and the referee slid in to count the pinfall. One. Two. Three! The crowd jumped to their feet and cheered, knowing that the woman had finally bested her rival for the first time. On commentary, Jay Baldrick was losing his mind.

"She's done it!" he was yelling. "She's finally done it! There's a reason she was named Armbar Illustrated's 2011 rookie of the year!"

The woman staggered to her feet. She was crying again as she stared out to the crowd that had accepted her so quickly. Though she had a long way to go, that much right now was enough.

"It's no secret why she was the first from her country to be signed overseas," Baldrick continued. "This is only her first year in the ScrapYard, so I am confident in saying that the future looks bright for Marie Dufor-"


The poorly-made DVD menu was all that remained onscreen now, the light from the television illuminating the pinched and pale face of the disc's subject, Marie Dufort. Behind her stood her savior, Juan Cortes.

"I can destroy these, you know," Juan said. His voice was low, concern evident in every syllable.

Marie shook her head. There were no tears in her cold eyes.

"Let them produce them," she said. Every word left her mouth like a gatling gun, harsh, sudden. "Let them see for themselves what they lost by abandoning me."

"And what they are about to gain," Juan murmured. He looked at his charge, his face unreadable behind his sunglasses.

Marie snorted and pushed her wheelchair around to face the doorway of the viewing room at BOSS Industries. "I must attend to my schedule," she said.

"Of course, of course," Juan replied, absently. As Marie rolled out towards her new quarters, the leader of BOSS Industries picked up the remote and looked for a match he knew was on there. It was the last one on the disc, and the only one that ended prematurely. The black screen with the disclaimer and explanation of what happened that night in Philadelphia was mirrored in his gaze.

"Stay safe," he whispered, but no one heard.
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Tanner Morgen
 Posted: May 4 2017, 01:17 PM
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Any time, anywhere. Anyone.
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"The 14th o' February, 2017."

The 28th of July, 2014.

The day of the accident.

The day all his plans for the future were shattered in a single moment.

His ISSW plans? Up in smoke.

Recapturing the NBBW tag titles? Not a chance.

Kingdom Pro? He'd been supporting that company out of pocket. If he couldn't work, it was done, and he knew it.

"The day Ah signed up tae be a part o' the 'Grawn Pree'."

That was to say nothing of his plans elsewhere. At the time of his accident, he'd been pencilled in for a match at the house Jack Windsor built a mere two weeks later. It was to be his big break, his chance to show that he wasn't a total flop. He belonged in the same conversation as his brother.

But it wasn't to be. By the time he had come back from his injury, ScrapYard had long since closed its doors. His chance was gone.

"The 28th o' February, 2017."

Granted, this wasn't going to stop his ascendancy in the companies he'd already wrestled for upon his return, but this wouldn't exactly get his foot in the door elsewhere. No one wanted to touch him. Despite that fact that he'd had one career injury beyond his control, he was now seen as 'injury prone'.

"The day Ah signed the dautted line tae be a part o' MallBrawl."

It wasn't until shortly after NEWDay 5 that he finally saw his opportunity. The AES Grand Prix was open to anyone from anywhere. It was his opportunity to finally get his foot in the door, and he was determined to take it by the throat.

"The 25th o' April, 2017, the day Ah signed fer ScrapYard."

He recalled his conversation with Teresa Pontarelli on the day of his signing.

"Are you sure you're ready for this, pal?" The gruff voice of Teresa Pontarelli, Nathaniel's tag team partner, echoed through the room.

"Nah mate, I've jus' been sittin' on me hauns fer the past 6 months, like." A sarcastic response. This is why Tanner had a reputation for being an asshole, but Teresa was more than used to it.

"I've jus' been sittin' on me hauns."

"E'er since Ah came here, I've jus' been sittin' on me bloody hauns."

He stands up suddenly from the crate upon which he'd been seated up until this point. Upon his face sat an expression of fury and bitterness that had been a constant since the accident. A bitter man began to pace back and forth.

