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> #3: Moving Closer To Meliora!
Travis Cassidy
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 01:05 PM
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Episode two is in the books! It's safe to say that I couldn't be more excited for what we have in store these next few weeks. We're growing ever closer to crowning our first world heavyweight champion as we figure the first person who will be in the main event of Meliora here! Along with that, Lyndsey Haze receives her punishment for attacking Aurora Rivers on the last episode by taking on the debuting Marie Connor, along with some BIIIIIIG debuts such as "Big" Tex Johnson, Stellar, and many more!

Let's rock.

Lyndsey Haze vs. Marie Connor.

Zeb Thurston vs. The Amateur.

"Big" Tex Johnson vs. Stellar.

Acclaim Championship #1 Contender's Match
Blur vs. DH Pierce.

PRIME addresses Neon Borealis!

Big Boy Gladwin and YUKITA vs. Tomas Ramirez and a Guest Partner.

Semi-Finals Match: Francis Ugondus vs. BANG Shinigami.

Also appearances by Neon Borealis, Conga, Ricky D'Amore and more!

Be there or be square: June 23rd, 2017.
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 04:46 PM
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Snakeman Snakeman Snakeman that Snakeman's up to something
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After checking out the newest card, YUKITA notices that he's finally set to compete in Revolution X, but not in a way that the self-proclaimed "Greatest Star of Our Generation" was expecting to be getting for his debut. Instead of getting someone that can just be a easy deal, he's getting a tag team match against Tomas Ramirez and a guest participant that not even anyone knows who it can be. But he notices on who he's tagging up with, as he starts to raise up his left eyebrow, trying to figure out a clue on who exactly is his tag team partner.

"...Big Boy... Gladwin?" he said as started to slowly turn away from the small billboard.

"Outta my way, KIBUSI," Big Boy Gladwin commands, shouldering his way past his partner-to-be to peruse the match card of the next RevX event. "I'd better be fucking booked for this one, I've had quite enough of having my talents wasted- oh, hey!"

Big Boy glances up from the board to YUKITA, back at the board, then back at YUKITA once again, whereupon the ball finally drops, leading him to make a somewhat-less-racist assessment of the man standing before him. "That's you! You're the UOW guy! Man, I love that moonsault thing you do, I could never do that shit." Big Boy, having ascertained that YUKITA could be of use to him, slips into his smooth-talking register.

"So we're partners now, huh? This ought to be an absolute pleasure. Big Boy Gladwin, at your service." Big Boy extends a hand for YUKITA to shake.

He begins to look his partner up and down, out of disgust more than out of excitement, as he slowly begins to raise up his hand towards Big Boy's, but something came into his mind before his hand touched Big Boy's.

"You know, I would shake on that but, part of me knows where that hand could've been, so I'll pass on that part, partner." he said, putting his hand back down towards his side as they were before. "And yes, I am that UOW guy that people are somewhat used to seeing now, even though nothing good happened when the place sanked down into the ocean, if you get what I mean.." hoping that Big Boy is on the same page as Yuki, joking about his little shot back at the defunct company of UOW.

"Haha! Yeah, they hit an iceberg alright." Big Boy chuckles, amused by the misfortune of others. "I hope Virginia Dire died."

Sensing distraction setting in, as it is prone to do, Big Boy mentally snaps himself back to the here and now.

"So you know I'm pretty good at tag teams, right? I mean, me and Snakeman signed our contracts here on each others' backs, as I understand it the only reason I got booked before him is 'cause I've been doing pretty well for myself in other companies - like, not to toot my on horn or anything, but I did just win my first title a couple of weeks ago-" Big Boy allows himself a second to cast his memory back to that fortuitous pinfall win over Shogo Mido for the TANW Male Open Class Championship. He's riding a wave of confidence at the minute, and that wave could be enough to carry him and YUKITA to victory come RevX Episode 3.

"And you're pretty good too, right? I don't figure we have much to worry about. All that's not sitting right with me is that "mystery partner" thing, that has me a li'l spooked. The Big Dog hates surprises."

