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> ALEVATION LIVE#1, The fallout of Ryogoku Kokugikan!
A. Kuchimia
 Posted: Jun 8 2016, 07:04 PM
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After the madness and chaos that has happened from Ryogoku Kokugikan, we welcome you all back to the ALEVATE Center for the first ever ALEVATION LIVE! The ALEVATORs are ready to have a blast in the future, as we have "The Heart and Soul of Professional Wrestling" Lucia going one on one against a mystery opponent of my choosing, who will it be, what will be the stipulation? The world may never know until it happens!

We have SUPREME TEAM action on the way as the two debuting teams of Synchronize and La Fantasmagoria looking to showcase their chemistry as partners in the middle of the ring!

The first ever FULL HONOR Champion in Lunar Esquire will be appearing to speak about her recent championship win from Ryogoku Kokugikan and will be explaining on why her and what is now known as Empress Palace have attacked April Ashengard after her match from the Sumo Hall, but for now, here is the match card that showcases the future of Women's Wrestling! And remember to ALEVATE the World!

Molly Prizm vs Kuyana Reila

Synchronize vs La Fantasmagoria

Lucia vs ???

Holly Hawk vs Eunice

With appearances from Lunar Esquire, April Ashengard, Jeri Han, etc.

 Posted: Apr 29 2017, 11:42 PM
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The only things as thick as the humidity are the stench of alcohol and the volume from the parties with them.

That heavy atmosphere is enough to keep Laura Brennan awake, nevermind the mental and emotional burdens. She finds herself in the wooded stretch of a park not far from her home. Although a risky venture given many of her recent encounters over the past year, the leaves provide seemingly the only shelter from the environments plaguing her peace of mind. At a distance, the physical weariness begins to kick in again. She takes refuge at the nearest tree, leaning her back against its trunk. Her body begins to slide down to the ground, her eyes closing. Something about the sensation feels nostalgic on an unconscious level, her posture more relaxed.

Before she can drift off entirely, the sounds of nature seem to rattle her and she jolts back up, glancing around to either side. She isn't sure if someone else had passed through, or if it was merely the wind. Regardless, she knows she can't be too careful given the nature of certain rivals she's gained recently. She sighs, mentally scolding herself for letting her guard down too much.


Fortunately, Laura knows who that is calling out to her almost immediately. There was only really one person who called her by that name, especially with such a feminine voice. She turns around immediately on a dime to find one of her trainees and newly-formed tag partner, Mew smiling at her with closed eyes.

"I mean, it's not often that someone takes this path this late at night. I decided to stop the 3 AM training sessions but I do kinda cheat a bit with doing these walks when nobody's around. Well, can't say nobody, just me and Pix-"

Mew looks around for the Vulpix. She never really got behind, in fact Pixel commonly went in front of Mew. But now Mew can't find her friend until she notices the bright orange set of tails from underneath a nearby green, plastic picnic table. Mew sighs outwardly.

"...She watches a lot of AES. She's just nervous because she hasn't talked to you yet but knows how good you are in the ring. But anyways, it's still a bit strange to see you out here at this hour."

Laura shrugs her shoulders, forcing a playful smile to her face as she folds her arms over her chest. "I couldn't sleep, but that's been the story of my life lately." A brief chuckle brackets her sentence, but as it dies down, her smile drops slightly. She reaches up with one hand to touch her hair. "But...I guess you don't have to really guess why, do you?"

"Honestly I would be out here nightly if I were going through the same stuff you're going through." Mew starts. She gives off a very nervous chuckle but then has a very empathetic look about her. "I mean, not just recently but all of it. It's something I admire with you. Something that I want to become better with. Between Lance, Blackout, being there for Richie, Estramir, Amber Ember, Girly, being involved with what was going on through Odie in SAPW, being able to face Groudon on a regular basis..."

Laura can't help but shudder with each issue named. Mew realizes she's rambling at that point and just stops upon seeing Laura's reaction. "Look: In short, you don't deserve it. But you keep going and smile while doing so. It's why I wanted to train with you so much. Because I want to do things like that. The wrestling training's nice, but you said it yourself: you feel more like a negotiator than a wrestler at times."

Mew steps out of her own comfort zone, something uncharacteristic of her, putting her arm around Laura's shoulders. "And I think you help me so much with watching you go through all of that with a smile on your face."

Laura's shoulders heave again, another amused hum escaping her lips. "Well, I'm definitely flattered. It's just a shame they can't seem to make students with your outlook anymore," as she says this her head unconsciously tilts in the geographic direction of the Laboratory. Before continuing, she returns her head and reopens her eyes, looking towards Mew. "No, but seriously, it does mean a lot to me when students say they want to keep following by my example. I just hope I can prove to people like you, like Travis, like... those on the outside watching us, that what I say and do isn't just hollow, you know?"