"Ah didnae come back frae a 23-month injury tae sit on me fauckin' hauns. A lot o ye's may naw know this, but fer me, back in the day, ScrapYard was the goal."

He stopped pacing, finally, and sat back atop his crate.

"The house that Jack Windsor belt. Who on the UK scene wouldnae want tae go through it?"

He cracked each of his knuckles individually, clearly in an attempt to intimidate.

"An' now it's back. So tae answer the question Ah keep gettin', and, yer bloody right Ah signed fer ScrapYard, because Ah'm naw gonna keep sittin' on me hauns waitin' fer somewan else ta decide it's time. It's always time. Any time, anywhere. Anyone."

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Heikki Jokinen
 Posted: May 4 2017, 02:45 PM
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The Next Generation: Part 7

By Mr. Clark

So far, so good. My quest to interview as many wrestlers debuting in the AES this year had gone swimmingly. 6 great interviews and I was heading to Finland to make it a 7th. I'm serious when I say I want to get through as many of these as possible. Heikki Jokinen really had me curious, he had some impressive stats on the independent scene and it had obviously caught the eyes of several people in AES. And yet, not much was known about the man, all I had to go off of was statistics, no information whatsoever about the man himself.

As I walked into the hotel lobby, there he was sitting at the very back of the hall staring off into the distance. He was a "cruiserweight" but I knew that I could not underestimate him in the slightest. A man with an impressive record and very little information about him had me captivated. I wasn't bothered that I wasn't prepared, I was ready to delve in and immerse myself in the mystery. There have been many in AES with an aura of mystery around them. You know the ones, Blackout, Joshua Pine, Kotodel, Infynity. Perhaps Heikki Jokinen could one day be added to that list.

As I walked on over, I noticed his clothing was very basic. A plain white t-shirt and jeans that were definitely starting to fall apart. Not a man that dressed or looked flashy for sure. The only thing he had bothered to do was use hair gel as his hair was sticking up immaculately. I looked on at the unshaven man with his vacant look. Perhaps not quite the image of mystery I was hoping for, but I resumed my optimism.

"Heikki Jokinen?" I asked, extending a hand.

He slowly exhaled. "Yah." he replied, still staring into the distance. He didn't even turn his head to acknowledge me. It was at this stage I wondered if he was all there in the head.

"Mr. Clark, I'm here to interview you on your wrestling debut." There was a long pause and then he made an unusual noise before speaking, presumably his brain catching up. If I had to spell it, it was something like "mworarh"

"Yeah, I wrestle." he said plainly, still staring into the distance. I looked over my shoulder to see what he was staring at. The vending machine? Surely not. Perhaps he was meditating.

"How are you?" I asked like a fool.

"Mwoararh, just a Thursday."

I took the seat opposite him and tried to stay upbeat. "Well, the AES world is certainly excited to hear all about you. You have an impressive record and not much is known about you. People say there is a mystery behind Heikki Jokinen. So, do tell. What is Heikki all about?"

The interview had barely begun but I knew this would make or break the interview.

In a word, break.

At least I got more than four words out of him. Still, I had to lean forward to understand his quiet mumbling voice. It didn't help that he had a strong Finnish accent.

"It's uh, just what I do. I come to wrestle, and got the results needed and that's all there is."

I pressed for more details. "Yes, but uh...what is your mindset, what has brought you to this stage. Anything?"

"Bah, not really. As I say, I come to do the job needed, I wrestle and I go to win and that is the job that I do."

Fantastic. Spoken like a true poet.

"There must be a secret out here in the icy Finnish lands, some special training or a specific rigorous diet-"

It was at this stage Heikki got up and walked away from me. How inconsiderate, I was half way through a question. It didn't take long to figure out where he was going. It was indeed the vending machine he had been staring at intently rather than me. After a minute of him standing there, he came back with a chocolate bar in hand.

Some Finnish brand I think, forgive me for not checking. I sat there, staring at him in disbelief. In all my years as a journalist I hadn't met a wrestler like this. I've met rude wrestlers, wrestlers that have berated me and called me an idiot, but this seemed to be more offensive to me somehow. It was like I barely existed.