"Well first off, nobody have seen my ass ever since UOW was a done deal, so I don't know what these sheep are going to expect from what I'm about to change about this wrestling world. Second, I'm with you on the mystery partner deal, as part of me knows it's going to be a lot of things, one of them could spell out bad news for the both of us..." Yuki having his hands folded up, trying to talk up some business with Big Boy.

"Well, then again, it's a mystery, so chances are? This could easily be a piece of asian cakes!" having some confidence in this match alongside with his recently successful parter in Big Boy.

"Yeah, y'know what? There's no point worrying about what we don't know. How does the old saying go, uh... Tomorrow's history, yesterday's a mystery so let's focus on kicking the fuck out of Tomas Ramirez."

Big Boy smirks. He can feel one of his masterful strategies coming on. "Yeah, I think we've got ourselves a game plan. Whoever Tomas is tagging with, he's not making a single tag, alright? As soon as he gets in the ring, we'll stomp on his legs, we'll poke his eyes, we'll pull his tights, real despicable scumbag shit. I know you like your flips and whatnot, we're gonna save those for the time being. Maybe wait 'til he gets distracted thinking about his dead mum or something, I'll give him one of those cheeky mid-match burning hammers I'm so known for and you can finish him off with one of your spinny twisty boys off the top rope."

The overblown confidence was something of a front - Big Boy knows, rationally, just how much of a threat the giant Ramirez poses. He also knows how much of a threat he and his partner can pose to any one man, though, and so long as they can keep Tomas isolated, the situation goes from a tag match to a two-on-one beatdown. Big Boy thrives in situations where the odds are loaded in his favor. They're his favourite.

Yukita starts to place his hand in front of face, considering that Big Boy isn't too sure that he's a changed man after all those months of him disappearing, but he figured it's best for him to figure it out by himself when it's time to destroy Tomas and whoever his opponent that Travis Cassidy, the general manager have planned for the both of them.

"Yeaahh, surree. I'll be sure to do my "flips and whatnot" for later on, but let's have our main objective to think outside the box, because whoever Travis have in store for us, we're gonna' have to switch some things up for the time being. I'll get technical, while you focus on beating the everloving shit out of both of them, and I'll finish it off with one of those... "spinny twisty mcflop cracking a cold one with the boys off the top" or whatever you just said." Yukita even starting to get confused on what he's saying, but trying to focus on the main idea and gameplan for their match, they know if they want to get somewhere, they're going to have to work together as a unit.

"Dude, that move name you just said, that sounds awesome. I can't wait to see it."

A grin forms on Big Boy's face. Whoever they were up against, he had a good feeling this pairing was going to work out just fine.

"Oh god, I'm not going to hear the end of this, aren't I?" Yukita thought in his mind, as part of him wonders if maybe coming back to the wrestling scene at this time of the day was a bad idea, but he was looking to change some things in the wrestling world, and this was just the first chapter of it.

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Def Jarrett
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 07:26 PM
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Trying to live a quiet life
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In a hallway, Isaiah Carver leans back against a wall, looking surly. The Butcher’s been dragged around a lot recently by one irritating self-proclaimed shepherd, and today was no different. He doesn’t get far in his plotting of violence against his ‘captor’ when the man himself, Zebadiah Thurston, walks into frame, holding a piece of paper. On Thurston’s face is etched a satisfied smirk.

“Have you seen this yet, Isaiah?” he asks gleefully. He doesn’t wait for a response. “After months of waiting, someone finally got the good sense to book me again!”

A grunt ushers forth from the uninterested Carver. Thurston scoffs. “This is big news, Isaiah! First I get announced as an entrant into KOLA - which I will undoubtedly win in the name of He Who is Great - and then I’m booked for my debut match at Revolution X!” Thurston takes a deep breath before giving a content sigh. “Patience is a virtue, is it not?”

