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> BAW Fear Factor!
 Posted: Aug 23 2015, 11:22 PM
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Helllllooooooo! Your lovely owner Rose Parker here! Well I'll be tickled pink! It's finally time! The journey was awfully long, but oh my God, we are here at Fear Factor! We have matches from simple grudge matches and people who have problems with each other to hard hittin' Championship matches! We will finally reveal the rest of our belts as we have our inaugural champions for the Femme Fatale, Women's, and World Titles! Blood will be spilt! Weapons will indeed be used! The wrestlers ya will see are gonna prove that they're the best! Now here we go! This is the card for FEAR FACTOR! Hehehe!

Tanning Action!
Action Jackson vs Eugene Saint

These two have attacked each other and also have failed in their own attempts at the Chaotic Championship! Ever since their encounter at BAW#2, Action Jackson found himself at the cusp of another title on #3 when Eugene attacked him during the match causin' him to lose! Action attacked Eugene at the last BAW after the latter won the match! They will both settle the score as the #TAN man goes against the Action man with a plan!

Who Gets The Last Laugh?
JC Stone vs Bill Kraven

JC Stone and Bill Kraven's story is filled with hard hits and constant brawlin' that hasn't stopped ever since they fought against each other at BAW#2! They both have pinned each other in different contests, causin' them to have a tie in their rivalry! Now in this match, both men look forward to see who will break the tie and show who the tougher man is! This is one of those kind of matches that make me tingle with excitement in watchin'!

Maya's In A Hazzardous Situation!
Baya Hazzard vs Maya Mori

Baya Hazzard made her statement in her debut at #3, winnin' in her match and beatin' up Maya Mori backstage! These two were stuck together like rice from here as they beat each other up on the next show, delayin' their match to this lovely show! I'm hopin' that this certain delay will cause them to show me what they REALLY can do!

Let's Get Ready 2 Rumbleeeeeeee! - KO Match
Leslie Fairchild vs Dylan Holmes

This is one of the matches that began on day numero uno! With Dylan Holmes winnin' the debut battle royal, Leslie Fairchild felt like his win was all due to luck and that he wouldn't be outperformed over a "Family man"! With that, Dylan was in Leslie's crosshairs until they have a proper match! Here we are now, where the winner of this match has to knock their opponent out! With Leslie bein' a boxer by trade, ya can say that he is the favourite to win! But don't count out 'ol Dylan here, as his own tough nature can stand up to Leslie's punches! Who will be victorious as one stands tall and the other will look at the pretty lights?!

A First Blood Feud!
Madison Carter vs Stheno

The Visage Stheno has been lookin' for faces to rearrange when she got to BAW and the first person she saw was Madison Carter! She has been hauntin' her, followin' her every step and even was victorious against BAW's own Kasumi Moore! Meanwhile, Madison has been unsuccessful so far, bein' oh so close yet so far in her matches! These two will fight in a First Blood match, where the winner has to make the other person pour out that sweet sweet crimson colour! Will Madison finally face her fears and get a win under her belt, or will Stheno get what she wants and make Madison pretty in her image?!

BAW Femme Fatale Championship - Last Woman Standing
Oseiko vs Aria Rothenburg

On our very first BAW, Oseiko won against Aria Rothenburg! Unfortunately for her though, Aria nulled her win due to rules that had her at a disadvantage! These two then foiled each other's plans at each other qualifiers for the Women's Title! Even with that, they worked together to get the opportunity to fight for our other Female belt, the Femme Fatale Championship! With Oseiko winnin' a match to determine the match type, the ninja girl decided on havin' a Last Woman Standin' match! With Aria's knowledge of the rules and Oseiko's knowledge of ninja skills, who will be our first champion and stand tall?!

BAW Chaotic Championship - Ring of Fire Match
John Doe vs Zekunin ©

Zekunin won our first title, the Chaotic Championship! He then had two successful defenses, winnin' against Action Jackson and Eugene Saint! However, this next one will be his biggest challenge to date! John Doe is a man who has been creatin' havoc all over the AES! The winner of the EBOLA tournament (Now called KOLA, a tasty beverage!), he mows down competition as if they were grass! Winnin' a qualifier, he sets his sights on Zekunin's title! The stipulation is unknown due to the nature of the belt rules, but now that we're on our way to Fear Factor, I'm happy to reveal that their match will involve fire! That's right, fire will surround the ring and they cannot escape! The flames will end once the match ends on a pin or submission! Good luck to both competitors who definitely want some of that hot fiya!

