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> What the fuck is going on Spooky, An Update on things
 Posted: Mar 21 2017, 06:53 PM
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I don't really know how to become a fed head :|
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I owe an explanation. First off im not dead (thank god), but however my time has been taken up as of late and since i thought MDLL's first episode by now and its not. i am here to explain all of that jazz

So if you dont know MDLL has made its presents felt in NEWD5 but however there is an event which was Recorded and fully edited but however Arlen dosnt have a key to upload the event so here is the event which i was meant to put on xmas eve ( anyway now that i have gotten that out of the way lets get on to the good stuff

The MDLL timeline revolves around Universe mode so the first episode of SNLL will have the original air date of 3/1/2017 (or 1/3/17 for you Americans). my plan is to get it ready for note taking (for commentary) and praying to the lords almighty it gets done mid april (aiming for Mania week at the moment).

Now i have thought about streaming it but Australian internet is shit and im pretty sure francis is busy 99% of the time but however only PPV's will be streamed for you all. i will have a follow up update after SNLL 1 so i will see you then

Also need caws from the following (add MundialDel2k on PSN)
Mango Mask, Lemon Key Face, Ginger Mahal (Stardy)
Big Boy Gladwin (Sam, think he is up on CC just need to grab him)
Gelitro and some other dude (Teeno)
Rainbow Reina (Koochie)


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Pro Wrestling R.I.S.E
GTLL (under the "El Anarchisto" Persona)
AES Grand Prix

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