“Who gives a shit?” Carver finally peeks up at Thurston. “Y’ain’t won nuthin’, jackass, ya just got booked. What the fuck am I s’posed t’be impressed by?”

“Well, nothing...yet.” The smugness turns sinister as Thurston’s voice sharpens. “I’ve been so, so very patient, waiting for any number of companies to finally get me a match. And lo, He Who is Great is good to me! Finally, I shall grace the ring again. And when I do, I shall show you what you’ll be impressed by, Isaiah Carver. A viciousness, a drive, a desire that only the most devout can display. I shall wrestle for Him, as best I can, and the fool they have on the other side of the ring shall get a taste of my power...and His power. Heh heh…”

Carver eyes Thurston before shifting his attention to the paper. He snatches it out of Thurston’s hand. He reads it over. “The Amateur, huh?”

“Ah, yes. You see, I was originally slightly...angered, by my opponent. They’re literally feeding me, well, an amateur! I know he’s been trained by Oseiko and he’s put on some ‘good’ matches lately, but even he sees himself as what he is. A greenhorn, a Amateur. And this upset me! Is this what I’m seen as? A man who needs to face the unskilled, the still-learning students of the game?” Thurston balls a fist as he shakes his head. “It aggravated me.”

Thurston then sighs, almost peacefully, as he unclenches his fist. “But I calmed down. I know I have been sitting on the ‘sidelines’ as some would say, waiting for an opportunity. And beggars can’t be choosers; isn’t that right Isaiah?” He playfully punches Carver’s shoulder. Carver eyes twitch as he stares at Thurston, who moves right along. “And an opportunity has been bestowed upon me, and I cannot waste it. I shall not waste it! No matter my foe, no matter my situation, I must do what is right for Him. I shall let His Light guide me, as it has before. If my opponent is an amateur, so be it. If my opponent is the Devil himself, so be it. If my opponent is a homeless child in desperate need of food and shelter, and the only way to get it is my defeating be it. I shall uses His Gifts in conjecture with His Opportunities,” he says as his hand begins to emit a faint, green aura, “and I shall decimate the weak and strong that stand before me. His message is one of love, but is also one of violence, of death. And I am tasked with spreading it, Isaiah. I haven’t had too many chances to spread that message in AES yet. But tonight is one of those chances!”

Thurston turns to face the camera directly. “Amateur, I hope you are a soul of open eyes, ears, and heart. There are many who think you have a budding career. Many who may see you as the future of this business, this industry! Your match against Gabriel White has garnered quite the buzz! Your light is beginning to burn very brightly here!” Thurston’s voice then takes a low, dark turn. “I would hate - I really would hate - to snuff it out prematurely. You’re not facing Gabriel White in this match. You’re not facing C. Revan. No, you are facing His Disciple. His Messenger. His Eldritch Excalibur, sent to smite. A Messiah among mortals. No, I may not look a threat, and no, I may not have the wrestling career to match my words, but I have my faith, and my power, and my purpose. And through Him all things are possible. In His name I pray, ia.”

Thurston takes the paper back from Carver, reads it again, and huffs. “Oh, and Travis Cassidy, I know you’re upset because I got announced alongside you for KOLA, but please, when you refer to me, in person or on match cards, my name is Zebadiah Thurston. Not ‘Zeb’. Not ‘Zebbie’. Not ‘Z’. Z-E-B-A-D-I-A-H. The only person who calls me Zeb...well, we’re not on speaking terms currently. I suggest you correct this mistake the next time you book me.”

With that, Thurston looks to Carver and gives him a confident nod. Carver rolls his eyes as Thurston walks away and the camera fades to black.

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 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 10:31 PM
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I don't really know how to become a fed head :|
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After multiple losses on AES affiliated shows Lanigan returns to his hotel room, clearly angerd by this Lanigan proceeds to start drinking beers from the mini fridge. which is weird since he NEVER pays for anything from the mini fridge

Lanigan: First GTLL, Then the AES Grand Prix now This? Revolution X? A place where wrestling is the weapon, where wrestlers get to express themselves and be different and i still get a loss. These cocksucking fans dont know good from bad. half of that roster is a load of fucking shit....