BAW Women's Championship - Elimination Fatal 4 Way
Sakura Reece vs Miss Teree vs Black Dahlia vs Blur

All these ladies qualified to go for our top prize for Females! Sakura Reece, a former CNW Women's Champion looks to seek another prize for her own and show that the Old School style is still the best! Miss Teree is BAW's resident superhero and with the change in costume a couple of years ago, she has had a steady career so far and looks to take it to the next level! Black Dahlia is a new addition to this due to a spot bein' open, but don't take the former ROSE Kawaii/Valkyrie champion for granted! Blur is a Mountain Dew sponsored gamer whose interestin' personality is garnerin' some popularity and aims to get the prize of her first title! All 4 ladies have been equal in dominance, but only one will be champion!

BAW World Championship - Fatal 4 Way
Shin Suzuki vs Johnny Nighttime Jr. vs Seth vs Blackout

Finally, we are on our main event! Like our Women's title situation, these 4 competitors had matches to claim spots in this match! Shin Suzuki is a man of honour who shows respect to those who are kind and noble while he shows tenacity to those dishonorable! Seth always seems to be a case of "So close, yet so far", but he is determined to gain his first World title with his determination and heart! Johnny Nighttime Jr and his extraordinary powers is representin' Team Nighttime and he wants to show the world and his pops that he is the real deal! Blackout is a man who had made his presence and talent known in all of the AES! People can claim that "The Artist" is perhaps the favourite to win and honestly, I don't blame them! Who will represent my company?! Who will dominate and show everyone that they're top dog?! Who will rise up to the top and claim the World Championship?!

Stay Tuned.

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 Posted: May 26 2017, 08:41 PM
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J.C. Stone
 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 03:36 PM
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JC Stone was annoyed (what else was new?).

He was waiting, somewhat impatiently, for his family to arrive at the gym, pacing back and forth in the ring. He wanted to get in some important training for his match against Bill Kraven at BAW Fear Factor, and he figured that if he at least trained with someone he knew was as tough as they come... i.e., his wife, "The Hot Pink Machine" Kaye, he would have a chance.

Not that he needed it, anyway. He knew he was tougher than Bill Kraven.

Still, it was at the insistance of his stepdaughter, Ariel Bridges, that he should at least make sure he was ready to hold his own against Kraven, just in case. And begrudgingly, Stone agreed.

He could never say "no" to her. Despite how annoying she can get at times.

So there he was, dressed in his usual ring gear, waiting impatiently in the ring for his sparring opponent.

And out bounces Ariel, dressed in her own ring gear, complete with the cat eye contact lenses and stage fangs, grinning her Cheshire grin as she runs up to the ring. Stone blinks, stepping out of the way as she leaps over the top rope and rolls into the center of the ring.

"... oh don't fucking tell me I'm sparring with you..." Stone dreads. "I don't wanna hurt ya, cat."

"Me? Nah, I'm the manager." Ariel grins.

Stone raises an eyebrow. "The hell you say."

And out she came. Dressed in her old white and pink ring gear, her equally colored leather mask hanging off her belt as she glares at Stone with those mismatched eyes of hers. That glare that would give even the toughest man a bit of pause.

"... am I in trouble?"

"When are you NOT in trouble?"

"... you got me there."

Kaye steps over the top rope, her eyes not leaving Stone, as she approaches him. Despite being only five feet eleven inches, she still seems imposing, as Stone takes a step back. Unnatural heat radiates from Kaye's body as she merely detaches her mask from her belt, and slips it over her face.

"... okay, what's with the--"

And Kaye immediately lets loose with a thrust to the throat, causing Stone to stagger backwards, gasping.

"Son of a--!!" Stone immediately retaliates, punching Kaye in the face as hard as he can.

Kaye barely reacts, then grabs Stone by the throat, setting him up for a chokeslam. Quickly he knocks her hand aside, swiftly rolling out of the ring.

"Okay what the hell!!" Stone shouts. "Have you lost your damn mind, Kaye?! What I do?!!"

"What HAVEN'T you done?" Kaye replies.

To which Ariel shrugs, and turns to jump out of the ring to Kaye's corner.

"I"m putting you through your paces, Jeremy..." Kaye explains, taking a step back from the ring to allow Stone to re-enter the ring. "You want to hold your own against Kraven, you'll have to hold your own against me. And you know full well that's easier said than done."

"You haven't been in the ring in years, Kaye!" Stone argues.

"And that should matter to me?" Kaye's eyes narrow behind her mask. "You know me. You know what I can do. So hold your own against me or burn like everyone else I've defeated."