Heikki slowly opened the wrapper and took a slow bite out of the bar. After a few seconds of chewing he gave a shrug.

"No, not really." he mumbled. I assumed he was answering the question he had rudely walked away from.

I had to salvage this the best I could, but my god this guy sucked at interviews. Dryer than a desert.

Fortunately he continued talking.

"I just wrestle and do what I do." Oh jesus, he was just repeating himself. Surely there must be SOMETHING to this guy. ANYTHING that I can write about.

My patience was wearing thin, I'll admit. "Have you had a fair share of CRITICS?" I asked, hoping he'd get the hint.

"No it's... nothing really to do that sort of thing, not that it matters. As I say, I came to do wrestling and that's it. I don't really need any other information so I don't why you ask about things like that. Bad things... hmmm... happen but I sort it by doing good job." His tone went up, SLIGHTLY, so he could express some mild emotions. Sadly, it seemed to be displeasure at my questions.

"I see. So are you feeling any pressure going into AES? There must be some high expectations, people wondering if the next generation have what it takes to wrestle amongst the best."

Another shrug. "No, it's, uh. I haven't heard anything of what other people say. I just try and do better job."

I had to cut him off before he repeated himself AGAIN.

"Okay, well uh-"

"I don't know what people say, people have opinions."

I leant forward even further. I'm sorry to say I broke my usual form of questioning, but I had to get some sort of interesting answer.

"I'm sorry uh, I'm just wondering. I find it quite odd because you've got some interesting stats here and you've got a big gig coming up and I'm wondering what exactly your MOTIVATION is for all this is. For wrestling. Do you have... any motivation?"

His mouth actually curled up slightly, but it might have been just a twitch. "I'm motivate to do job. I don't know what exactly you're asking because I'm here, I was there when I signed wrestling contract. I wouldn't do that if I didn't want to. I do what I want and that is my job. Which is wrestling." Despite the lack of emotion I could tell from his shifting body language that he thought my line of questioning was terrible. It's not.

I stared at the carpet. These were the most basic answers I had heard in my life, I had no clue what his mindset really was for anything. His past, his motivations, he just wasn't giving me anything, except for the fact that he was a wrestler and he showed up to wrestle.

No shit, really?

It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't a slow talker, it felt like an eternity.

"Okay, let's take a step back. So in a moment I think we should have a look at some of the people you'll be going up against in your first matches in Scrapyard, but first I think we should look at your ring style. Looking at your list of moves, they seem to be mostly basic moves, and yet you've won with them handily. Explain why you chose these moves over some stuff that would be more suited to your weight class."

"Eeeh, I don't know. I just think it get job done quicker, then I go home where it's quiet. Climbing to top rope is harder, takes too long."

Impressive records? I was starting to think he was just plain lazy. This is a mind boggling man.

"Well, regarding your opponents. Let's say for example you're up against Roze O-"

Unbelievable, he's gotten up and walked off AGAIN. This time rounding the corner down the hall. I assumed he went to the toilet.

He actually went home.

I waited there for 45 minutes. Then spent another 15 minutes asking hotel staff where he had gone until we had all come to the conclusion that he had left outright without saying a word. I had barely been in Finland that long and my job had come to an abrupt end. So to other interviewers, I'd suggest not bothering to interview him at all.

Let me tell you about Heikki Jokinen. He is no man of mystery, I don't think he's an idiot either or has anything messed up in his head. He has no grand scheme, no sob story, no happy stories. He's not a good person or an evil person.

To put it simply, he just doesn't care.
 Posted: May 4 2017, 09:16 PM
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Fire Mouse Pokémon
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"You know what's the craziest fuckin' thing?" A small figure in a hoodie and sweatpants - May Russell - sits on top of a pile of mats in a gym. "Dragons. Now hold the fuck up, hear me out, I'm not about that swords and sorcery fantasy bullshit.