Lanigan downs his first beer, immediately going for his second

Lanigan: I have put my life, my blood, my sweat and my tears into this buisness and all i get is a big fuck you. before this i had a solid job and friends and was in a relationship but i blew that all on wrestling. Am i taking this too seriously? was this my sole purpose in life? am i doing this right or wrong?

gets the card for episode 3 of Revolution X

Lanigan: Hmm....... perfect timing for a break

Lanigan goes to sleep


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 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 11:40 PM
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"Oh geez, I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long." Marie was all smiles as she rushed up to the interviewer. Her blonde hair was still a little damp, a casualty of the quick shower she'd taken. Still, though, she'd look at least presentable on camera. It was better than coming straight out of the gym and being sweaty, at least.

"That's all right." The interviewer waved it off. "I know you have a lot to do over the next few weeks, so I'll make this quick."

"Thanks. Actually, no, thank you for interviewing me." Marie tugged at the hem of her RevX t-shirt idly. Compared to the interviewer's suit, she felt more than a little underdressed. Or possible even overdressed; even if her ring gear was basically street clothes, she knew she didn't look that much like a wrestler.

Then again, just because she didn't look like one...

She followed along with the gameplan for the interview. Thankfully, it would be taped for later, so if she screwed up too badly, they could redo the segment. And before she knew it, the cameramen were counting down from five...
"I'm AESPN's Jed Jefferson, here in Los Angeles with Revolution X star Marie Connor!" Jed had the same voice every newscaster seemed to have, baritone and with a neutral accent. "Thanks for coming on, Marie."

Marie waved. "Not a problem, Jed," she said.

"So, Marie, let's get right to it. You're one of the newest hires to not just Revolution X, but AES as a whole. Do you have anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?"

"Honestly, there's only so much I can say," Marie replied, with a grin. "I grew up here in LA - well, Orange County technically, but close enough. I nearly didn't go into wrestling, but I changed my mind. Five years on the indie circuit later, I'm signed with AES."

"So what made you change your mind about wrestling?" Jed asked.

"I..." Marie hesitated, her grin fading. Of course he'd ask this question. She'd left herself wide open for it, didn't she? "My mom was a wrestler," she began again, "and when she died, I thought I'd take it back up as a form of closure. It started that way, anyway, and I started realizing as time went on it was less and less about finishing her legacy and more about starting my own. It's why I came to AES. Mom never did." Not for lack of trying, though. She looked back at the camera. "Honestly, though, the best way for people to learn who I am isn't for me to talk about it, but for me to show what I can do." The words were starting to come more easily now. "I intend on showing the world exactly that at RevX 3."

"Of course," Jeb said. "You're booked to face Lyndsey Haze on the next episode of Revolution X. Lyndsey, of course, attacked Aurora Rivers on the last show. With that in mind, are you nervous at all?"

Marie laughed. "Oh my gosh, you have no idea," she said, smiling again. She wasn't wrong, but laughing about it helped her, at least for now. "But, those nerves aren't really because of Lyndsey. Between the fact that this is my debut to AES, that I'll never be able to make another first impression again, and that our match is starting the show off, what Lyndsey did last Sunday is barely a blip in how nervous I've felt for the last few days." She raised a hand. "Now I'm not saying Lyndsey isn't a fierce competitor, not at all. I've seen her in action, both in the NEWDay special and her one-on-one match on the first show. She's good, there's no denying that. But..." Marie paused. She wanted to sound confident, not arrogant. So she continued, with a shrug, "Honestly, I could talk your ear off about how I know I'm going to beat her, but I'd much rather let everyone see for themselves."

Jed nodded. "Lastly, of all the different federations under the AES banner, why did you come to Revolution X specifically?"

