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 Posted: Mar 8 2017, 06:52 PM
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'98 babybaby
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Now that 4NVR has finally happened, we must now continue our regular programming as we make our way back into the tMALL for the fifth edition of
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Many and many of stars have been showcased, champion have been crowned, two more competitors will be announced for the upcoming Stairway to D-TERM Ladder Match, unfinished business and many much more as we make our second step in MALLBRAWL 17!

Barbie Jay Tucker vs Alexis Welbore

Avian ANON/Charlie Proxy vs The Bang Bros

Two More Competitors announced for the Stairway to D-TERM match!

Maria Villanueva vs Dani Gibbons

El Beardy's Undisupted Championship Celebration Ceremony
w/ Derrick Brizen and Special Guests!

Big Boy Gladwin vs Lee Smith


Stardy Makabe vs Son of Harambe

Chris Silva vs Snakeman


DATE: TBA (SOMEWHERE when I get the DLC stuff, so #SOON)

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I run ALEVATION as well as MALLBRAWL (I do too much on both)
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 Posted: Mar 8 2017, 07:46 PM
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Snakeman Snakeman Snakeman that Snakeman's up to something
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"#topguys," said Big Boy Gladwin.

"#topguysssssssss," Snakeman affirmed. They high-fived.

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Tiffy Lockhart
 Posted: Apr 28 2017, 11:27 AM
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Rain rain, go away, and stay that way if Nico Ni is indeed basic
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EmRy wished she had a longer couch.

With her feet propped up on one armrest and her shoulders crammed up against the other, Em wouldn't exactly call her current resting position "comfortable", but it wasn't like she was going to complain. Sure, she could be far more accommodated in her bed, but there were two problems with that idea. The first being she would have to move, which was already a deal breaker. The second, however, was that this was the only place in the house she could watch Netflix on a big screen.

She zoned in and out as the funny robots jabbed and joked at the expense of a mishandled 80s film, hoping just to even out from her recent and rather fruitful trip to Birmingham and back from her Chicago home. Underneath the thin blanket she had laid over her body she traced the outline of her engagement ring on her left hand.

Emily accidentally let out a small audible hum from the back of her throat, the path her life has taken. She heard the same critique of her decisions in the last week as she did when she first entered her relationship with Eddie Jordann by people online that thought they knew her life.

Only she could manage to squeeze all of this out of a drunk one night stand.

This dudes dick must be amazing to reprogram her not to be such a raging bitch.

Well the Jordann family makes horrible life choices (I mean didn't she only have kids
because she let herself get fucked raw one night?) She'll fit right in lol

She used to be mad. Furious even. But now she didn't pay it any mind. Emily knew they couldn't understand what it was like to feel like you had hit bottom and alienated everyone. To chance into meeting a person that wanted to make something work and stay by your side. To find something to care about again and wake up to fact that people could care about you, too.

She wasn't ashamed of how she got here. What mattered is that, for what felt like the first time in her life, she had nearly everything she dreamed about. Life was actually good.

She smiled and closed her eyes to say it to herself again, only to be interrupted by her cell phone ringing on the floor in front of the couch. She grabbed the phone with her near hand and looked at the screen.

"Incoming Call ... Tyler"

It suddenly hit Emily how long it had been since the cousins had spoken. She had talked to Tyler's mom and dad about her engagement not long ago, but Tyler wasn't around himself at the time. Tyler lived with his husband and Mike anyway, it was to be expected. She wanted to blame the fact she never called their house was because of the trip for TANW, but it would have been a lie. Something else was keeping her from talking to him. Even she didn't fully understand what, though, and her thumb almost refused to move to answer the call. But she did.


"Hey, EmRy."

Already silence, and even on the phone Emily could tell this wasn't going how Tyler wanted. He did continue though.

"I'm really proud of you."

"I knew that you'd hear from your parents eventually. Really we don't have any plans yet so-"

"No, Emily, that's not what I meant."

Silence again.

"It's great that you're getting married, and I know it might not seem it but I love Eddie for making you as happy as he has, but I wasn't calling about you two."

Emily swallowed.

"You're doing're really doing it." There was a slight sniffle on the other end of the phone, and Emily had heard Tyler cry enough times to tell the cues in his voice when he was about to let loose. Emily's eyes watered.

"God I'm so proud of you, Emily, this is all we ever talked about. Us being wrestlers. Side by side on top of the world, and you're doing it." He laughed for a second. "And I'm playing catch-up now...I know how you felt."

Even with all the personal pain that period of her life brought, she couldn't help but laugh at Tyler's comment. It was probably the first time she's truly been able to laugh about it, and it felt good.

"Yeah, well, don't tell Oseiko or she'll take your car to get your tires changed or the floor mats vacuumed or something like that."

"She should replace my windshield instead."

The two started giggling at their friends expense, tears still flowing.

"I love her."

"I love her, too."

"Really, though,'re doing a good job. I'm just glad that you're able to enjoy being a wrestler like you always wanted."

"Me too..."

"Kick Gazelle's ass?"

"You got it."

"Hey, listen, you go back to England pretty close to our birthdays so...after the Mall, you want to make the trip over here and we can have the celebration before you leave?"

"Yeah, we haven't had a joint birthday in forever, either."

"Yeah! It'll be fun, a lot of fun. Look we can talk later, I don't know how busy you are."

Emily didn't want to laugh. "Okay, later then."

"Love you."

"Love you, too. Tell Mike he's my favorite."

"No he's my favorite. Bye."


Emily hung up and replace the phone where she had picked it up. She knew she'd have to start training for her match with GAZELLE if she wanted to stand a chance. She knew she'd have to prepare better for her next trip to TANW. She knew she needed to spend a lot of time with her children to make up for how much she was going to be gone lately.

But what mattered is that, for what felt like the first time in her life, she had everything she dreamed about. Life was actually good.

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I made ROSE, I make RISE, and I sometimes make FILR, but I always make love user posted image user posted image user posted image

...not LOVE I don't make that fed.
RoZo Squartellini
 Posted: Apr 28 2017, 04:18 PM
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You can also call me RoZo
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Bobby Brown, yes that Bobby Brown, places a massive tub of ass cream. Like this tub was really fucking massive, it's the kinda shit you get at BJ's or Costco, the BULCC SHIT. Bobby Brown then dabs in the general directions of images of Charlie Proxy and Avian Anon (which in reality was a picture of this) before scooping up a Bobby Brown Benis-sized handful (and that's BIG) of goop. The American Dream that makes you wanna scream until you cream slaps his hands together, emulating how the ladies (and some men, we don't judge here) would react if they saw Bobby across the bar and slathering the creamy goodness rapidly, making sexy schlicking noises as he does so. All Bobby does is stare as the camera slowly zooms into Bobby licking his lips and waggling his brows.

Meanwhile Luke Watson's probably also dabbing i dunno.

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Hop in the butt shack.
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