"Yeah, you heard me, bullshit. That's what it is. The Chinese thought they were msytical protectors, and you can't go five feet without running into another fucking movie about dragons being tamed." She spat that last word as if it were some insult. "Everyone's forgetting that once upon a time, dragons were feared. One day they'd just swoop down on you and murder you, your family, your town, everything you knew and loved, and made off with all of your shit. Dragon don't care. Dragon probably gets off on that shit. You'd have a better chance of bargaining with a cyclone, more likely to talk an earthquake down, than to stop the dragon."

May stood up from her impromptu mat throne and pushed her hood down, revealing her unruly red hair. "Let me make one fucking thing clear as day here. The ScrapYard is my house now. None of you bastards know it yet, but it's mine, sure as the sky's blue, or England never winning another World Cup. And you wanna know why?"

She turns around to face the punching bag and, with a punch that couldn't have moved much more than an inch, knocked it back a solid foot.

"Because I am a motherfucking dragon--"

A quick roundhouse kick on the backswing knocked the bag clear off its chain.

"--and I am here to destroy your world."

And without another word, May stormed away, leaving the bag to roll away.

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RoZo Squartellini
 Posted: May 4 2017, 09:35 PM
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You can also call me RoZo
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"fuck you" said roze as he dabs with lance and harley

will make an actual promo soon i just wanted to contribute

user posted image

user posted image

Hop in the butt shack.
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 Posted: May 11 2017, 04:11 AM
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wait niko's a guy?
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[Download Attachment]

[Open "3m02s.wmv"]

Hey what's up Youtube! It's yer boy Danny T. with another Top 5 countdown! Today we're gonna be looking at five times that the world collectively remembered things wrong! Now, you're probably all pretty familiar by now with the Berenstain Bears situation that's happened recently. A whole lotta people are convinced they remember the book being "Berenstein" Bears instead. Now, this whole Berenstain confusion is just the most recent occurrence of something called the Mandela Effect, which got its name when a pretty big percentage of the world incorrectly remembered that Nelson Mandela died while in prison. Now, this got a lotta people really confused when he actually died a few years ago.

So with all that outta the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty: Here's the Top 5 Times We All Remembered Something Wrong!

5 - Darth Vader Daddy Issues[b]

Now, Star Wars is just about an inescapable part of pop culture at this point. Even if you haven't watched the movies, you're probably familiar with at least some aspect of the films. Maybe you just know the sound a lightsaber makes, or that Leia looked hot in that gold bikini. But probably, you know that famous line "Luke, I am your father" one of the classic twist reveals in movie history. But what if I told you Darth Vader never says those lines. In fact, the actual line is "No, I am your father" but somehow, to this day, you'll see a lot more people quoting that first one. Weird right?

[b]4 - The Battle of Vladingrad

Okay so, full disclosure maybe this one's more interesting to me because I'm a huuuge history geek but hey, bear with me for a minute here, because this one's pretty fascinating. So it's one thing for a bunch of people to just misremember a movie or the name of a book or something, but this time we had the world basically just completely misremember an actual military battle! So during World War II, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the Soviets had this strategy where they would start setting fire to their cities when they were invaded by the Nazis. If you've played enough old video games, you'll probably recognize the Battle of Stalingrad as the most famous example of this strategy. So, when the city of Vladingrad burnt down in 1944 it was obviously just another example of this strategy right?

Wrong. See, Vladingrad was never invaded by the Germans, it was pretty far out of the way from the direction of Hitler's invasion, and it actually would have required the Axis troops to bypass another city to get to Vladingrad first, which they didn't. But Vladingrad did burn down, just not because of any defensive military tactics. Instead a fire was started in the middle of the city's downtown area in an old converted church which spread through the rest of the city and ended up razing the whole place. This was referred to by Soviet newpapers at the time as Черная маска Огонь or "Black Mask Fire" but I guess that got quickly forgotten about because since then Vladingrad is pretty frequently used as an example of a military technique that the city never used. Crazy stuff yeah?