Marie thought about it for a moment. "There's two reasons," she said. "First of all, I saw the showcase at NEWDay, and I was really impressed by what I saw, and I thought 'hey, I can totally see myself doing this.' And given that it was the announcement of RevX starting up, there really couldn't have been a better time, even if I had to wait a little bit for my indie committments to clear. As for the second reason..." Marie smiled, her green eyes glittering. "I wanted to come home to Los Angeles. I've lived out of state for the last three years, and honestly, I felt it was time to come back. Call it homesickness, call it a homecoming, call it whatever."

"Well, thank you for your time, Marie." Jed said.

"Any time, Jed." Marie waited as Jed handed it back to the AESPN anchors, and as soon as the cameras turned off and she finished the obligatory pleasantries, she headed back out to the gym.

You only get one first impression, she thought. I'm going to make it count.

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Tómas Ramirez
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 10:13 AM
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"El Acero"
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"El Acero" Tómas Ramirez is walking down the streets of Manhattan... the big man is on his cellphone as he talks to an unknown person, growing more and more concerned.

"What do you mean you still don't know who my tag partner is? C'mon, man! Is he gonna be good? Do you even know? I'm facing Yukita and Gladwin this Friday and I still don't know crap about my partner!"

Tómas pauses, then takes a step back against a wall to let passers by walk past him as he stays on the phone.

"Look, you're Travis Cassidy's secretary, okay? Just give him my number. Have him give me a call so he can at least fill me in 'cause I hate being in the dark here. Going into my debut on Rev X not knowing shit about my partner. Last thing I want is to lose my debut match if my partner and I aren't on the same page. I'm sure he'd get that."

Another pause. Then Tómas sighs.

"Right, right. Gotcha. Okay, just... just make sure he calls me. Yeah... thanks. See ya."

Tómas hangs up, pocketing his phone and sighs deeply, looking up at the New York sky, concern on his face.

"... I don't need this..."
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 07:31 PM
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Stellar was returning home. Well, he had always been home, but in terms of wrestling, he was front of his home crowd for the first time. For the son of a Hollywood director, Stellar was massively disappointed by the lack of hype around this. He had a good mind to storm into Revolution X and demand answers as to why he wasn't on posters. According to him he was fame, he was money. His assistant, the weary balding Frank Chilton, had managed to distract Stellar from such an embarrassing confrontation.

The alternative wasn't that much better. Stellar decided to spend the week walking around LA like he owned the place, bragging about how great he was. Building up hype for his debut himself. Maybe there was some sort of mistake, but it didn't matter. With Stellar taking the job of hyping his debut into his own hands, he felt that it was bound to succeed.

He wandered about aimlessly, stalling for time on where to go. It was almost childlike. At least he found an independent cafe and book store. The outside of the building and the colours of the decorations were unique, so this seemed a good place to begin.

The two ventured indoors out of the heat, something the suited up Frank was thankful for. Stellar was dressed lighter, but all in purple as he often did when promoting himself. It raised a debate on whether it was possible to have an unhealthy obsession with one colour.

Stellar wrinkled his nose in disgust as he looked around.

“Man, hipsters. The worst, man. Always having stupid hair as a cry for attention.” said the man with purple hair.

Frank said nothing.

“Still, gotta make a start. They think they can stay independent from Hollywood that they're too cool for it? Well, let me open their eyes.”

He walked with a swagger towards a table where a bearded man was eating alone. “Yo, hips! Hippo!” Stellar exclaimed, not used to the concept of an “indoor voice”

“Hippo” responded pleasantly enough, but not good enough for a Hollywood celebrity. Stellar let it slide for now as he gave him the old fashioned double finger gun hand gesture, as Frank started distributing custom made Revolution X flyers that only had Stellar's face on it. Hippo picked the flyer and looked at it, then looked at Stellar, puzzled.

"Is this airbrush-” Hippo began to mutter. Frank was able to move a chair at the right time to prevent Stellar from hearing the comments. He knew of Stellar's thin skin.