"... shit..." Stone realizes how serious Kaye is. So he cracks his knuckles and readies himself for the literally hellacious onslaught Kaye had in her arsenal.

Kaye throws a swift clothesline, but Stone ducks under it, moving behind her and throws a stiff elbow to the back of her head. But all it does it cause Kaye to stagger forward, immediately retaliating with a backhand that Stone blocks, quickly he throws a straight right hand to Kaye's face. Kaye steps backwards, absorbing the shot, and abruptly strikes Stone in the face with a big boot.

Stone falls, hitting the mat, but he rolls up to his feet, promptly charging forward to clothesline Kaye, finally forcing her to the mat.

Then she sits up.

"Sonnuva-- don't start that shit!" Stone grabs Kaye in a headlock, bearing down on her, grinding against her windpipe. Kaye grabs upward at Stone's shaved head, countering in a snapmare. Stone quickly rolls out away from Kaye before she could hit him with anything else, then pauses as he sees Kaye roll out of the ring.

"What the hell're you..."

He then pauses, seeing Kaye reach under the ring to pull out a steel chair.

"Okay, what the fuck're you doing?!"

"BAW is an Extreme Rules division, right?" Kaye reminds him. "You'd better be ready to start swinging chairs around in your match with Kraven if you wanna win."

"... shit..." Stone realizes how right she is, and slides out of the ring, reaching under the apron to grab a steel chair of his own. Both he and Kaye climb back into the ring, steel chairs in hand, and both start swinging, striking metal upon metal, and Ariel, at ringside, grins happily.


"WHO THE FUCK SIDE'RE YOU ON, CAT?!!" Stone shouts at Ariel, as he keeps swinging, but Kaye's abnormal strength gets the better of him as his chair gets knocked aside, and Stone gets clocked in the face with the metal foreign object.

Stone staggers backwards, ringing in his ears loud.

"... fuck..."

He quickly shakes off the ringing, seeing Kaye swinging at him again. Hastily, he blocks with his own steel chair, and retaliates with a shot to Kaye's gut, doubling down with a strong steel chair shot to her back.

She promptly stands straight back up, glaring angrily at Stone.

"..." Stone blinks twice. "... oh come the fuck on..."

Kaye kicks Stone in the chest, causing him to fall backwards into the ring corner, and Kaye charges in at him, clotheslining him viciously hard in the neck, knocking the wind out of him. Then grabs him by the neck, lifting him upward with astonishing strength and driving him down backfirst in a powerful chokeslam.

Stone lays there, motionless.

"... wow..." Ariel's eyes widen. "I think you overdid it there, Mommy."

Kaye cocks her head curiously, staring down at Stone's prone body, the neutral visage of unconsciousness on his face.

"... I guess I did."


"Urgh..." slowly, Stone comes to, eyes slowly opening. Looking up to see the unmasked face of the same woman who had chokeslammed him halfway straight to Hell, his head resting in her lap.

"Sorry about that," Kaye apologized, smiling sheepishly.

"... no you're not..." Stone retorts.

"Okay, partially sorry. Better?"

"... yeah..." Stone sits up, wincing as his back still feels tight. "Ah... shit, Kaye. Y'know if you ever decided to come out of retirement you would probably wreck everyone's shit pretty easily."


"So why don't you?"

"Because if I did, I'd give up being... well, normal..." Kaye looks to her gloved hand, almost thoughtfully. "And I like being normal."

"... hmph. Fair enough." Stone sighs, then looks to Ariel, who's sitting next to him on all fours, a very cat-like pose. "You didn't convince her like you did me?"

"I did. Didn't take." Ariel shrugs.

"It's fine. Really..." Kaye adds. "Between you and Ariel I think this family is doing all right on the professional wrestling front."

"Well, if I can find a way to get booked that is..." Ariel grumbles.

"Well..." Stone thinks. "Shit. Bill Kraven. I suppose if I even have a snowball's chance to beat him I gotta keep at this, don't I?" He looks to Kaye. "You and your no-sellin' ass... I gotta be able to hold my own against you if I wanna beat him."

"Maybe," Kaye says, reaching for her mask. "Feel like another round of hellfire and brimstone, as the old chestnut goes?"

"... well, hell..." Stone shakes his head with a smirk. "Don't suppose I got much of a choice, don't I?"

"If you want to beat Kraven?" Kaye slips the mask back on. "Not a chance in Hell."

Kaye stands up from the bench, walking back towards the ring. And Stone looks to Ariel, who's just smiling at him.


"Nope. She's scary." =^^=

"... shit."

Stone sighs, and stands up, walking towards the ring, where Kaye waits.

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