3 - Sinbad's Bad Movie

Okay so you're maybe familiar with Sinbad, the comedian, not the pirate right? He's a pretty funny guy, had a decent run in the 90s and 2000s after he got his start playing a genie in a pretty bad movie called Shazaam. We all know the story right? Wrong. Turns out, that movie just never existed. This one's weird to me because pretty much everyone remembers this one but there's no proof the movie ever came out. I guess it's some sort of thing where we all mix up Shaq's movie Ka-



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user posted image
user posted image
"The Soda King" CokeIbushi
 Posted: May 11 2017, 08:56 PM
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Another night on the town after another night in the squared circle. Emile Kotille sits on a stool at the local pub after an indy show she headlined had come to an end with her getting another win. She’s still in her gear, choosing not to change out and instead cleaning herself up after a tough contest. A tall bottle of Irish ale and an ashtray with a victory cigar, used up and finished but still emanating smoke. People treated her here more like another patron and one of them, despite being such a commodity in the U.K. independent circuit.

“Emiiiiiile!” The local promoter comes up with a smartphone, sifting his way through the crowd. His voice booms for such a thin person as she turns her head to acknowledge him making a beeline for her seat at the bar. “Yer gonna wanna take a look at dis. You've gone public.” He puts the screen on the front of her face, capturing her attention. He presses on the glass, starting the YouTube video from the beginning. Emile rests a hand on her jawline, relaxing after a grueling final match working that federation.

“I’m Alan from HuhCulture, and this is the U.K. Wrestling Wreport.” A deceptively dashing man greets the viewer with his thin Essex accent before graphics overlay the video, showing the title he had just stated. Alan returns, standing in front of a green-screen playing video from all of the top wrestling indie promotions in the outreaches of the United Kingdom. “This week, one of the biggest names in the shores of Ireland has signed to a top AES federation. Emile Kotille; who has been on an absolute tear since starting to wrestle after just two years in the industry, will be in the center of the eye of the wrestling scene really soon. She has already signed onto the AES: Grand Prix but EWrestling reported this morning that she will be working for ScrapYard, the biggest U.K. indie promotion to sign on with the Armbar Error Society.” Emile, still wearing her fingerless shooting gloves, presses the screen which stops the video.

“It was bound ta be announced sooner or later.” Emile lays back a bit, taking a swig from her bottle. The video not impressing her as much as her boss for the show. “I didn’t need some second-rate ‘resslin’ news place tellin' me what I already knew. They wanted an Irish lass who could handle a fight, and they got'er. And while the spotlight's nice and all, I just want to kick some more arse and prove why Ireland holds the meanest lass this side of the pond. That's why I signed with ScrapYard.” Emile finishes her ale, sliding it to the ready barkeep.

"But this is cause for celebration! Yer about to do all that and more when you got a place with AES' backing! You could be the toughest arse kicker walking the face of the planet!" He lightly pounds on the bar, getting the attention of the bartender. “Hey, you got enough drinks for all of us?” He yells out, the promoter's voice louder than the crowd of wrestling fans coming to the bar for a postshow party.

“For the Lieutenant? A'course!” He grabs a few shot glasses and a few bottles as a way to indicate an open bar. The patrons cheer, their drinks were going to be free so they could get as inebriated as they could possibly handle. The promoter grabs a glass of beer and raises it to the sky above everyone else there.

“Wrestling fans. Wrestling fans!” He bellows loudly to silence the murmurs. “I propose a toast. To Emile fookin' Kotille. Tonight, she worked her last date in the ‘true’ independents and I couldn’t think of anyone else who has earned the praise of the big wigs over at the AES that she has. Worked her arse off and has been one of the biggest stars on this little rock called Ireland. To Emile?” He raises the glass higher with a little more force, causing some alcohol to pour out.


The crowd looks at one man, the one who belted out the insult of her moving onto a higher circuit. People yell out obscenities to the dissenter, a talent that had also competed that night still in his ring gear, none too pleased with his stance. He makes his way through the crowd, using force if need be to get to Emile.