“That's right babe... baby! Yeah, the one and one Stellar in the skin! The flesh.” Stellar's lack of charisma showed that his entrance and image was unquestionably compensating.

Stellar lowered his shades. “So, you heard about this Revolution X place then?”

“Yeah, we've had some leaflets through here I think.” said Hippo. “I heard some people were going.”

“Well, now you're all more enlightened, let me tell ya buddies, Revolution X is the place to be for wrestling RIGHT NOW. Not just because truly yours, Stellar is wrestling there.”

He gave a dramatic pause to look around, even though one wasn't needed. Perhaps theatrics and acting weren't his strengths either.

“But, I think you'll all just love the atmosphe-reh, it has an estectic to die for. So estetically pleasan. So all of you, come see the biggest star in wrestling, in Los Angeles!” he raised his arms into the air, as if posing on the red carpet. No one took a photo.


Stellar slowly lowered his arms, and kicked the leg of the table that Hippo was sitting at, even though it wasn't Hippo that said it.

“ME, you imbecilic imbecile!”

Hippo decided to speak up. Such an awkward display of arrogance needed to be called out.

“Sorry, uh. Could you like, well, who are you?”

“I'm STELLARRRR.” he shouted. “Not only the biggest rising star in AES, but the son of a famous Hollywood director. Surely you MUST have heard, unless you've been living under an avocado.” He nudged Frank. “See, I can related to Millennials.”

“Hollywood? Not for me.” Hippo said dismissively, going back to his local newspaper.

Stellar scoffed and moved on.

“Wait” said Hippo, quickly looking back up. “Which director?”

Stellar spun around and scoffed again. A full open mouthed scoff. “Ugh! You really don't know? Well, now I'm not gonna tell you!” he said, folding his arms. “I'll punish you for you ignorance.”

“Got em.” he thought to himself.

“Thas not the point. You should all know that Revolution X is the place to be RIGHT NOW. To be right up close to Hollywood. You're in for a treat as I beat up that lowly Big Tex Johsnon. A disgusting man with low values that doesn't belong in LA. He should go back to Texas and hopefully Texas...breaks off and goes into the middle of the sea forever.”

“Big Tex? The porn guy?” said a voice that quickly went quiet when they realized that they probably shouldn't have said that out loud.

“OH MY GOD.” Stellar flipped a nearby book. [color=orchid]“You know HIM but not MEEEE? These uncultured idiots.”

“Actually, that name does ring a bell. You know, I am curious how Tex is doing in wrestling.”

“NO! You're paying to see me!” Stellar stomped his foot before turning to Frank. “This was a bad idea, doing this stuff. I can't take these uncultured people, let's go.” Stellar decided to go for one last pitch on his way out.

“Listen, pornography is the peak of his success, he's not needed in my Hollywod or MY revolution. You pay to see ME get him off the map and ensure that Revolution X is nothing but style. Morons, I'm OUT!” Not the best pitch Stellar had ever done, but in a strange way he may have ensured that people would still come to the show, despite his berating of potential new fans. Unfortunately for Stellar, not in the way he wanted, as they would probably now show up to cheer on and mock him as he got punched in the face several times. Certainly not good for his thin skin.

As Stellar made his way to the door, he “dropped” a notepad on the floor.

“Whoops! I can't be losing this, my PITCH for my REVOLUTIONAR-EH MOVIE IDEA. You know, because Hollywood. I mean, I dunno this movie is probably a bit too cultured for all of you... it's gonna be a musical and I'm gonna bring back the genre back to the spotlight! Struggling artists trying to make it big in this very city-”

“Didn't La La Land do that? In LA?” Hippo asked without glancing up from his newspaper.

“, this is gonna be different because, well. Nah, listen, I ain't gonna tell you because it's too intelligent for you, plus you'll probably steal my idea.” Stellar looked around nervously before picking up his notepad and hurrying out with his notepad and Frank. As they made their way down the street, the confused customers could hear muffled berating from outside.

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