Mew waits for a bit, thinking to herself just for the right answer but then gives off another slight smile to Brennan. "Keep going. Because every time something happens and you come out stronger than you were the day before, it means a lot to everyone. And I think what we can do in ALEVATION with Synchronize will be a beacon to everyone else what your humble attitude gives to everyone else like me."

Laura nods to herself before turning to look at Mew. "I see."

"That place is interesting. A lot like ROSE in terms of it having the best of the best women's wrestlers. It's why I've been training so hard, so I don't look bad in front of everybody else and I don't look bad compared to you. So that my goal of making a connection with everyone in AES can become a reality."

Mew walks slightly away from Laura at this point. Slowly, Pixel also steps out from underneath the picnic table she was under. Mew just stares up at the full moon in the sky.

"I see the world differently and it's something I think only you two can understand. I'm genuinely interested, almost curious in humanity. I'm interested in human emotions and I want to read them better. You're good at that. I felt a connection with you ever since the bar a couple of years or so ago.. How we can read each other in that way...

In an aspect, you can say that it can give us something that no other tag team can give and it'll get better. This link between us. This understanding of humanity, that we can see the best in everybody.

You can say that I love humanity and want everything to be okay."
Mew says, turning around to face Laura, this time with a much more caring look on her face. The light from the moon highlighting her stare towards her trainer. "I want others to think like us, Laura. I just want it all to be okay. I want to show everybody what our mindset can give. I want to see what we can create."

"Yeah..." Laura utters as she turns her head to look outward again, reflecting on the words Mew said as she takes a deeper breath. "With the way you say that, what I hope we can create is something for the best. For everyone."

Mew finally calms down, softening her stare from earlier and sighing, like she were releasing a deep breath. "I mean, there's a lot of challenge in ALEVATION between Ashengard, Esquire, KINSHIRA, Dianna Ayanokouji, Alice Skye also being there... along with everyone else on that roster being the best of the best. I want Synchronize to be at the very top. And from there? From there I don't know what'll be possible. Maybe even the Armbar Error Society in general but we're pretty close to the first steps with the upcoming match."

"Yeah, there's quite a pool of talent, isn't there?" Laura says with another chuckle. "But, yeah, La Fantasmagoria. Though they're not...traditional wrestlers, from what I've seen of their act back in Italy they definitely take performances very seriously. Their act depends on one another, it shows they think and feel the same, as sisters or lovers, I've heard rumors both ways, but they definitely won't be easy by any means. Those two are almost always going to be on the same page."

"Don't blink, right?" Mew muses aloud. "They're going to be tough for our first match together. Far from pushovers because all of us have this same... link. We can all read what our partners are doing. With their coordination and our, pardon the pun, synchronization along with our fighting styles... it could very well be one of the fastest-paced matches this year. So that's telling me, us to work on cardio because it will be going at a sprinter's pace the entire match. And I feel like we can handle that."

Laura nods. "That's one way to look at it, yeah." She turns back towards Mew. "But what I was thinking was also more of a...what would they expect us to do approach, and of course defying those expectations from there."

"I get ya. They're going to expect us to push the pace. And so what we do is push it in a way that suffocating to the point where they can't even think. I think that is something that is going to help us and something to build on. When we push the pace to the most we can... I think only a very small handful if any can keep up.

They expect us to push the pace? Then they need to be careful for what they wish for."
Mew said all of that with an air of confidence about her. Laura smiles and nods. She realizes what the team's strength is in everything and it almost came off boastfully, though not intentional. While normally it would be something to take a side-glance at, the normally quiet and thoughtful Mew was gaining confidence in her ability by leaps and bounds, possibly by being around Laura.

Mew looks at her phone at the time. 4 AM. No use going back to sleep for either of them. The look of Laura felt much more relaxed than when she started out on her walk, too.

"So, considering the time... want to just make a breakfast run and go back to the house to watch a movie? I mean, as a team we need to have a bit of time to, y'know, connect moreso than before."

"That sounds good to me," Laura remarks, smiling again. "Is there something in particular you have in mind movie-wise?"

"Weeeeelllllll, I had a few at the house I bought but never really watched. I've been in a bit of an anime kick for Jojo's recently..." She starts as she begins to list off what she had bought lately.

And behind them all the meanwhile, Pixel follows behind, squeaking out a small "by the way laura i've watched a lot of your matches and i'm a big fan, my name is pixel and... oh she can't hear me that's fine for now too..."

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