“Shut the fook up, you bah-sterds.” He yells out, quieting but not sedating the building anger of the mob. “Yer a fookin’ sellout. I don’t get why these people are kissin’ your fat arse about leavin’ them behind.” He closes in on Emile, filled to the brim with liquid courage. “Yer going to forget all of us when yer making top pound to some rag fed that only cares about the bottom line. You people make me absolutely disgoosted. I oughta slap you for pissin’ on us little guys.” He finally gets face-to-face with the target of his ire, the unruly roster mate a few inches taller than Kotille.

“Well.” She grabs a drink of ale before getting off of her stool to confront him, despite the obvious size disadvantage. “Ya gonna slap me or not?” She puts her hands behind her back, indicating the perfect opportunity for the man to take. “C’mon now. I’m givin’ ya a free shot. Ya clearly couldn't get ta best of me in the ring earlier.” The bystanders react with a loud, drawn-out "OH". The other wrestler stutters a bit, unsure of how to approach the situation. This was probably the best chance he had to let Emile know how he felt about her leaving for a bigger paycheck than his. He closes his eyes and throws an open hand right. A millisecond later, he was feeling his throat tightening up and his arm being restrained.

His eyes shoot open in pain; she had put him in a crossface chicken-wing. Emile lets go of his slapping wrist and completes a transition to a standing sleeper hold/rear naked choke. Her patented submission maneuver, known simply as “C.Q.C.”. He starts to fade as his body shuts down, his arms dropping from trying to break the deadly hold. But to no avail, his knees buckle and he becomes jelly in her arms. As soon as Emile feels the grappler go limp, she uses her strength to flop him chest-first onto the bar.

Emile slides him down the counter and towards the door, his body acting as a human torpedo as glasses and drinks fly and cover him and his path. He falls off the edge but is caught by other fans and tossed out of the pub. The outspoken detractor's drunken outrage gets him theoretically thrown out for the rest of the night. The bar fight gets Emile excited for her future outside of the halls and armories she used to wrestle in, as the fans chant her name as she takes in their applause.

“You fookin' kiddin'? I’d never forget all of this. You people are gonna follow me into the eye of the unknown and we’re going to kick its fooking arse! Drinks r’ on me, you crazy fooks!” She raises her drink high, finishes it and smashes the glass onto the floor to the adulation of the audience. “I'm going to take ScrapYard and make it my bitch and I'm going to do to those daft fooks who say otherwise what I did to our friend. Let’s paint Belfast green tonight, alright!” The bartender slides her another bottle of ale and the head of the promotion raises his glass once again.

“One more time, without interruption. To Emile?” Almost like déjà vu, he tries for another toast, without anyone trying to sabotage her moment.


"I am kota.Please fan forever."- Kota Ibushi to me, 2017
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"These are dark times, my friend. Dark times for the both of us. British Women really are ugly as sin these days. Let's see...that's a five outta ten comin t'rew...three outta ten....ooooh, nine outta te....Nevermind, that face...four outta ten."

The Hairy Irishman with his hair dyed green chewed his tobacco casually, with his back leaning up against a motorcycle parked on the side of the road, gawking at every women from just about the right amount of distance he could be near that arena without it's owners throwing a fit for the third time in the past two weeks.

"Ew...Jesus, MG, come take these binoculars. Look at this Wagon here."

Putting the Binnoculars he was using down, he shoved it right in the face of the Black Masked buddy, who was bending low with his tool bag at his feet, to make some modifications to said motorcycle.

"MIRAJ, I FRIGGIN SWEAR. SHUT THE HELL UP. WE'RE SPOSED TO BE FINDIN' US A NEW PLACE, SINCE YOU GOT US KICKED FROM GRAPPLEW. If I KNEW you was gonna spend the day Birdwatchin', I'd be gettin' ME a drink right now far a'way from you as possible. And don't lean on it! "

"Easy there, Hell's Asshole." Miraj knew he had a better insult in him, but not on the spot like this. "Not like you're doing much help, with dis fuckin' thing."

Miraj pounded on MG's motorcycle for emphasis, jukebox style.

"EY, EY, EY. EASY ON MY CHOPPAH, A'RIGHT? Ya hit dat one more time, I wouldn't wanna be you, CAPICHE DUMMY?" The big man growled.

"Namin' the thing now are ya? Now you've gone off your nut." Miraj laughed.


Miraj was slightly regretting not coming up with a better insult earlier than 'Hell's Asshole', because that 'Chia Pet' insult was gonna be hard to top. Luckily he had in his pocket all he needed to change the subject. Pulling out a phone, he shoved that in his tag partner's face.

"Hm? Whose phone is dis?" MG chomped.

"Some guy's. That was gonna get pawned off earlier, but I saw this billboard so I thought I'd snag a pic to share with you. Pay attention to what's on screen."

"SCRAPYARD? THE SHEFFIELD PLACE? Didn't ya say they was peanuts 'cause they was too smart to give be exploited for the good contracts? Ya really goin' with second bananas now, ain'tcha?"

Miraj shook his head, as he spit out his chew in the direction of the GRAPPLEW Arena.

"Kinda, yeah. But look here..." Miraj put his finger on the giant flaming logo logo on the board. "It's a part of AES."

"...So what?"

"So wha--" Miraj couldn't even finish that sentence. He felt almost insulted he had to be asked. "Richest men in the world are a part of that. Artemis Gerard, Roche Fortier, Juan Cortes, where'd ya think a lot of 'em got their wealth from? I could've made it big myself in CFPW when I first got signed, if I didn't get falsely accused of a scandal where I 'stole' a higher up's credit card." Miraj air quoted.

The Big Man burst out laughing through his all black mask.

"You was accused of somethin' you didn't steal? Now that's a laugh an' a half!"

"Oh no, I stole it. I was guilty as sin, but they just couldn't prove anything! That visa was hasta la vista. I had the items delivered to a remote location, tore up the card, then resold everything I bought an even larger profit. It should've been the perfect crime. But none of that matters. Association with AES means new talents, new figureheads, new opportunities."

"A whole new ScrapYard...Heh. Ya talkin' my language, Miraj. A'right, let's ride and let'em know dis place is our territory."

"Ah, y'know I took care 'a it already. I knew you woulda said yes." Miraj said, knudging the big man. "It's been far too long since we had a good pillage and plundering like this."

"Aw yeah...That said, I know our thing's walkin' inta every place like we own the joint. Just don't get us kicked out immediately by doin' somethin' like hittin on the boss' daughter, a'right?"

Miraj sighed.

"Bloody time!" Miraj shook his index finger at his partner for emphasis.


"I'm not gonna let a pretty bird fly by, am I?"


"Oh, pick up your shit, If we're gonna do this, I'm gonna wet my beak first. Let's hit up our usual pub."

"...Fine by me. I dunno how long I can stand ya company without a big frosty mug in front of me." MG got on his motorcycle, and cranked it on to give him a head start. A few moments of silence was what he needed right now.

"You listen here, you Black Licorice Gumball..."

Miraj paused to smile confidently, because he knew he nailed it (much better than Hell's Asshole, if nothing else), but before he could finish that sentence, MG sped off without another word. With a sigh, Miraj pulled out the phone he stole and dialed the local taxi number, before putting it up to his ear.

"Yes, I'd like to request a taxi to Goodman's Pub for a..." Miraj reached into his pocket for one of the many credit cards he had pocketed. "...Jorgen G...Genevive? I mean...yes, Jorgen Genevive. And I'd like to pay money up front...Yeah, I'll hold."

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Active Characters I Play:
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The scene opens on a black screen as "O Fortuna" blares in the background. Like something out of an edgy YouTube video from 2007, red text begins appear on the screen.


"You should beware..."


The screen then fades out, showing MC Hardcore sitting at his untidy desk looking at his webcam, his greasy black hair shrouding his face, but the low camera quality keeps him from looking intimidating in any sense.

"Ello AES," A cracking voice of a man still going through puberty shrills out, "I am deh massiyah o teh deathmatch, teh five time British Backyard Wrasslin champion, teh Drug Rippeh, MC Hardcore. If yew have neva seen me before, ur arse is in for an awakening. I am teh most vile n' violent man in teh Uke Eh todeh. If yew dink yew've seen violence, yew've seen wank. I like too make mai opponents bleed n' suffer, all n' teh name o mai dark lawd Satan. I don care if ur yung, an old bastard, a man, or a bitch, I will hurt yew."

MC Hardcore then pulls some of his unkept hair away from his face, accedentky knocking over a can of Mountain Dew kickstart.

"To anywan who wants to fite meh, who thinks dey have a chance in hell against teh drug rippeh, I wan dey to look into mai eyes. These eyes are teh eyes of a man who 'ears a voices n his head. These voices tell em to do wan thing, and wan say thing only, keel and-"

The loud *bang* of a door being swung open interrupts MC's tangent, and a figure in a yellow, flower pedal patterned dress is seen behind the brooding man.

"MIKEY!!!" The figure cries out in a voice somehow less appealing to listen to then MC's.

"Wut the bloody hell dew yew wan Mum?" MC Hardcore asks as he swings around in his chair, turning his back to the webcam.


"But Mum, I'm in the middle of something important!"


"Mum, dis is bigga than Beh Beh Douba Yew! I'm making a promo for Scrapyard!"


"Well maybe yew should read teh bloody papers! It's back unda teh AES banna, n' I'm signed to it!"


"Of course I'll be paid!"


"I will Mum, now bugger off, ur ruining mai promo!"


With that MC's mom leaves and shuts the door loudly behind her. MC then turns back to the camera and sighs.

"Great, I'm going to have to cut all dat bloody rubish out. Anyway... Scrapyard! You bes prepare to beware... teh... DRUG RIPPA! MC Hardcore out!"

Hardcore then reaches up to the left of the webcam, stopping the recording and bringing the video to a close.

Characters I play:

Alexis Riot (RISE, TANW, Rev X), Austin Kincaid (WWA), Battman (PWAS, OGW, Mallbrawl), Brad Anderson (FCCW), Cindy White (UWOT), Cammie Rae (TANW), Electra Emerick (TANW), Jax Biggs (UWOT), John Good (BAD, GTLL), Mike Emerick (Primetime, PWAS) Saul & Simeon Locke (BAD), The Trashman (OGW), BIZZARE (Primetime)
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Hey its me Bubsy!
Getter done!

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Incapable of giving last names to people
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Everything was dark and peaceful, Valentine March was enjoying his slumber. Then it was a blur, he remembered voices, then intense hunger, then silence.

He still couldn't quite put the pieces together himself, hell he didn't even recognize his surroundings. He assumed he was in a cellar of some kind due to the smell of earth, but so many strange contraptions making unfamiliar sounds around him confused the man. He investigated the room he was in, that's when he came to a desk with a calendar on it. "2017...? That's impossible that'd be over one hundred years after I was laid to rest!"

That's when it all came back to him a sharp pain hit his neck that he instinctively reached for. There he felt a scar on his neck right over his artery "That's right." he said somberly "I was bitten, a vampire then that means..." he turned to where he was originally woke up and saw the two bodies who hadn't moved and nearly wretched "...Oh God I feasted on two people." he collapsed in the corner. His eyes widened trying to let the reality sink in.

He knew no one, and nothing of this time.

Two people who were complete strangers were dead because of him.

The hunger would return... he knew it would. He could feel it in his bones.

He composed himself and looked at the men who were now deceased. Upon a cursory glace he spotted a notice about Scrapyard in one of the men's pocket.

"Perhaps this Scrapyard would be an excellent place to learn. It is my only lead to figure out where I am." He looked up the stairs and saw that it was a moonlit night. "Good it should be safe for the time being" he ascended the stairs. "Just hope that I can control my hunger."

ASMR Fed Head Owner: Morganna Cliffore

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Ashley Remangoton, ??????? ?????, Camille,

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